Bigg Boss 13 23rd October 2019 Written Episode Update: Devoleena slaps Shehnaaz

Bigg Boss 13 23rd October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 25
8 AM
Inmates wake up to a song naagin dance. They all dance like nagins.

9:15 AM
Shehnaaz tells Shukla that Mahira took Paras by holding his hand and Siddharth D asked if they have a scene, you are not with him anymore? Shukla says they are all together because they need each other, they don’t have a bond. He tells Shehnaaz that you might go to some other people so others might think that you can’t be trusted, I have a connection with Shefali so I don’t have to sit with her, we can take a stand for each other, yesterday I liked that our team won.

10 AM
Shehnaaz tells Paras that she told everyone. He grabs her and says talk.

Shukla runs behind her and says I will do it. He grabs her and messes her makeup, she says sorry.. sorry.

2 PM
Shefali reads a task that one person that will win this task will be able to save themselves from nominations and take a place of people who are safe right now (Asim and Arti). We will play a snake-ladder game, the one who reaches the last number 50 will win, safe inmates can act like snakes and bring nominated inmates down. Nominated inmates will keep making their ladders using their clay when dice roll plays, the referee will announce the one who has the biggest ladder at that time, that inmate will roll the dice and move it’s a pawn on the board as per the number on the rolled dice. Safe inmates will make their snakes remain ahead of the other person, Arti will tell whose snake is bigger and that person will be able to go on the board and bring any inmate’s pawn down. Arti will be a referee of this task too, inmates have to protect their ladders and snakes from others.

Asim tells Shukla that I want you to win, we will play as we want. Shukla tells Arti that focus on Mahira, Rashami, Siddharth D and Shefali as if they are saved then your chances are weak.

Siddharth S gives instructions to Asim. Arti tries to talk to him but he says move forward, she says to hell with you. Shukla says don’t show this attitude.

Shefali tells Rashami that they will try to break our ladders.

Arti asks Shukla that I was just asking you to attack Shefali and Shehnaaz? Shukla says I am not going to spoon-feed, do what you want.

Mahira tells Shefali that they are safe so we will play for ourselves and will try to break theirs.

Arti tells Shukla that I ask you to have patience like you have with Shehnaaz. Shukla says she is a kid, are you a kid? There is not a moment when I didn’t listen to you. Arti says I get confused in the task so I wanted to question her. Shukla says I didn’t stop you from asking. Arti says I got it but I know where I can use my power and it’s fine if I get nominated.

Devoleena tells Siddharth D that we won’t go for Asim’s name. Siddharth D says we have to reach the top first, we will think about the name later.

3:30 PM
Buzzer plays, all run and start making their ladders using the clay. Asim and Arti make their snakes. Shukla takes off his mic as clay is getting on it. Bigg Boss says wear your mic. Rashami asks him to wear it. Asim says we can break others’ ladders too. Paras says come here, I will take your immunity today. Paras says I have made my ladder and if someone tries to break it then I won’t spare anyone.

6:30 PM
Paras destroys others’ ladders. He throws Shukla’s ladder. Arti says you can’t play with peace. Shukla throws his ladder too. Shukla throws Shefali’s ladder. He tries to do it with Rashami but she pushes him away. Arti asks to not use force. Paras says don’t throw the ladders. Arti asks Paras why he is shouting at her? Shefali tries to stop Shukla. Paras says you can’t break the ladders, that is property destruction. Devoleena asks Shukla to not break her ladder, I didn’t do any wrong to you. He doesn’t listen and breaks her clay ladder. Shehnaaz destroys Mahira’s ladder and says this is your standard, you people have shown it. Mahira says don’t talk about standards. Shehnaaz says you have shown who jealous is today. Shukla throws Paras’s ladder. Paras shouts that I am not doing this, this is the task? Arti says you started it. Shehnaaz shouts at him and says we will see who is saved now. Shukla says I was waiting for the first round. Paras shouts that you will tell me what to do? Paras asks him to not touch him, they both charge at each other. Asim takes Shukla away. Shehnaaz tells Mahira that you people have shown what you can do. Mahira says it hurt me to duffer. Paras says we are not doing a task now, they can’t take it sportingly. Shukla says you are telling me about being a sport? Shukla goes to destroy Siddharth D’s ladder, D asks him to not throw the clay at him. Shukla says you are a cheap man, go away.

