Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 3rd March 2021 Written Episode Update: Competition in Gupta house

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 3rd March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gudiya announcing a contest for everyone. Radhe asks what is the new drama? Gudiya tells that it is a competition among the family members. Pappu and Sarla refuse to play. Nanhe lal tells that it can’t be understood by the common people and usually played in foreign. Rajjo, Sweety and Radhe agree to play. Gudiya says I didn’t know that you will agree hearing foreign. Nanhe lal says we knew that you will play and that’s why Gudiya and I have made the arrangements. Chunni lal brings the clay piggy bank. Gudiya says it is fill piggy bank competition. Nanhe lal says whoever does more work, will be the winner. Gudiya says whoever has much money in the piggy bank, will win. Sweety and Chanchal refuse to play. Nanhe lal tells that there is a surprise. Chunni lal tells that they shall go. Nanhe lal gives his best wishes to Sarla and others. Pappu and Radhe take the broom. Pappu asks him to wash the utensils. Radhe refuses. Rajjo comes there and takes the broom. Pappu asks her to wash the utensil. Sweety asks Rajjo to get the clothes washed. Gudiya sees them fighting and tells that it is a limit of worktheft. She tells that Nanhe lal has assigned different works to everyone. They all get the chits.

Gudiya asks them to get back to work. Sarla tells God that nobody wants to do the work and comes out to sweep the floor. Gudiya takes the broom and tells Rajjo that Sarla will win. Radhe and others refrain Sarla from doing the work, which is assigned to them. Sarla asks Pappu and others to do work fast. Radhe searches for the chit, and says I have to find out what I shall do. He sits telling that he don’t know what to do. Pappu gives the chit and says it was in the toilet. Radhe reads and shouts Pappu. He says you have cheated me and gave your chit to me. Pappu says I didn’t do this, then keep my chit and wash the clothes. Gudiya says it is rules that they have to do the work which was assigned to them. Radhe says I don’t like washing utensils. Sarla asks Radhe to take Chanchal’s help. Radhe tells Chanchal that she will be same, even if she washes the utensil. Chanchal says I am allergic to work and asks him to help her while she sings.

Pappu comes to Sarla and asks her to apply something on his injured hand. Sarla gets worried and applies ointment to his hand. Pappu gets nostalgic and emotional, recalling his childhood. Sarla says she wants to end this game right away. Gudiya tells that Sarla Devi wants to win and that’s why saying this. Sarla gets upset with Gudiya. She comes out and washes the clothes, which was supposed to wash by Pappu. She then sweeps the floor and washes the utensils. Gudiya tells Bantu that Amma is doing everyone’s work. Sarla cooks food. Nanhe lal comes home and tells that it seems everyone is doing the works. Gudiya tells that Bantu and I were keeping eyes on them and asks Bantu to give the list of things which were done by them. Nanhe lal reads that Sarla has done all the work alone, and asks them to put 10 Rs each in Sarla’s piggy bank for one work. Everyone puts the money in Sarla’s piggy bank. Gudiya asks them to pick their piggy banks and break it.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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