Pavitra Bhagya 3rd September 2020 Written Episode Update: Pranati decides to be fun for Jugnu

Pavitra Bhagya 3rd September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pranati is still shaken by Jugnu’s speech. She reaches out for the water jug when Vardhan offers her a glass of water. This is what Jugnu has grown up with. She has said what she has experienced. He watches her as she drinks water. Don’t worry. Everything will be fine. She walks away. Vardhan is all the more intoxicated by her.

Jugnu removes her shoes. Reyansh tries to address the issue lightly. You changed the speech altogether on stage. You hit a six. She says everyone would have been happy if it was so but they all looked so glum. I don’t fit amongst these people and don’t even want to. He tells her not to be sad. You don’t look good this way. He says this is right for now. We were never treated nicely in the orphanage till date. No one values kids like us there. Reyansh asks her what happens when a house isn’t repaired. Cracks surface. Our broken relation right now also needs to be mended. I don’t like it that you use this word illegitimate. You are my kid and I am your father. We share a relation. How is this illegitimate? Can you call love illegitimate ever? Let your classmates talk. They are not smart and cool like your father. Ignore then and talk about love. Pranati is overhearing their convo from the door. She wipes her tears. Jugnu notices her. Listen to me before you say anything. Pranati says you have made me a Hitler. You chose to go off track which is good sometimes. I enjoy it too. Reyansh and Jugnu look at her in shock. Jugnu says fun will jump out of the window rather than coming to you. Reyansh disagrees. Your Nayi Ma used to be a lot of fun back in her college days or I wouldn’t have even looked at her otherwise. She used to crack jokes and make everyone smile. Only I could bring a smile on her face though. That is an old chapter. She has become extremely boring now. Jugnu smiles. I know it. They high five. Pranati says I too can enjoy. Just wait and watch. Reyansh asks her what she means by fun. What do you do for fun? Pranati gets thinking. We can read story books for fun. They make weird faces at all her ideas. She asks them what fun means to them. Jugnu says fun means throwing water balloons on each other. It is playing Holi anytime. Reyansh nods. It is also dancing late at night. Jugnu and Reyansh share few more crazy ideas. Pranati gets tensed. It means there are 2 spoiled kids in the house. This is fun for you? They nod. Pranati says let’s do it then. They don’t take her seriously so she challenges them. Get ready. Reyansh asks Jugnu what her Ma is up to. Jugnu says fun. He still looks doubtful.

Jugnu is sleeping in her room when someone opens the door. The person is covered with a white duvet from top to bottom and calls out to Jugnu. Jugnu tells her to let her sleep but that person (Pranati) tells her to wake up. Jugnu opens her eyes upon being pushed repeatedly. She screams. Pranati falls down scared and screams as well. Jugnu laughs seeing her scared. It was a very bad attempt to scare me. Pranati asks her if she this dint scare her. Jugnu tells her to realise who she is messing with. I don’t get afraid easily. You are my Nayi Ma but I am not afraid of you. Pranati says like daughter like mother. Let’s go. Jugnu asks her where. Pranati takes her to Reyansh’s room.

Armaan, Maan and Reyansh are sleeping on the beds and the room is completely covered with bottle. Jugnu picks a bottle. Pranati makes a face. Jugnu says it is just how it was in the orphanage. I miss it very much today. Pranati asks her if she is done. Jugnu says I know it is not good to drink. I wont even let Bandar Papa drink. Go and wake him up. Pranati declines but Jugnu insists. Jugnu goes to wake up Maan and Armaan. Jugnu shakes both of them badly. Pranati stands next to Reyansh and tells him to wake up. She taps at him with one finger. He shifts in his sleep but in vain.

Pranati thinks of an idea and smiles. She tickles Reyansh in his feet. He still does not get up. She notices the bowl of water and pours it on him. He wakes up with a start. Jugnu, Maan, Armaan and Pranati laugh seeing his shocked face. Reyansh asks her if she is crazy. Who wakes up people like that? What if I had a heart attack? You are crazy. She tells him everything is fine. I just wanted to tell you that I am not as boring as you think me to be. She high fives with Jugnu and they both leave. Reyansh throws a pillow at Armaan. Don’t laugh.

Reyansh notices a bucket of water balloons in the living room. What’s going on? Jugnu shares that he might be drunk but it is Nayi Ma who is acting weird. She is trying to prove since morning that she is not boring. Pranati notices Riya coming downstairs and throws water balloons on her head. Reyansh and Jugnu have a hearty laugh. Riya chases Pranati. Maan is chasing Armaan. Reyansh thinks of Pranati’s proximity with Archit and of Dadi’s condition as he notices Jugnu’s happy face.

Pranati and Jugnu throw flower petals at each other and share a hug. Reyansh smiles. He looks away for a moment but Armaan and Maan pull him. Riya joins the girls. Reyansh looks at Pranati mesmerised as she smiles. He looks away when she looks at him. Jugnu picks up a water balloon and smiles at Pranati. She throws it at Pranati who ducks just in time. Reyansh looks back and thinks it was Pranati. She shakes her head at him. Jugnu gives a balloon to Pranati who refuses. She breaks balloon on their heads at the same time. Reyansh holds Jugnu and they lie down on the floor. Jugnu pulls Pranati next to her.

Precap: Reyansh chases Pranati around the house. They share a long eye lock. Dadi compliments Reyansh’s plan of action. He tells her to chill. Your work will be done. She gives him 10 days. Pranati should be out of the house by then.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Soooo cute I’m going to die!!!! I hope we get to see more masti and thank God there was no Mallika… just disgusting Vardaan. Everyone is having fun but Anisha… I want to see her bonding as well she’s married to the devil let her have some fun too… I wonder if Vardaan is going to be the reason Rey tells his grandmother to shove it… Jugnu can’t stay in that house without her mother cause her greedy drunkard grandmother will do lord knows what to her as it is she looks at her grandsons like blank cheques

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