Siddharth D helps Shefali. Mahira says a man raising hand on girls. Arti says you didn’t raise this voice when Paras hit me with a chair. Mahira says I didn’t destroy Shukla’s ladder. Shukla charges at Mahir and says keep shouting. Asim takes Shukla away. Mahira says how dare you to talk to me like that? Mahira asks Arti to go away, he was pushing me away. Shukla says you pushed me away. Rashami says you have not gutted. Shukla shouts to not talk behind his back. Mahira says he is getting physical. Asim tries to stop him. Shefali asks him to not push others. Asim takes Shukla away and asks him why he is getting physical? if they are touching you then leave from there, you have to control yourself. Calm down, Arti can do what she wants. You sit here. He makes him sit in the smoking room. Rashami tells Arti that you are with a wrong man.

6 PM
Mahira says I stand with Asim but he always takes others’ side. Asim says what did you do for me? nothing. Mahira says you are selfish, the referee is not doing anything. Arti says all are breaking so what can I do? Siddharth D says we have quit already, Asim is still asking to break the ladders. Rashami says we don’t steal. Shehnaaz says we didn’t start it. Devoleena says you people attack others in a group. Shehnaaz hugs her and says I am not against you.

Mahira tells Paras that Shukla was pushing girls. Paras says I can’t play like this.

Shukla breaks Devoleena’s ladder again. Devoleena says this is my third attempt, fine. She breaks Shehnaaz’s ladder and says Siddharth S has started it, this is how you want to play? Shukla says you can’t see your hero Paras? who wants to choose Mahira? Devoleena says you are doing all this for Arti when she doesn’t deserve it, Shehnaaz is getting nothing. Shukla laughs and says as Mahira deserves it. Shehnaaz throws mud water at Devoleena. Devoleena turns and slaps her on the face. They get in a fight. Asim takes Shehnaaz away. Rashami pulls Devoleena back. Shehnaaz says I hugged her and she is doing this. Devoleena throws mud at her. Shehnaaz charges at her but Asim takes her away and asks Shehnaaz to not hit her. Arti says don’t hit anyone. Devoleena says they don’t have guts, hiding behind boys, she asks Shehnaaz to ask your God Shukla why he started it. Shukla shouts that Paras started it. Rashami asks Shukla to not shout. Shukla says don’t tell me how to talk. Rashami says why are you shouting? I can tell things. Shukla says remain in your limits, everyone can open their mouths. Arti says Devoleena slapped her. Shehnaaz says I didn’t do anything, I will slap her too.

Mahira is sad. Shefali says I am quitting, this task will be rejected.
Shehnaaz says I was not doing anything. Shukla says they were pushing me too, boys don’t have respect? Shehnaaz says Rashami even asked if I like Siddharth S. They have no manners. Devoleena says we can’t quit. Her team starts making the ladder again. Shukla tries to stop them, they push him away. Shukla shouts at Rashami to not touch me, why are you pushing me? Rashami says I know what you are. Asim takes Shukla away. Shukla tries to go to girls but they push him away and say you can’t hurt us. Bigg Boss says stop this task till our further orders.

5:30 PM
Rashami says they can shout, Arti is nothing. Shehnaaz says this is the difference between us and you people. Arti asks Rashami to say in my face. Rashami says I wish you could be fair, I don’t want to open my mouth. Arti says Mahira pushed Shukla first, all are pushing here, I can’t stop everyone, you push others so they will push back too. Shefali says Arti is lying, Shukla started pushing. Shukla says you are wrong, you think Arti is lying? Mahira is lying from day one, that’s their caliber. They were coming in front of me and started pushing. Shefali says you were totally pushing them back. Mahira says it’s in the camera.

Paras says to Siddharth D that it was a good game but this Shukla is a psycho, I can’t play like this, I care about my face, Shukla’s age is gone.

5:45 PM
Devoleena says we were 5 girls and stopped him. Rashami says he thinks we are looking like villains. Devoleena says he was fighting with girls. Shefali says Paras and Siddharth D should protect us and fight, they are not ready to play. Rashami says their point is right, this person is so violent. Shefali says we have to bring him down. Rashami says you just wait.

6:15 PM
Shukla says to Arti that they couldn’t push me away, I will fight for my team. Asim says you could have gone out of the way but you didn’t. Devoleena raised hand on Shehnaaz. Arti says Rashami told me that I am with a wrong man. Shukla says she doesn’t have any material. Asim says they wanted to provoke you. Shukla says four girls were shouting at you and if you say a word then they attack you. Asim says I was just worried about you saying something wrong.

