Guilt (A RAGSAN FF) Chapter 24

“Namaste ji” said Dayal standing outside Maheshwari mansion along with Kavya when Anu opened the door. She was shocked. She smiled and welcomed them inside. “Where is Sanskar aunty?” asked Kavya with her evergreen smile hiding her pain. Anu could sense her pain. She has seen Kavya from the day she is born. But she could only watch her pain helplessly. “He just returned from office beta. He is in his room playing with Ananya and Ansh. Wait I will just call him” said Anu getting up. “Ohho Aunty why are you being so formal? I will go myself. You wait here I will get him” said Kavya and headed to Sanskar’r room. She entered his room and found Ananya playing with Ansh but Sanskar was not in room. “Ansh where is Sanky?” asked Kavya nearing them and caressing Ananya’a hair. “Chachu is at terrace” said Ansh smiling. Kavya headed to terrace. She spotted Sanskar standing at an edge staring sky. She was damn nervous to face him. “Face your fears, and awkward situations. If you avoid them it will never leave you” Kavya remembered Yohan saying it. She smiled getting the confidence and neared him. She stood beside him. “I’m sorry Kavya. I don’t even deserve your forgiveness” said Sanskar still staring the sky. Kavya smiled. He could sense her presence always. They know each other from the time they understood world. Kavya knew all his tragedies and how important Pari was in his life. “You are not at fault Sanky. Love is crazy. It makes you stupid. And when you realize better you express it. You did that on the right time. What if you would have realized it later. Both of our lives would have spoiled. Thank god you did not do that. You are truly my best friend. You saved me actually” said Kavya smiling. Sanskar looked at her. His tears started flowing. Kavya could not tolerate it. She cupped his face and wiped his tears and nodded no. Sanskar smiled a bit and continued staring sky. “Ragini is really that sweet. I cannot blame you that you fell in love with her. You are in deep pain and she heals everyone’s pain. So your soul needs her Sanky” said Kavya. “But she is just in my dreams Kavs. Not in my fate. I have to stay away from her. She will never forgive me for what I did.” said Sanskar painfully. “You are my best friend Sanskar. I know you from childhood. Why are you backing off now?” asked Kavya. Sanskar looked at her confused. “You have to get her forgiveness. Why are you accepting it as your fate. Fight for your love. Just because you are sorry will anyway help her? You have to reduce her pain. Then only she will forgive you. Going away from her will not serve you any purpose. You have to bear her hatred then only her heart will soften. I know you did not do it purposely but she doesn’t know right so think from her perspective. You both are meant for each other. Without fighting for your love how can you just leave it as your fate?” said Kavya placing her hand on his shoulder. “How can you be so sweet Kavs? You always solve my problem” said Sanskar looking at her with tearful eyes. “Actually Ragini made me this strong. I’m always grateful to her for this. Whenever I see her smile even with so much painful life I feel my pain is nothing compared to her. She smiles and makes other smile and that inspires me to forget my pain” said Kavya wiping her tears at corner of her eye. Sanskar hugged her and said “My Kavs has become so strong” Kavya smiled through her tears.

