Main Bhi Ardhangini 2nd September 2019 Written Episode Update: Maha Maya fails to get pinjar

Main Bhi Ardhangini 2nd September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maha Maya telling Adhiraj that he has to fight a big war. Adhiraj says we can’t kill Bhujang without Pinjar and says I don’t know how it looks. Maha Maya says it is the tilismi weapon which has all mayavi powers and says when it is touched, all magical powers vanishes. She says it is made of kaale jadugar’s bones and is kept safely. Adhiraj asks from where to get it, I will go. Maha Maya says it is a pinjar, I will get it doing tapasya. She comes somewhere and thinks what kumbhanda thinks of herself, after Bhujang is her turn. She sees Mayavi wall and says I came here to get Pinjar. She gets inside the wall and finds the place dark. She says that Pinjar is mine and calls Zoraar. 6 projector frames come infront of her, in which she sees her own images/counterparts.

Mohini comes home. Adhiraj asks from where you are coming late in night? Mohini says I don’t have time to answer you. Adhiraj says I went to your room and was scared when I didn’t see you. She asks why? He says I thought you are in trouble. Mohini thinks you are in trouble. Adhiraj tells him that whenever he is in problem, he thinks that she will solve all his problems. He holds her hand. Mohini asks him to just concentrate on their mission and says you might be lost in someone else and someone will cut your neck. Adhiraj gets angry.

Maha Maya’s counterpart tells her that she forgot the real rule to get pinjar. Maha Maya says she will kill Bhujang, will get pinjar and the teen tatva. The counterpart says it is not easy to get it. Maha maya says she is Maha maya and asks them to call Zoraar. Maha Maya says it is not like that. Her counterparts asks her to find the yoddha who has the pure soul.

Shalaka brings the leaf which Bhujang asked her to bring. Bhujang asks her to keep it. Shalaka asks about mohini. He tells that he had rescued her and came to know that she is a yoddha. He says I sent her for important work and says I will show you. He gets inside somewhere using a divine way. He shows Mohini standing far and says she is taking care of Vishamrit mudrika and says she is one of the brave soldier. Shalaka tries to look at her. Bhujang brings her back and says you must have understood now. Vasudha and Chander come there and tell Bhujang that chunnu is missing since morning. Shalaka thinks he might have went to the tree. Chunnu comes to the tree and reads the mantra seeing the book. He reads it again and a ghost appears before him.

Shalaka thinks Bhujang shall be busy in Sadhna and she will go and handle Chunnu. Bhujang asks where is she going? Shalaka says I am going to get puja flower. Bhujang says you are going to search Chunnu. Shalaka thinks she is going to kill him.

The ghost tells Chunnu that he had slept 1000’s years ago and asks why did you make me wake up so early. Chunnu says by mistake and asks who are you? He asks him to go. Ghost says I am going to sleep now and asks him to go. Chunnu tells the mantra and asks God to open the tree door before Shalaka sees her. The tree mouth opens. Shalaka searches for chunnu and gets angry. She thinks if I find him then will throw him before Danav. Chunnu prays to Mata Mansa and thinks he has to go inside the tree to protect everyone. Shalaka comes there and finds the door closed. She thinks she shall concentrate on Bhujang.

Rani and Jaichand stop Mohini. Mohini says I have some important work. Jaichand says we want to thank you for saving us from devil. Jaichand says you saved my life twice, once as Mohini and other time as Naagin.

Precap: Mohini imagines dancing with Adhiraj and thinks she couldn’t take his life. She thinks to kill him and becomes naagin.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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