PRECAP- Ladder task continues. Siddharth D fights with Shehnaaz but Shukla protects her. Siddharth D says that you go behind boys, you went to Paras but he spits you away, Shehnaaz asks him to not touch. Siddharth D says you like to touch. Shefali asks Shehnaaz to stay away. Shehnaaz pushes her away and shouts that I don’t want to stay here, she throws things around and cries. Arti consoles her and says you are not like that baby. Rashami tells her team that only Mahira will make a ladder and we will all protect her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Precap is horrible… I think this task too will be cancelled like the other tasks ?… Can’t they do a task without any fight…. But it’s funny… Loved Asim today?… He’s too good… He looked mature today… N his snake was also so cute like him?… Loved the way Asim was trying pacify Shukla n Sana… He’s really so good… #asimwinninghearts☺️?… Paras started all the fights, then he quit the task….?

  2. Wow if devo gets away with slapping, i will stop watching this show. That is BEYOND WRONG.
    The other team (team paras) is too blind. They only see what others do, not the wrong things they do.
    Siddarth d doesnt even deserve to be on the show, tharki

  3. By proving others wrong u cannot show that u r right…all were wrong ….the task was to make the ladder and not to destroy of others….Shukla looks like kushal tandon of season 7 to me…..Shukla made a team of his own..taking all those who cannot take a stand for themselves and want a hand behind their backs…Asim, arti, shehnaaz…so if u have formed a grp what u expect from other members to remain alone .. everyone forms grp for their own motives and games…bcoz u either think of yourself or anyone else…he took advantage of arti-rashmi’s fight, asim-paras fight, sana-paras rift….and is trying to show that they r important than anyone else… trying to become leader…paras trying to become Mastermind…Asim plays gud but today his work was to stop everyone from charging towards each other…why did Dev slap sana…waise tohh she deserves it for always picking a fight regarding paras with mahira, as if just fight is important no matter what reason comes up in mind…but if I judge as a viewer then Dev shouldn’t have become like that, we all play games why to corner one person and blame him/her for everything….
    I find only one bond genuine and it’s devoleena and Rashmi….one is silent and other one is violent ?????only bcoz from bahu??to babes ???♥️♥️♥️♥️
    That was a just a role so plz don’t judge on the basis of that….it’s hardly a month and so many tasks got cancelled ????????????why shuklaji talks about limits, what he’s get by this….it’s a new way to gain footage???

    1. @rv mate i think old age got to you lol kushal was not a psycho it was armaan kohli
      Sid is like armaan not kushal

  4. Salamn be like, oh my god ab to mujhe aur talve chatney padenge Sana k Qyoi vo to abhi galat ho he nahi sakti, chap chap chap chap

  5. Shukla aur tatti me kya zyada ganda h
    a. Shukla
    b. option a.
    c option b.

  6. is bar to salman mast sana k pichhvade me gusega

    1. i wonder telly updates moderated your comments you have shown what a fool you are is this the language you use for girls /ladies at home # your comment stinks just like you # pooper try to respect girls and your derogatory comments on salman doesn’t make you mahaan idiot fellow # barking brunos

    2. True. I agreed. To ab salmaan nahi gusega bas

    3. hopefully, You’ll learn how to form a proper sentence next time.

    4. Your comment is great ????but u also comment things on girls, not on this pg but everywhere else so be the change u want to see in the world

    5. For u modiji??????

  7. without Shukla Arti and Shenaaz are nothing these two keep hiding behind men like seriously its good Devo Slapped Shenaaz shes such a devil anyway i cant seem to stand her she provkeD Devo in slapping her its all a game who knows these two must have planned to do this as a publicity stunt to gain attention
    i really do wish and hope Rashmi and Shukla to atleast become friends they show alot of chemistry its like they are in denial or has a really bad past where one of them hurt each other they need to put there egos aside and get on with it.. As for Shefali what the helll is she still doing there

  8. Verma4

    Childish. behaving like 2 year old’s.

  9. Shenaz is acting like a dumb girl and herself and the public think she is cute. She is ready to go with any man. Maybe she thinks that going with Shukla will make Paras jealous but it didn’t work. She is manipulative and trying to win the public’s vote. If you are really sleeping holding someone’s hand, your grip will loosen and your hand will slip down. Hers stayed straight up as she knows cameras will focus on them holding hands and the public fell for it. She likes to touch Shukla a lot.
    I am glad she got a slap which I hope bring her to her senses. She started it with Devo. She threw muddy water on Devo.

  10. I am happy Shehnaz got the slap. I wish Arti got one too. Spineless characters.

  11. Devoleena didn’t slap her she threw mud ball on Sana’s face which made a slap sound. If you watch the episode you could clearly see she didn’t slap her

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