Bigg Boss 9th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Rubina accuses Gauhar for being partial

Bigg Boss 9th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 5
6:15 PM
Nikki says Pavitra is doing all this for content, Jasmin says really? Nikki says don’t enjoy both sides. You are a double-dholki (dual-faced). Jasmin says I can b*t*h on your face. Nikki says you were b*t*hing about me to Gauhar behind my back. Jasmin comes to Pavitra and says Nikki said that Pavitra is doing this for content. Pavitra says she she is crazy.
Sarah comes to Nikki. Nikki says you want to sit with other people then don’t sit with me, if you have a problem with me then leave. Jaan asks Sarah to sit with them. Sarah leaves. Jaan tries to talk to Nikki but she says we don’t have a good understanding so leave it. Pavitra comes to Nikki and says listen to me, you told me that Rahul didn’t clean the washroom and I had a fight with him over that. It’s not about getting content. Nikki says I thought you are doing this for content and I can say anything, you didn’t have a problem when a girl was abused. Pavitra says I wouldn’t stay silent if someone touches me wrongly, I would slap them tightly. Nikki says you saying all this but you don’t have guts. Pavitra says I don’t have to know about my guts from you. Nikki says if you have guts then raise your hand. Pavitra says you should work on your memory.
Sid tells Gauhar that you have lost the plot, I was here just last season. Gauhar asks him to get lost.
Nikki tells Jaan that you are talking about me to Sarah, I told her to leave. Sarah comes there and asks Nikki to talk to her directly. Jaan tells Nikki that she is mad, I asked Sarah to sit with them so they can talk. Jaan gets angry on Sarah and asks her to leave.

6:30 PM
Jaan tells Nikki that I know you don’t like Sarah. Nikki says I don’t like Sarah, she can’t take a stand for herself. I don’t like her, if I am sitting with you then I don’t want her here. Nikki says she is spineless. Jaan says Sid was right. Shahzad was leaving so Nikki asks Jaan to remain silent as he might listen. Shahzad comes there and tells Nikki that you are irritating. I am not listening to you talking, I was just going from here. I am ignoring you since morning, don’t provoke me. Jaan says it’s okay shahzad. He leaves. Nikki asks Jaan to ignore them. Jaan says I don’t have a problem with him. Nikki says when you are sitting with me then don’t talk to them. Shahzad comes there and tells Jaan to not endorse someone wrong.

7 PM
Jaan comes to Shahzad and says what wrong am I endorsing? Shahzad says I was going from there and she provoked me, you didn’t stop her. You are endorsing her being wrong. Jaan says you were taunting me saying that I am worthless. Shahzad says I was telling to Nikki. Jaan tells Nikki that I don’t think I am endorsing something wrong. Shahzad says she asked you to not talk to me and you stopped talking. Jaan says I talked to you even then, I didn’t listen to her. Shahzad leaves from there. Jaan asks Nikki to not talk in the middle when I am talking to someone. Nikki says I was talking to you and not him. Jaan says people think you are giving me directions to play the game. I didn’t want to talk to Shahzad.

8:30 PM
Sarah says I want bikini tomorrow. Nishant says I am ready to give mine. Sarah says I want to give it to Eijaz, he wants to strip for me. Nishant says I don’t know Eijaz personally, he has that angry man expression. I thought he will fight a lot in the house but here everyone is embarrassing him and humiliating him, he doesn’t say anything to anyone.

9:30 PM
Eijaz is washing the dishes. Jaan comes there and says you should have called me. I was washing my face. Rubina says I am washing the dishes, you just help me. Jaan tells Eijaz that I was changing my clothes. Nikki says he thought you were busy talking to me. Jaan says he shouldn’t have a problem with that. Eijaz says why not? Jaan says you will taunt me now Eijaz Bhai? Jaan says I didn’t expect that from you. Eijaz says you shouldn’t have said that I didn’t call you.

10 PM
Nishant tells Sid that Rubina and Abhi will share the bed so where will I sleep? We can’t share a bed as we won’t fit. Sid says you can get a mattress. Sid says we can make Rubina sleep with Hina. You can talk to Rubina then you can sleep with Abhi. We are all in a show. Gauhar says they don’t have to sleep together as husband and wife as they are in a show.

