Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 2nd September 2019 Written Episode Update: Sarla calls Rajkumari bua to teach etiquette to Gudiya

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 2nd September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gudiya playing carrom board from both sides alone and pretends to play with her brother. Sarla asks her to help her and asks how she is playing alone. Gudiya says she is imagining her brother and playing. She plays carrom board and the coin falls in the gravy utensil. The gravy drops fall on her face. She comes out and asks Gudiya to go to kitchen and do work, till then she will play carrom board. Gudiya asks alone? Sarla says no, with your father and says imagination power. Sarla plays imagining Radhe playing at other side. Gudiya asks what to do? Sarla asks her to knead the aata. Gudiya takes the flour box and all aata falls on her head. Sarla gets shocked, runs to kitchen and falls down. Radhe and Pappu also slip and fall down while trying to help them. Pappu makes Sweety slip and fall laughingly. The neighbors Vimla and other lady talk to each other about the flour thrown out of Radhe’s soul. Radhe asks who eats potato with rice. Sarla asks him to eat it one day.

Radhe scolds Pappu for not getting wheat grinded. Pappu says Amma didn’t clean it. Sarla says your wife would have done it. Sweety says I didn’t make aata fall and I don’t have problem to eat rice. Gudiya asks Sarla to give more vegetable and asks her to give Radhe’s food also. Radhe says I will eat food. Sarla and Radhe have an argument and gets up. Gudiya takes his food plate and eats. She comes out and hears neighbors talking that she has headache and it will be there until she finds out how the aata fell in the dustbin. Gudiya comes out and tells that wheat’s respect goes when it becomes flour and says you are good to ask else who asks in this era. Sarla gives apples and guava to Radhe. She feels sorry as he didn’t have food and says she should have made dal. He asks if she was also like Gudiya. Sarla says she was different, but her bua made her fine. He says I will go to my brother’s house. Sarla says we shall face her together and tells that she can only treat Gudiya. Gudiya tells Jia that Rajkumari bua is coming. Sweety thinks Gudiya might get fine. Pappu gets scared and calls Radhe.

Nanhe lal comes and asks I heard something, if it is right. Radhe says yes. Nanhe lal asks why did you call Rajkumari bua. Radhe says it is your Samdhan’s idea. Nanhe lal says you should have take my suggestion. Sarla comes and says when kada is bitter, then it is effective. Song plays as Nanhe lal looks at her. Nanhe lal tells that he will handle Rajkumari bua. She asks him to go with Radhe to bring Bua. Nanhe lal says ok, can I refuse you? Sarla smiles. Guddi makes her doll, cuts Sarla’s saree and makes her doll wear it.

In the night, Radhe asks if Bua ji came. Sarla says train comes in morning. Radhe says if she sat? Sarla says yes. Radhe says we have taken a wrong decision. Sarla says no. Pappu comes and tells Sarla that she did wrong to call Bua. Sweety comes and takes Sarla’s side. Sarla and Sweety hug. Pappu says it is a mother’s work to make her understand. He says you shall not be strict with Gudiya. Radhe asks what wrong did she do that you have to behave this way with her. They hear a sound and run to the kitchen. They see a bottle fallen down. Gudiya says she tried to take the bottle, but the kada bottle fell down. She runs out. Radhe says it is not kada and says he thought to drink it with Samdhi ji after Gudiya’s marriage. Sweety asks Pappu to clean the mess and takes Sarla with her. Radhe and Pappu are about to taste the leftover scotch, when Jia wakes up and asks if it is scotch. In the morning, Nanhe lal asks Radhe to come and asks shall I take Pappu. Radhe says I shall go. They are about to leave when they see Rajkumari bua coming there.

Precap: Rajkumari Bua scolds Radhe and Nanhe Lal for not coming to pick her. Later Bua is about to fall due to Gudiya’s mistake.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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