Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 23rd October 2019 Written Episode Update: Ruby confesses the truth, Sarla feels guilty

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 23rd October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone asking Sarla to open the door while she beats Gudiya badly. Ruby comes there and asks them to leave Gudiya, says she has done this on my sayings. Everyone gets shocked and turns towards her. Sarla stops beating Gudiya and comes out of room. She sits on the floor. Everyone run inside the room and find Gudiya unconscious. Ruby comes to Sarla. Sarla cries looking at her. Gudiya gains consciousness and asks why are you crying great lady and asks if she will finish all stock of tears in a day. Sarla calls her near her and asks if she is feeling pain. Radhe says you would have thought before beating her. Jia says you are cruel, don’t talk to me. Pappu tells that he don’t want morning tea now. Gudiya tells that it is good that she has beaten her today and says all her body parts are thanking her today. She says if you had not beaten me then I wouldn’t have known how much strong I am. She tells that today her Amma has beaten her a lot, like she used to say. She says I gave you name iron lady today.

Radhe tells Kasturi that they will talk tomorrow. Kasturi says they will talk today itself. Nanhe lal says if she told that the reason might be big. Kasturi says Gudiya has done all the drama. Ruby’s father asks her to tell. Ruby recalls asking Gudiya to save him from the alliance as she loves a guy very much. Gudiya agrees to do as she said. Shyam says if we sent you to Gwalior to do this. Nanhe lal asks them to get her married to the guy. Kasturi refuses to get her married to the guy she loves. Shyam says I will kill the person who taught her love. Nanhe lal asks himself to beat himself and says when she was born, didn’t you see her with love etc. Gudiya asks Kasturi to get Ruby married. Kasturi says this girl is very clever. Jia takes Gudiya’s side and tells that she was beaten up badly, but didn’t take Ruby’s name. She says you accused her a lot. Sarla comes to Gudiya and tells that she will fulfill her wish and give whatever she demands.

Later in the morning, Ruby comes to Gudiya and apologizes to her for yesterday. Gudiya asks her not to have any bad thoughts. She asks about her jija ji’s name. Ruby says Anurag Gupta. Gudiya asks her to play the water game and tells that nobody can stop her from uniting with jija ji. Kasturi hears and scolds Gudiya for spoiling her. Gudiya sees everyone ignoring Sarla. Sarla tries to give tea to Radhe, Jia and Pappu, but everyone ignores her. Gudiya comes downstairs and tells that Amma shall be punished and shall take rest all day. Sarla says you are still thinking about me. Jia says I know why you burst your anger. Sweety says my hunger will not end until I have food with your hands. Pappu asks her to make Poha. Gudiya asks her to make kadi chawal. Radhe asks for tea. Sweety says lipstick. They all laugh. Shyam and his wife looks at them upset. Kasturi tells Shyam that they are doing this drama to upset us. Shyam says I don’t understand. She taunts him and asks him to talk for what they came. He says he will talk. Gudiya comes to Ruby’s room. Ruby asks her to help her to elope. Gudiya asks her not to elope and says Taya ji and Tayi ji will be upset. Ruby says if I don’t elope then I will not be happy. Shyam tells Radhe that their house is mortgaged. Radhe says you didn’t tell us, think that your half problem is solved. Pappu says we are a family. Shyam says there is a way, but he will tell when the time is right.

Ruby gets her boyfriend’s call and tells that she will come? She comes to Gudiya and thinks she has to take advantage of Gudiya’s innocence. She asks her if the light goes her.

Precap: Gudiya switches off the fuse, while Ruby elopes from home. Kasturi blames Gudiya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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