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Chapter 19

Sun brings the light which can destroy the darkness the night leaves behind. But today the Sun did not realize that he will become reason to cover someone’s life with darkness. Neither the people knew in their life something of this sort is gonna happen.

Everything looked normal. Too normal or better defined as just perfect silence before the storm. The orange color of the sky brought life to the earth where all were busy in their own small worlds.

And there was this small world of Mr. Sanskar Rawat. He stared the sky searching for an unknown peace. As he was still engrossed in his thoughts he felt a pull on his kurta and moved his gaze to the source.

If his life could be defined as a person then it was her. His Ani. The reason for his smile and the reason he was still breathing in this world where there were blames against him and nothing else. Blame of being a killer, blame as a mother snatcher of Ansh and the biggest blame was the blame of putting Sahil in a never ending misery. Sahil the brother whom he had loved more than his own siblings.

“Ani” he picked her and she placed her little head on his shoulder. The small pipe near her nose used to make her rub her nose always. “Don’t do that” he pulled her hand back.

It was fixed the last night when she felt breathing problem suddenly. She was running out of time and she was unaware of it.

“Chachu” she snaked her little arms across his neck. “Hmmm princess” he said looking at her. “I will see my brother na?” she asked and it pained him. She was realizing that her mother’s pale face around her and her tears had some reason and that reason was related to her.

“What makes you think it will be bro not sis?” he asked her controlling his emotions. “Um papa said” she said cutely. “But I’m sure it will be a doll like sister for Ani not a hair pulling younger brother” he said and she placed her hands near her mouth to cover her smile.

He held her head and dragged near to himself and rocked her in his hold. “Nothing will happen to my Ani. She will be with her chachu always. And you know when chachu makes a promise” he looked at her. “He never breaks it” she said cutely and kissed his cheek and it made his smile to spread ear to ear.

“Ani” they both turned hearing to Parinita’s voice. Ani got down of her chachu’s hold and ran to her mother. “Slowly bacha” said she trying to stop her. “Why are you stopping my princess?” Adarsh who knelt at Ani’s height looked at Pari.

“She is going to win the race in next sports meet and it’s good let her practice from now only. Isn’t it princess?” Adarsh held his palm high and Ani gave him a high five.

He picked Ani and walked to their room. Pari whose gaze followed Adarsh moved to Sanskar when they disappeared at the edge of the hallway.

“Why are you all giving her false hopes Sanky?” Pari asked helplessly. “Bhabi?” he asked confused. “Don’t push yourself in this Sanskar. I know you wont be happy if you do this marriage and” she was not able to talk due to the lump forming in her throat.

Sanskar helped her to sit and knelt in front of her holding her hand. “And I don’t have any other option to save her Bhabi. And you know what she means to me? Don’t you?” he asked and she looked at him painfully.

“You are my first kid Sanky. Before she came to this world you were the one who never made me feel that I was one childless mother who was taunted by every person as I could not bear children. Yes she is God’s miracle in my life but you are my life Sanky” she caressed his cheek and he kissed her hand.

“And she is my escape from this world Bhabi whose every corner reminds me that I’m a sinner” he looked at her painfully.

“You know our business isn’t as before and I can’t afford Ani’s treatment even after the kid is born. For that I need to agree to Dayal Uncle’s deal. And for that I’m ready to sacrifice every single thing Bhabi every single thing” he said looking at her painfully.

“Ragini isn’t a thing Sanky neither your feelings are” Pari looked at him. “That’s what hurts Bhabi. Why did I fall weak to fall in love? Why?” he said frustrated. “I had told you. You cannot plan your life” she smiled at him with still tears blurring her vision.

“Close your eyes” she moved her hand delicately over his eyes and he closed them. “Now remember the most special moment of your life” her voice hit his ear drums and his brain started forming the images.

The second before their accident their eyes were melting lost in each other. The approaching head light of the truck was felt by him.

He opened his eyes jerked and breathed heavily. “Why the most painful moment of my life seems like it was the best moment of my life just because she was there?” he ran his fingers in his hair frustrated.

“Still you think you can live your life without her?” she asked him and he looked at her not able to find the answer.

“I don’t want to answer this question because I have stopped living my life long ago” his brain flashed Diya’s face and his heart pained to move with the time where she wasn’t beside him.

He walked away leaving Pari broken she looked at the door where Anjali was looking at her with hope in her eyes to which Pari nodded her head in a No.

