Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 33

Pragya was still at the isolated place. Pragya, I shouldn’t go now….let me stay here for a while and then I shall go if not he would be suspicious of me…..Pragya went to the place that he was kneeling down. She was just looking lost in whatever that is happening around her.
Pragya, Why was I related to Tanya in the first place? Why did I first met him in the elevator? Why did I first promised Tanya that I will be part of his life? Why did I first thought that all was well between them? Why in the first place I am here?

I have so many questions but there is nobody is there to answer me…..This life that she gave me is so complicated…..I can’t live with him and at the same time I can’t leave from him….Why?

Pragya too was in tears of not knowing what to do next…..Pragya, The only thing that now I can do is being with him to know what is he really hiding! Yes that is the only thing that I can do for now!

She wiped her tears and walked back to his house. Abhi had already reached the house and was looking everywhere for Pragya. He saw her coming in and he ran to her. Abhi “Where did u go? Why u never even took your phone? Do u know how tensed I was? I thought u just left me without telling me!” He was keep on asking her and she was standing still lost in his concern for her. She couldn’t hear what he was asking instead she was just noticing the worry in his face…..The worry which clearly showed that he is scared that he will lose her……She felt the whole world around her is peaceful with his care and concern towards her…..

Pragya unable to control herself just hugged him and cried. Abhi was taken aback and asked her while still hugging “ Why are u crying? Are u scared by my loud voice?” Pragya breaking away from the hug and just looked at him back again….Abhi “Why are u still silent?” Pragya wiped her tears and said “I will tell u later….I am tired…..” Abhi “Is everything ok?” Pragya “ Yes…I am fine…just tiredness!” Abhi “Ok then u go and rest in your room….” Pragya “Do u want to help me?” Abhi “Help u?” Pragya with a smile said “You can carry me to my room!” Abhi in a puzzled tone “Are u sure?” Pragya “I am sure! How about u?” Abhi didn’t tell anything and he just carried her in his arms. Pragya was keep on looking at his face until he reached the room and as for Abhi he was keep on smiling in happiness. Pragya, He cried a lot just now…..but now he is smiling because of me……This is what I want always in his life….but is it possible?

Abhi slowly placed her on bed and Pragya held his hand when he was about to leave. Abhi looked surprised and was standing there still. Pragya “Good night AB!” Abhi raised his eyebrow in surprise again as she is using the name after a long time……Abhi “I guess your tiredness made u the Pragya I missed until now! That’s also good in a way….Good night LF!” He went off from the room switching off the lights. Now Abhi was wondering why she is suddenly like this!
Pragya in the middle of night woke up as her stomach was grumbling in hunger. Pragya looking at her stomach said “Stop making noise! It’s so annoying!” Pragya woke up from the bed adjusting her hair. She walked down to the kitchen and was confused to see the kitchen lights was still on…. Pragya, This Robin na is so irresponsible and never switch off the lights! Of course, he is not paying the electricity bills and that’s why he is so careless!

Pragya was now blinking her eyes continuously and making sure she was not dreaming! Abhi was in the kitchen cooking!
Abhi “You are here! I thought of cooking something as u never had your dinner before sleeping!” Pragya rubbing her eyes asked “You could have asked Robin to cook na….” Abhi “Did u forgot he is on leave for two days and he will be only back tomorrow!” Pragya “Oh ya….I forgot about that….So what are u cooking?” Abhi “Nothing big…. Just bread toast with egg scramble!” Pragya “Oh that’s great! Let me help u!” Abhi “Arrey what is there to help? It’s a very simple dish!” Pragya “Ok then I sit here and watch u!” Abhi “Watch me?” Pragya said in a pleasing tone “Yes watch only at u…..” Abhi in a confused tone said “Alright then….watch me!” Pragya smiled in return and sat on a chair by keep on looking at him…..Her eyes moved wherever he moved to grab the ingredients……He too at times looked at Pragya and also winked at her.

