Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 4th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Sarla complains to Nanhe lal about Sweety

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 4th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sweety coming to Sarla and asks if tea is mad? Sarla hits the utensils on the kitchen surface. Radhe asks Sarla to talk to them directly. Pappu says yes. Sarla asks if I am a Servant and says she wants Sweety to do the work. Nanhe comes there and tells that anything is possible if Samdhan ji does. Radhe says you came at the wrong time. Nanhe asks what do you mean? Sweety hugs Nanhe lal and says Papa. Nanhe lal says beta…Sarla comes there and tells that you couldn’t get Gudiya’s marriage done, but you are A1. She tells that she is bearing Sweety because of Gudiya and complains to Nanhe lal about Sweety. She asks Radhe and Pappu to sit and tells Nanhe lal that Sweety is stubborn and useless. She says when they got married, I let them enjoy and don’t do work, but their enjoyment doesn’t end. Sweety says she drinks water and keeps the glass. Sarla tells that Sweety doesn’t keep the glass in kitchen and wants tea in her hand and asks if she is the owner and am I Servant. Sweety tells that she gets tired of doing the work all day, but others don’t think her work as work and asks her to try and become like her. Sarla says she is taunting on my looks. Nanhe lal scolds Sweety. Sweety tells that Sarla threatens me showing kitchen work. Sarla says I spend my life doing the kitchen work and she thinks the work as a threat, asks if Sweety is made of diamonds. Nanhe lal tells that Samdhan ji is the diamond to serve food to everyone. He praises Sarla and tells Sweety that she will not understand what he wants to say. Sweety says if you will not support the truth. Nanhe lal says I am standing with truth, you are staying in house and shall help Samdhan ji in the household work. Sweety says you are changed, you are not my Papa anymore, and cries. Sarla asks Nanhe lal if he wants to have halwa. Nanhe lal says he can’t refuse her. Sarla says ok, I will bring halwa.

Gannar wakes up and finds Guddu sleeping beside him. Harbheji comes there. Gabbar says Guddu has slept with me last night and tells that he must be tired. Harbheji says why you have done this? Gabbar asks what? Guddu wakes up and says you have defeated me in ludo game. Gabbar says I will lose this time. Harbheji asks them to freshen up, have breakfast and then play ludo. Gabbar says ok. Harbheji tells that he don’t remember anything. Guddu says yes, I will call Doctor. Gabbar says you will win. Harbheji cleans Gabbar’s face.

Sweety cries and tells that her family have become like stranger. Gudiya asks her not to cry and spoil her make up. Sweety tells that she is going to Guddu’s house and will get her toys married. Sweety tells that Guddu Bhaiya don’t play such plays and asks her to play chess with him, then thinks it is played by intelligent people. Gudiya says she has many games ideas. Sweety asks her to ask Guddu which game he would like to play? Gudiya thanks Sweety for her wonderful idea. Sweety says Amma doesn’t think my work as work. Gudiya is going out, when Sarla stops her from going.

Atta Chacha wakes up and finds himself tied on the bed. Putli Bai tells him that if he troubles anyone and asks money, then she will bury him in the ground. Atta Chacha asks her to open the door. Putli Bai says nobody shall open you and goes. Atta thinks the rope is strong and thinks of business ideas. Doctor comes to meet Gabbar. Harbheji tells that his leg is swollen and Doctor came to see her. Putli Bai asks Guddu what is the truth? Guddu says I will tell you later. Putli Bai says I will not ask you, tells Matai that she will not ask him also. She says what do you think that I will not know if nobody tells me.

Nanhe lal tells that he is leaving. Sarla says ok. Nanhe lal gets sad. Doctor checks Gabbar and tells that he is fine. Gabbar asks him to open the chain. Doctor asks him to rest and tells that they will open the chain later. Doctor comes out and tells Harbheji that Gabbar is getting aggressive day by day and tells that he can take anyone’s life. Harbheji says if we get him married to a girl. Doctor asks what are saying, why you want to ruin an innocent girl’s life. He says no stranger can go near him. He goes. Harbheji tells Guddu that Putli Bai shall not know whatever Doctor said, and says Doctor doesn’t know how it feels to see her son progressing towards destruction. Guddu gets tensed.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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