Eijaz comes to Nikki and Jaan as they are sitting on the sofa. Eijaz says don’t sit on this sofa, I sleep here. Nikki says I am not leaving from here.
Eijaz tells Shahzad that I sleep on that sofa but they sitting with feet up.

Sid tells Hina that if Nishant asks you that he can share the bed with him then say no. I want him to ask Rubina to sleep with you so we can create a rift.
Abhi comes to Sid and asks if they can shift Nishant somewhere else. Sid says why can’t Rubina sleep with Hina? I understand that you wouldn’t want her to sleep with a boy. Abhi says you can share the bed some boy to make things work. Sid says we are in a show so you don’t have to share the bed with your wife. Abhi says I am a married man and you want us to not sleep on the same bed. Abhi tells Sid that you are a smart guy but you are not helping me? Sid says I don’t have any gain with helping you, you figure it out. Abhi asks Hina if she can share the bed with someone else? She says no I can share the bed with Rubina only. Abhi nods and leaves. Hina says they had a tough time, don’t do it. Sid says I will let them share a bed but I want to have fun for now.

Abhi tells Rubina that Sid is not helping in getting one bed for them.

11:30 PM
Rahul asks when will their beds change? Sid says Pavitra have kicked you already. All laugh.

Nikki tells Sid that she has no one in life right now. Sid says I feel bad now, you don’t respect me? You didn’t even consider me. Gauhar writes bad about me already. Gauhar says you always bully people? Sid says I was bullied. You didn’t get work for 7 years so they called you back here to give you work. Gauhar says excuse me? You don’t know who is Gauhar Khan? You are too arrogant to know who is Gauhar Khan? Sid comes to Hina and slaps her face in a funny manner, he says I have a reputation to maintain. Hina sits over him and beats him funnily. She says I will slap you on the face only. Sid covers his face. Hina says I will bite you. Sid grabs her. Hina says leave me, I will slap you. You don’t know who you messed with, don’t show your strength. Sid says it was love, don’t do this. I am engaged. He laughs and says I can’t love you. Hina slaps him. Gauhar says Sid slapped her with force. Sid says she is putting fire now that I disrespected a woman.

11:45 PM
Rubina tells Hina that I am sleeping with you? Sid says we were joking with you, you can share the bed with Abhi. Rubina says I don’t have a problem. Sid says let me tell this good news to your husband. I will pull his leg. Hina says don’t do it. Rubina says please Sid. Sid says chill, stay the f**k out of this, don’t come out. Sid leaves.

Sid is looking for Abhi and acts angry. He runs behind Rubina to stop her from going to Abhi. Sid comes to Abhi and says Rubina is sleeping with Hina.. Sid hugs him. Rubina tells Abhi that he was joking. Abhi says Sid is so predictable. I knew it.

1:30 AM
Sarah tells Shahzad that Nikki can’t sleep tonight. She is going crazy. Shahzad says she is doing this from day one.

Nikki tells Jaan that I am being alone here. Jaan says I am with you standing alone. I don’t like Sarah and others as they are not taking a stand.

Sarah tells Shahzad that Jaan wanted me to sit with him but Nikki said that she doesn’t like me. Jaan didn’t answer back to her that I am his friend. He follows her blindly.

Jaan tells Nikki that Shahzad has a clean heart but he is a donkey. All others are small-minded.

Shahzad says she jumps a lot around Sid but when he leaves then?

Nikki says they see that Sid is supporting me so they are waiting for him to leave to pounce on me.

Day 6
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song baawri. All dance. Eijaz hugs Pavitra.
Sid tells Gauhar that I say anything that’s in my heart, I was seriously joking, I swear on my mom, I swear on my dead father. I have nothing against you. Your tweets didn’t affect me at all, I am just pulling your leg. Gauhar hugs him and says you done?

8:45 AM
Eijaz tells Shahzad that I get affected by seniors having such good food. They will keep calling seniors. Shahzad says should we go against them? Eijaz says they are boring us so they are trying within limits. I became Sid’s fan when he saved Nikki. Shahzad says it was obvious he would save her. Eijaz says he made the game interesting, we had a problem with Nikki not even caring about our food but who has immunity now? She has it.