“What happened Yohan” asked Sahil sitting in front of Yohan when he was analyzing Swara’s report. “Sahil bhai I feel now it’s apt time for next step of Shona dee’s treatment. We have to remind her everything” said Yohan. “But Yohan it is risky for her life. You should have seen her yesterday. I can’t see her in pain again. Let her stay in this state whole life I will take care of her but I cannot tolerate her pain” said Sahil with tears in his eyes. Ragini kept her hand on Sahil’s shoulder to console him. “No Sahil bhai we will remind her with hypnotism where she will herself remember the past and it will not affect her any way. Now when she is in apt situation for the treatment we should go ahead with it” said Yohan. “No Yohan I’m not okay with this” said Sahil wiping his tears. Yohan signed Ragini to convince him. She blinked her eyes signing that she will talk to him. “Okay Sahil bhai as you wish” said Yohan. They left Yohan’s cabin and went to scanning room where Swara was playing with the equipment. “Shona” called Sahil. Swara left the equipment and ran to Sahil biting her lower lip. “Chale Shona bacha” said Ragini holding her hand. They sat in car. Sahil looked at Swara who was playing with her doll through rear mirror painfully. Ragini placed her hand on his shoulder and he wiped his tears. “We have to do this for Shona di. Please sir” said Ragini. “Ragini if you don’t mind can I ask you something” said Sahil. “Ofcourse sir” said Ragini. He stopped the car beside the beach. “Come” said Sahil getting down from the car. “Beach” said Swara smiling widely. Ragini got down from car and helped Swara. Sahil stood in front of Ragini and Swara who were standing holding hands. Sahil sat on his knees and forwarded a ring which he had brought to propose Swara when she will get fine. Ragini looked at him confused and Swara was laughing looking at him. “Ragini can I marry Swara?” asked Sahil. A tear dropped from his eye. Ragini was shocked. She did not expect this at all. Even after knowing Swara’s condition and knowing that there may be no hopes of her recovering he wanted to marry her. “I know you might be worried because of her condition. But I promise I will always take care of her. Even if I have to go through anything I don’t mind. I just want her in my life no expectations at all” said Sahil. “Ragu maa what is he talking I’m not understanding anything” said Swara looking at Ragini. Ragini wiped her tears and made Sahil stand. “But sir. How will you do this. Your family will have many expectations about your marriage and about your life partner. They won’t accept Shona dee at least not in this condition. Ya I love my Shona Dee and I will be the happiest person if you both get married because I know Shona dee loves you. She broke up with Laksh because she realized her feelings for you. She had told me. And whenever she will be normal I know she will be happy. But for her happiness I cannot shatter your parents dreams. Nobody will like a girl who cannot handle herself and dependent on others to be life partner for their son. I’m sorry I cannot accept your proposal for Shona dee” said Ragini. “But Ragini” said Sahil. “No sir. Please. She is my responsibility and if you have started feeling that I’m feeling her as burden and not taking care of her and because of that you have come with this proposal, sorry I will take care of her all my life but I cannot handover her responsibility to others not in this condition” said Ragini moving holding Swara. Swara looked back and found Sahil’s tears. She got concerned “Ragu maa. Sahil is crying” said Swara and her tears started flowing. Ragini did not stop. She got inside the bus and headed home. “I want you to move on Ragini. I feel somewhere you are not accepting your feelings for Sanskar because of Swara’s condition and I don’t want my Swara to hold herself responsible for your miseries whenever she gets back to normal” said Sahil looking at the direction Swara and Ragini headed with tearful eyes.

“Arrey Sahil beta thu aagaya?” said Avantika opening the door. Sahil entered house uninterested. Avantika looked at him confused. He headed straight to his room. “Sahil I saw you. I saw you and me in some place” he remembered Swara’s condition. He looked around biting his lips to suppress his urge to scream and again lowered his head and let the tears flow. “Sahil beta what happened?” asked Avantika sitting beside Sahil on the bed and placing her hand on his shoulder. Sahil looked up and hugged Avantika and started crying bitterly. “I love her maa. I love her. Why nobody understands my feelings” said Sahil sobbing. Avantika dragged him out of the hug and cupped his face. Harish looked at them standing at Sahil’s room door. He went and sat beside Sahil on the other side. “What happened Sahil tell us” said Harish keeping his hand on Sahil’s shoulder. Sahil narrated them everything as how much he loves Swara and in what condition she is in now and Ragini refusing his proposal and burst out crying more. Harish dragged him and hugged him holding his head and consoled him.