She walked inside and held Pari’s shoulder. “We are not able to do anything for our Sister Anji. Nothing. Though she is so near to us we can’t even tell Kavya that she is our sister and was adopted by Dayal uncle in childhood and now she is in pain and we are not able to help her” Pari sobbed.

“Shhh Jiji. Have faith” Anjali consoled Pari who was not able to tolerate the situation where one side it was her little sister and on the other side Sanskar her first child.

The time moved and the people started arriving to Rawat Mansion which was decorated like a new bride. The mandap was being set up in Sahil’s supervision. He was so happy that Sanskar was moving on in his life.

“Arrey that cushion keep away from the agni kund” he guided the servant who was placing the white bedding arrangement for the bride and bride groom to sit.

“Sahil did you check all the arrangements? And where is Yohan?” DP asked approaching him. “He has gone to get the Sehra Bade Papa. He will be here in some time” said Sahil and walked to the other end to check the arrangements.

“There he is” said DP walked to Yohan who was at the door with the Sehra in his hand. “Thank god you came on time. Now got get your Sanky bhai ready” said DP and Yohan gave him a smile and walked to Sanskar’s room.

“Bhai.. Bhai come your sehera has come” said Yohan as he entered the room. Sanskar who was standing in front of the mirror lost landed in the real world hearing him. He smiled at Yohan through the mirror before turning.

“You know I stood in front of the florist and made him to use the best quality flowers. Akhir mere Sanky bhai ki shaadi hai. One of the most eligible bachelor of the town” said Yohan walking looking at the Sehra to Sanskar who was smiling looking at his enthusiastic brother.


The Pandit started chanting the mantras and the fire went to a new height as he dropped few drops of Ghee everytime he finished a mantra.

“Get the bride” he announced and the ladies brought the bride down the stairs. Her face was cloaked behind the veil.

She sat down and the Pandit started chanting the next set of mantras. The bride and bride groom stood up for the pheres and as they circled the fire they were showered with the flowers as blessings from the people who were witnessing their marriage.

As the Pandit instructed the bride’s hairline was filled with vermilion and the mangalsutra dangled around her neck. “Now you both are husband and wife. Take your elder’s blessings” he smiled at them and they both stood up and walked to their elders.

First they touched Dayal’s feet and then they were walking further when the bride held the gatbandhan stopping the groom to divert his direction.

It was a bit weird and Annapurna scrunched her eye brows in confusion. She smiled when they both touched her and DP’s feet. Then they moved to others.

The Sehra fell off when Avantika was blessing the pair.

“Yohan” she gasped with shock. “What the hell is all this?” she asked shocked.  “Yohan?” Annapurna turned confused. Now she understood why was he going towards Avantika and Harish to take blessings after sighting Dayal’s blessings.

“Yohan?” Dayal walked to them. His eyes were ready to pop out when he found Yohan instead of Sanskar.

“What are you doing in Sanskar’s place? Where is he?” asked Dayal holding his collar. “Dad” Kavya whispered stopping Dayal.

“Kavi bacha see I don’t believe in this marriage. I know he married you without your consent. We will sort out everything” Dayal cupped her face.

“I asked you something. Where is Sanskar?” Dayal turned to Yohan and asked him furiously.

“Here I am” said he appearing in the scene wearing the casual clothes. “Sanky” Sahil looked at Sanskar surprised.

“Where were you and why is Yohan is in your place?” asked Sahil confused. “One second Sahil” said he and stood facing everyone.

“Thank you everyone for attending the marriage and please have your food before leaving” he folded his hands in front of the guest who were all whispering and walked from there.

“Now explain this” Annapurna forcefully dragged Yohan in front of Sanskar. He stumbled and stood looking at Sanskar.

Sanskar looked at Yohan. And in next moment Yohan felt a sharp pain on his cheek when Sanskar hand touched it. “Sanskar” Avantika walked and stood beside her son.

“Now say it or shall I say it in my style. I’m sure you will not like the extra manners and formalities my revelation will have” Sanskar spoke looking at Yohan.


I did not knew I will get back so soon.

As I always say I take inspiration from every little things around me and I got a quote which I read

Mind is the slave of its own thoughts and till now I have heard it many times but truly understood the meaning today only.

Then there is a right moment for everything so I think this was mine.

Don’t wanna blabber more.

I have unpublished all the other stories right now this will be my first priority and I could draft of only this story as my laptop underwent a complete washout so if I could get back to my old self of thinking I will publish others.

And no more New stories.

Thank you for tolerating My tantrums and it’s all your support that I have gained myself back.


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