Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 9th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Guddu meets Neelu

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 9th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhe telling Mausa ji that halwa was good. Sarla cries and says don’t know when Gudiya will get haldi applied on her hands. Radhe says very soon. Sweety asks Sarla not to cry and asks Mausi to give Amma’s handkerchief. Guddu whistles. Gudiya tells that Guddu whistled and signed them that Harbheji is coming on the window. Sarla asks them to hide Vandana. Gudiya hides with Vandana. Harbheji comes to the window and asks if they don’t want to meet their samdhis. Vandana says why they are hiding her. Gudiya says from Harbheji. The groom’s parents sing song and Vandana’s parents also sing in Gudiya’s house. Sarla handles Gudiya and Vandana. Gudiya thanks Guddu. Guddu smiles and signs her. Pinky imagines herself dancing with Guddu. She is woken up by Gudiya. Gudiya asks her to wake up as today is Vandana’s haldi. Vandana sits for her haldi, while everyone applies haldi to her. Harbheji comes there and asks if there is sugar. Gudiya asks her not to come to hall and says nothing is happening here. Sarla scolds her. Gudiya tries to stop Harbheji. Harbheji sees Pinky and calls her Vandana, asking her to come to her house as her boyfriend is in her house. Pinky says ok. Gudiya comes there and calls her Pinky. Sarla says her house name is Pinky. Harbheji says your nose will cut. Sarla beats Gudiya.

Vandana cleans haldi from her face. Pinky comes to haveli and sees Neelu. She thinks who is he? Harbheji sends Vijay to meet Vandana and says she came to meet you. Vijay and Neelu see each other, but not Pinky. Gudiya takes Vandana to make her meet Guddu, but he is not there. She takes her to see Gabbar, but sees Neelu standing there and doesn’t see his face. Gudiya runs with Vandana hearing Sarla calling her. Pinky and Vijay collide and she falls down on him. she says jija ji is not bad. Guddu comes there and asks what is happening? Harbheji keeps hand on her and Nanhi’s eyes and says girls are progressive. Sarla scolds Gudiya seeing her coming from there.

Mausi sings song for Vandana’s haldi. Sarla sings for Gudiya. Radhe says it is Vandana’s haldi now. Mausi asks her to be happy with others’ happiness. Sweety praises Sarla’s heart and tells that she feels her plan. Vijay’s parents apply haldi to him. Harbheji applies black tilak to Vijay’s mother. Vijay’s mother tells that she dances since childhood. Harbheji says she is feeling like crying seeing them and is about to tell about Vandana’s boyfriend, but Guddu stops her and applies haldi to Vijay. Guddu sees Neelu in Gabbar’s room and ask who is he? Neelu says he is Neelu pathak. Guddu asks what do you do? Neelu says I love Vandana and even she loves me so much, but her family takes advantage of her short term memory loss and getting her married to a govt employee. He says Harbheji brought him here. Guddu thinks he has to take care of Harbheji. Harbheji asks Guddu not to help him and says I kept Neelu here to help the neighbors, if he elopes with vandana then…Guddu says I understood everything. Harbheji thinks he is trapped. Guddu thinks Badi Amma is very innocent, but I have to find out the truth.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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