Rubina tells Nikki that I cleaned the slab for you. Nikki says you spread this mess so you cleaned it, it’s not favor on me. Rubina says it was your duty and I did it so you can thank me nicely. Nikki says thank you but I didn’t ask you. Rubina says you can be courteous, it’s fine if you are thankless. Nikki says she should remain in the garden, who brought her inside? Rubina says I will bring discipline. Abhi says Nikki will learn where to throw trash. Nikki says you should give brains to your wife. Rubina says she should get married to get brains, she can married in BB. Shahzad says you think so? Rubina says yes, it’s a standard.

10 AM
Nishant says we have to decide the 7 items. Sarah says I want 7 items. Nikki says I want 7 items. Jaan says I want 2 items, Jasmin says I want 3 items. Eijaz says I don’t want items today. Nishant counts all and says we want 28 items. Shahzad says who didn’t get items before will get things now. Jaan says I just want pants. We can decide together. Nishant says to Hina that nobody will get anything today. Nikki says I asked for 7 items so all are asking for 7 items? Shahzad says you have started all this by asking for 3-4 items daily.

Eijaz cleans the washroom and says if there is an international BB, don’t take these people as they can’t even clean after themselves.

1 PM
Pavitra tells Nikki to decide her items and get one thing. Nikki says I can take 3 items. Rahul says we are here for no reason? Eijaz says we will get things. Rubina says we are wasting things because we can’t come to a conclusion. Nikki says I can take 4 items. Rubina says we can tells the seniors that shalwar-kameez is one item. Gauhar says we can’t go against Bigg Boss. Rahul tells Rubina that you are wasting time by telling all this. Rubina says you people are not thinking, use your brain. Jasmin says we already had a discussion on this. Jaan asks Rubina to ask Bigg Boss about this.

Pavitra talks to camera and says I don’t have energy to argue with Rubina, we have already had this discussion.

Rubina tells everyone that shalwar-kameez is one item. If we are getting two shoes as one item then why can’t we get shalwar-kameez as one item? Eijaz says it’s against the rules.
Nikki says I want shalwar-kameez, dupatta and slippers. Rubina says should I get gajra for you also? You can use your slippers that you have. Jaan says she wants to do matching so I have given up one item for her. You are getting personal with her. Rahul says are you her assistant? Jaan says go and flush your mind Rahul. Jaan tells Shahzad that Rahul is getting personal with her. Rahul says you are Nikki’s manager Jaan?

1:15 PM
Rubina reads the instructions that one thing will be counted as one item. Like shirt, lipstick are one items. One suitcase will not be counted as one item. Every item in the suitcase will be counted as one item. She says then a pair of shoes are two items and not one. Abhi says the clause needs more clarity. Gauhar says if we use that logic then mascara cap is one item and mascara brush should be counted as another item. Hina tells Rubina that you are saying that a pair of shoes is not one item? I was being considerate, now you will get one shoe as one item. And if you want a pair of shoes then it will be counted as two items. She walks away. All shout at Rubina that she messed this up. Abhi tells Rubina that she should have listened to him, she shouldn’t have argued with Hina. All inmates tell Rubina that she made this happen, now they won’t even get shoes.

Abhi tells Rubina that you were right at your place but you should have seen Hina coming and you should have stopped there. Rubina says I can talk to her. Abhi says no.. you are going off-track. I understand that it’s not written anywhere what’s counted as an item, we can understand if we think legally. You had a valid point but you saw Hina walking out so you should have stopped. Hina deliberately did this as now all inmates are against you.

Sid talks to Jasmin and others. He says when you are being smart then you get off-track. Rubina comes there and says to Hina that this debate started because Nikki wanted shalwar-kameez. Abhi comes to Sid and what is counted as one item? Sid says you don’t need to ask me, I can count what I want as one item, we are seniors so this is the way how it is.
Eijaz tells Rubina that you shouldn’t have gone to the rule-book. Hina’s words are the final words. You shouldn’t have argued with her. Rubina says I was fighting for all of us. Eijaz says we already had a pact with Hina that shoes will be counted as one item. Rubina says so we will get one shoe now? They all ask her to stop talking. We have talked to Hina already.
Hina tells Sid that Rubina has brought this upon herself.

