Molkki 4th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Purvi gets rusticated from college

Molkki 4th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Juhi is massaging Manas’s head when Purvi enters. He was having a headache so I put oil in his hair but now I am also having one. Purvi offers to massage her head. How is it feeling? Juhi says very good. Virender asks them what they are up to. Manas tells him to massage haathi’s head. He says I don’t do any such thing. Women and wives do these things. Purvi asks him which book says so. These tasks are not divided for men or women. Let it be. I don’t want him to do anything. Virender smiles. He ends up massaging Purvi’s head. She smiles but he tells her to look ahead. She glances at him in between but he makes a face.

Purvi comes to Anjali’s room. I wanted to speak to you about Bhuri. Anjali says I don’t know anything. Purvi shares what she noticed yesterday. Bhuri told me that you give her money for her Baba’s health. Do you know this? Anjali acts innocent. I dint know she was lying to me! I really don know what she has been doing with that money. She confronts Bhuri. Bhuri gives her the same reply that she had given to Purvi. You two should not be concerned with what I do or where I go. Mind your own business (she looks Purvi in the eye as she says that).

Next morning, Virender notices the breakfast on sofa. He asks Purvi what she is in a rush. She says I am getting late. Plus, I am worried. He tells her to eat something but she makes excuses. He insists that no one should leave on an empty stomach. She is worried for the exam but he refuses to let her go like that. She looks at him helplessly.

Virender feeds Purvi in the car while she is studying. He even helps her drink water when she eats a chilli by mistake. They share a sweet, happy moment. They reach college. Purvi begins to go but Virender stops her. All the best. I am sure you will do your best in exam today. She thanks him and his heart. Thankfully, it has started talking. He looks at her in surprise.

Everyone is giving exam when Principal Sir walks in. He tells everyone to stop writing. Invigilator asks him what happened. He says we have been informed that the question paper has been leaked. One of these students in the class is responsible for it. Everyone stands in a line to get their bags checked. Invigilator recovers the paper from Purvi’s bag. Purvi says it cannot be mine. Principal checks it. The information was corrected. You leaked the papers and were cheating. We don’t allow any such thing to happen in our college. You are rusticated from the college right away! Purvi says I dint cheat. Someone must have kept it there intentionally. Trust me. He refuses to believe her. This paper is a proof. You must leave the college! Se begs him but he refuses to hear anything further. I dint expect this from you. You should have set an example as you are the Mukhiyayini of the college. You made us look down in front of everyone. You should be ashamed. Sudha goes outside and informs Virender.

Purvi requests Principal to believe her. I haven’t done it. Karan vouches for her. She encourages others to speak truth. She cannot cheat. Principal says this is the same question paper that was distributed just now. How did she have it if she is innocent? She has been caught red handed. She cannot study here anymore. Karan tries to say something but Principal cuts him mid sentence. You can leave as well if you want to support her. Karan speaks in Purvi’s favour again. I will leave as well if that’s the case. She cannot do this ever. Purvi thanks him for supporting her. I wont want anyone’s year to be ruined because of me. Give your exam. Karan says it isn’t your fault. Invigilator asks Purvi to give her ID card. Purvi returns it to Principal. She walks out of the room with a heavy heart and starts running. She notices Virender coming just then and looks at him sadly. Virender walks towards her. She runs, hugs him tight and cries. Virender comforts her. Stop now, Bawari. Look at me. He wipes her tears. Purvi tells him to believe her. I haven’t cheated. You know I cannot do any such thing. Virender says Sudha has told me everything. I know you wont do anything like that. Stop crying. I am with you. I will fix everything.

Virender and Purvi meet Principal. Virender asks Principal what happened. Principal says I have caught her red handed. Virender says I have seen her study day and night for her exams. She even teaches the kids when she gets free. She cannot do this. How can you pronounce her guilty without proof? Principal says invigilator found another set of actual papers in front of me. What else is needed? Purvi says I haven’t done anything. Virender says now police will do the rest. He informs the Inspector. You should investigate this matter.

At night, Purvi wonders who can do this to me. Virender takes Karan’s name. He had a problem with you. Purvi says he cannot be. He even apologized for his mistake. He stood by me when Principal was rusticating me. He even agreed to leave the college with me when Principal dint budge. I don’t think he can do this. Virender looks on.

Next morning, Purvi drops the kids at school. Driver stops the car due to traffic. She notices Bhuri coming out of a jewellery shop and goes inside the shop. She asks the jeweller what Bhuri was doing here. Jeweller says she came to ask us if we buy old jewellery. She wants to sell an old ring. Purvi realises that Bhuri must have stolen that ring from her room. Bhuri is buying vegetables. Purvi begins to follow her. Bhuri reaches the back side of the haveli. Her room is here only. Bhuri goes in another direction after keeping some stuff in her room. Purvi decides to search her room.

Precap: Bhuri stops Purvi and asks why she came to her room like that. Purvi shows a ring and says for that. Later, in front of everyone, Purvi asks Bhuri from where she got that ring. It’s the same ring that she found the other day. Virender asks Bhuri whether what Purvi is saying is true. Anjali interrupts. Later, Maa furiously burns Purvi and Virender’s photo saying this Molkki won’t get love, nor respect in that house.

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