“What is she? I have seen people who will find ways to run from their responsibilities and this girl is thinking about us whom she has never even met. I really want to meet her Harish” said Avantika in their room after they consoled Sahil and came there. “Now we have to think about Sahil Avi. Are you ready for this?” asked Harish. “If that girl would have accepted Sahil’s proposal I would have definitely rejected this Harish but I feel some connection towards her now. I will do this with my will now. This is for a good cause when she can think about us without knowing and moreover it is for our son ” said Avantika smiling through her tears. She hugged Harish smiling. “So we are going to do this tomorrow” said Harish and Avantika nodded her head happy.

“Oye day dreamer. What are you thinking?” asked Ragini sitting beside Yohan in his home. “I’m so confused yar Ragu” said Yohan. “Tell me I will solve your confusion” said Ragini placing her hand on his shoulder. “As if. Have you fallen in love anytime that you will help me” said Yohan nodding his head and folding his hands. Ragini remembered how Sanskar held her from her waist on the stairs. She came to reality and said “So what? I can still help” said Ragini. “Acha tell me what is love?” asked Yohan. Ragini smiled and said “Love is craziest thing in the Universe” She remembered how Sanskar’s lips brushed her cheeks. “It is also stupid and makes you do crazy things” she remembered Sanskar kissing her forcefully in the party. “Love makes you weak sometime” she remembered her and Sanskar’s romance in the shed. “And it becomes your strength sometimes” she remembered how she hugged Sanskar near the ice cream parlour. “Love is which makes you happy when you see the person’s happiness. But more than that it makes your heart bleed when the other person is in pain” said Ragini remembering she doing first aid to Sanskar. She wiped the tiny tear drop which was ready to fall from corner of her eye. “Sometimes you know that you both are not meant for each other but still your heart tries to unite you with them” said Ragini remembering her promise to dad and Sanskar’s proposal in hospital and her pain after rejecting him.
“OMG Ragu. When have you fallen in love that you know so much about it” said Yohan who was listening to Ragini. She smiled and said “When the fate wanted me to stay away from love at that time I fell in love” She remembered how she used to find ways to talk to Sanskar when he was ignoring her and how Sanskar’s pain ripped her heart. “I did not understand anything. By the way as always you solved my problem. Thanks a ton” said Yohan hugging her. Ragini smiled and dragged herself away from him and asked “So who is that unlucky girl?” Yohan pouted and said “Ragu” in complaining tone. Ragini chuckled and both of them had a side hug smiling.

I know its small but I will make it for next update. I really have no idea when I’m gonna post it. But it has to be special so I need time guys. Hope you will understand love you all.

  1. Emotional and amazing part

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      Thank you da lovely. Glad you liked it.

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    awesommme yaaar feeling sad for ragini u described her emotions so welll sanskar and kavya’s frnd ship is also beautiful waiting for yohan proposing kavya and i feel shail’s parents would agree for shail and swara’s marriage
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    1. Sally_blr

      You are right about sahil parents will agree but will Swara agree to go away from Ragini n first thing will Ragini be ready for it. Sanky lover boy hmmmm I’m just thinking how to make it interesting. I will surely try even I cannot stay away from this forum go long

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      That’s so sweet of you Riyu. Let me cllear u Sanky had given promise to pari that he will take care of ansh and her daughter. If he goes to jail who will take care of them n dp is in coma and anu cannot manage for long you might have observed it when she met Ragini for first time n business will go down they will be on streets literally other than him nobody can take care of ansh n ananya. I hope I’m making sense. Love u lot for this lovely comment

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      oh..dumbo me!!thx

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    but feeling bad for her sufferings i can’t see her like this plzzz do some magic make her happy

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      Thank you for the hug sweetheart. You make a wish and I don’t fulfill it aisa kabhi hua hai. Love you

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      Hey dear. Thank you so much. Yup she accepted her feelings.

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    Superb epi. I can feel the pain of ragsan in ur words. Plzzz unite them soon

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      Thank you so much Ankita. Ofcourse dear, this Judai was necessary for you people to enjoy the next part.

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