1:45 PM
Nikki tells everyone that Rubina is so dumb.
Abhi tells Rubina that there are subjective things here. Rubina says I was debating for all freshers and they went against me. Abhi says think about the future also. Handle it.
Rubina comes to the inmates and says I am sorry guys. I am giving up 7 items for 7 next days. Jasmin says you don’t have to sacrifice, we already had a discussion with seniors. Rubina says I was not a part of it before, I didn’t know. Eijaz says we told you to not go there, we already had to talk to seniors. Rubina says I wanted to bring up my point to the seniors. Eijaz says this all happened because you started this discussion even when you were being warned by us to not do it, you didn’t listen to us and here we are. Rubina tells Gauhar that I was just asking you if shoes can be counted as two or one. Gauhar says you brought this point up. Eijaz says you went to them to talk. Rubina says I was talking to my house-mates, I was not talking to Gauhar, she was just here. Eijaz says you thought to find a solution for us and then you will say to us that you did a favor on us. You were wrong. Rubina says you are a senior-aged person so it doesn’t look nice to be childish. Rubina says I am being sorry and I am giving up my items for 7 days. Eijaz says you are doing a favor on us again. Gauhar tells Rubina that Hina kept listening to you and she was silent. You kept saying to the inmates that they all have to become one force against seniors to get items. Sid tells Rubina that we can take decisions and we have the authority. Rubina says you people have thrown this decision down my throat, you have screwed my case against other inmates. She leaves. Gauhar says she is doubting our intentions. Sid says we are doing our duties as seniors. We are giving tips as we have seen all this, we have saved this food as in earlier seasons, food used to end in 4 days but we have saved it for you in this season. Gauhar says she has put an accusation on me saying that we are influencing others. Rubina tells everyone that seniors did all this so everyone can go against me. Gauhar says what? Rubina leaves from there. Sid says she has lived in a bubble, she thinks everybody is conspiring against you. Gauhar says we didn’t ask her to bring this up, we don’t care about the items, she took an action and this is the reaction.

Sid sits in the confession room. A show watcher Vikram asks him who can a strong contender moving forward? Sid says it’s just week one, it’s an early stage. All are good contenders, nobody comes to lose the show. They all want to win and they will try. It’s too early to say who will win as there are many elements to come forward to. It’s about the audience connecting with them, too.

2:30 PM
Gauhar reads the instructions for a new task. The task says it’s time to change the scene, seniors don’t have control anymore. It’s time to move from TBC to the ‘confirmed’ list. Abhi and Nikki are Safe. All other freshers have a chance to win this immunity except Rubina. The two inmates who win this task will get immunity. The task is about a landlord who has sent a bulldozer to destroy Bigg Boss. Freshers have to stop that bulldozer. Two inmates will sit on the scooper of the bulldozer. Abhi and Nikki will sit on the scooper after the first buzzer, then freshers will try to take their place by making them stand up from the scooper. If Abhi and Nikki get up from the scooper, they can try again to sit on the scooper. At the end of the task, two inmates who are on the scooper will win. At a time, only two inmates can try to make the persons sitting on the scooper to leave. Nobody can throw water at all costs. Seniors can decide if there is a hiccup.

2:45 PM
Nishant asks Hina what to do? Hina says you can do a lot if you have seen Bigg Boss. Sid says a lot can be done.
Nikki asks Jaan to take care of her things. Jaan says I want immunity so I am going to play my game. Nikki says I will show my reality today, if they touch my things then destruction is coming for them.

Abhi tells Pavitra that everyone will try anything as there are no rules.

3 PM
Abhi tells Rubina that if somebody is trying to hurt me physically, just tell me the name. Keep an eye, they will do it normal things but if someone is causing harmful things to the body then keep an eye.

3:30 PM
Eijaz tells Abhi to cover his face as it’s about his career. The buzzer plays. Nikki and Abhi sit on the scooper of the bulldozer. Eijaz asks who is going first? Nishant says we will do nothing personal Abhi and Nikki. We are doing this for the game.
Sarah comes to Nikki’s bag and takes her make-up out.
Abhi tells Nishant that I will do self-defense if someone is harming me. Nishant says then you can get up from this position. Sid tells Abhi that nobody is killing you. Abhi says I am just telling that if I feel threatened then I will push them away. Sid says but you can’t do that. Abhi says my game is not with you Sid. Sid says but I am the decision-maker so I am telling you. If you think something is harming you, you can say that it’s wrong and you can go away. You can protect yourself. Abhi says it’s not written anywhere. Sid says so where it’s written that you can push them away? Abhi says I am not debating with you Sid. Sid says so you must have read the contract which you have signed. Abhi says I am an Indian citizen and all laws applied to that. Sid says you can walk out. Abhi says I don’t want any argument. Sid says Abhi and Rubina are ungrateful, I have been nice to you both. Abhi tells Sid that I am not competing with you. Sid says I know.