After a while,

Abhi “Done!” Pragya “Great! Eat with me too!” Abhi “Are u sure?” Pragya “Just eat with me instead of asking questions!” Abhi “Okok I don’t want to spoil your mood too!” Abhi ate with her and she was all the while smiling and joking something about the way he cooked. Abhi “You should appreciate that I cooked for u at least this but u are commenting too much!” Pragya “I am commenting so that next time u can cook even better! It would be your driving force too!” Abhi gave a pout and finished his portion of food. Abhi “You still haven’t finish eating!” Pragya “I am full already….this is enough for me….” Abhi “Are u sure?” Pragya “I am very sure as I am full of happiness because of u!” Abhi “Huh?” Pragya sheepishly told him “I mean because of the food u prepared!” Abhi “Ok something is strange with u but I don’t know what is that….” Pragya “I am always strange and u know that right?” Abhi “Yes but this strangeness is something different from I have seen so far….” Pragya “I am sleepy now and bye!” She quickly rushed to her room leaving Abhi confused again.

Pragya, Oh god! How can he just find the changes in me so easily? I should try to control my smiling! Yes I am smiling at him for no reason…That’s why he is finding it strange!

Abhi, Strange! Her craziness seems to be controlled and now it looks more pleasant…..Why is that so? Her eyes looks so pleasing as if she wants me all the moment…..Why do I feel this way?
Both were in thoughts of each other for the whole night and were sleeping with love for each other……

The next day,
Pragya was preparing all his favourite dishes in the kitchen. Abhi came there and asked “Cooking and that too early in the morning ah?” Pragya said “Yes yes!” She was not looking at him but was busily cooking. Abhi “So what’s special that Madam is cooking early in the morning?” Pragya “Madam is in good mood and wants something from u!” Abhi “Interesting….What does Madam wants?” Pragya “Madam wants something from Sir…..” She now faced him after turning off the stove. Abhi “Sir can only give something that Madam wants and she should tell about it first!” Pragya “Acha….Ok Sir!” Abhi “Enough of this Madam and Sir game! What do u want Pragya?” Pragya “Whatever u wish! I just want something that u like to be given to me!”

Abhi looked at Pragya surprisingly and asked “Why suddenly? I have so many wishes to give u…. I mean I wish to give u so many things….If u don’t mind I will get u something but I am not sure how much u like it though…..” Pragya “It doesn’t matter! I am always in pleasure of accepting whatever u give me….I just want to get something from u as all this while u have never given me anything!” Abhi was amazed to see the sudden change in Pragya and asked “Are u sure? I never give u anything?” Pragya smiled inwardly and said “May be u have given me things that I feel for but not something that u want to express to me….” Abhi “Very thoughtful! See u in the evening with the something that I want to express to u!” Pragya “Are u sure?” Abhi “I am very sure of what I want to express to u!” Pragya smiled broadly and said “Let’s see….How much what u want to express can impress me?” Abhi just smiled in return and walked off from there to the living room.

Pragya, I am just trying to cheer his mood up as I can’t bear him being in tears….At least now is smiling all the time. And that dimple he has! What do I say it always make me fall in it! It’s not a dimple but it’s a trap to make me fall for him…….

Pragya then suddenly felt worried……Pragya, What if I leave him giving all this happiness? Will he bear it? Will I be able to leave after living all the happiness that he gives me? Am I making the right move? I am not sure……

Abhi came back to the kitchen and said “Pragya! Stop thinking and continue your cooking! I need food yaar!” Pragya came back to senses hearing his voice. Pragya “Haan ok just 2 minutes then it will be done!” Pragya continued her cooking setting aside her worries for that moment…….

Pragya read a note….To the person who is showering colors in my life, please come to the part of the house that is filled with colors……Pragya, Hmm…I am showering colors in his life? That’s so sweet….I thought I showered craziness in his life……..Which part of this house is filled with colors? I know! Is it that? Let me go and see……

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