3:45 PM
The second buzzer plays, Nishant sprays on Abhi’s face. Gauhar says you can’t do on the face. Abhi covers his face. Nishant says you can get up if you want Abhi. Nishant keeps spraying on his face and asks him up to get up. Pavitra is pushing Nikki. Gauhar says Nishant is being unfair. Sid says let them do their task Gauhar. Gauhar says they can’t do this with Abhi. Pavitra is pulling on Nikki’s top. Nikki says she is taking off my clothes. Pavitra says I am not using force. Gauhar tells Pavitra to not pull her, you are being forceful. Sid tells Pavitra to not use force. Bigg Boss says don’t use the spray on face. Gauhar yes.. humanity first. Pavitra is pinching Nikki. Nishant comes and throws chili powder on Abhi’s shoulder. Rubina shouts at him that he is crazy. Nishant says I must have faced the same thing, I am doing my job. Rahul covers Nikki in the shaving foam and asks her to get up. Jasmin brings detergent water for Abhi. Sid says you can’t use water on him. Jasmin says I am not throwing at him. Sid tells Pavitra to not use force on Nikki, you are grabbing her. Jasmin cries and says I am sorry Abhi. She pours detergent on his back. Eijaz asks Nikki to get up, you look bad on the national TV. Nikki is covered in the shaving foam. She says I want water. Gauhar says I will help her. Sid says you can’t help her, it’s her task. She can get down if she wants water. Gauhar says I can help anyone I want. Jaan comes and covers Abhi in the shaving foam.

Rubina asks Hina if she can give water to Abhi? I am asking for help. Hina says a lot of things happen in my season with me.
Jasmin comes to Nikki and asks her to get down. Eijaz asks her to get down. Shahzad asks Abhi to get up, he uses a brush on his feet. Hina says don’t use force Shahzad. Pavitra is grabbing Nikki. Gauhar says don’t force Pavitra. Pavitra says I am doing my job, I am not forcing her. She covers her face with shaving foam. Gauhar asks Nikki to save her face. Nikki huffs and gets up from the scooper. She is huffing for air. Hina asks her to get in the pool as she is covered in foam. Pavitra takes her place on the scooper.

Episode Ends.

PRECAP – Salman tells the inmates that the secret that some live viewers are watching you. They think they are part of the season. Salman tells Abhi that there was a Shukla in the last season who didn’t let anyone sleep and now you are a sleeping Shukla of this season. He tells Rubina that she can pick her own battles and fight them, every time Abhi only shoots her down or just take her in the wrong direction. She should follow her own direction. Rubina and Abhi look on.
Salman shows the clip of Eijaz and Sid talking. Eijaz tells Sid that in 2013, I used to very friendly with girls and then something very wrong and big was about to happen but it didn’t, since then I have stopped being near girls. Salman tells Eijaz that why didn’t say it on the stage? Something wrong happened and you went on a completely different tangent.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. These seniors are so damn irritating. What are they even thinking? They are literally considering themselves as God! No one can say anything against them. The way people are referred to as seniors and freshers, it seems like its a college where the seniors get to bully the others. I understand that Sid and Gauhar unfortunately don’t have anything else to do in life, but Hina, why the hell did she agree to this? Its actually tarnishing her image. Last season also Vikas had come and literally got his image tarnished.
    And what can I say about Sid. He can say whatever he wants about anyone, but if anyone says anything to him, he’ll develop a grudge against that person for his whole life. He did this with Asim and Rashmi, and now is doing with Rubina and sometimes with Gauhar as well.
    Gauhar seems irritating as a senior, but she is far better than the other two. I love how she always maintains her calm and demeanor even in the heat of moment. Even during her fight with Sid, her respectful way of talking even forced Sid to talk in a respectful manner. She definitely earned my respect for that. But unfortunately, when a person remains calm and respectful, he is deemed as FAKE. If he says anything he feels like telling, curses, shouts at the top of his voice, he is deemed as REAL. Wow.

    1. YES!! 100%! There is so much hypocrisy around the house (Sid & Nikki mainly)

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