Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 23rd February 2021 Written Episode Update: Radhe and Gudiya keep their eyes on the guests


Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 23rd February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhe telling Gudiya that they shall not express to anyone that they know the secret. Gudiya asks what do you mean? Radhe asks her to knock on the guest house. They come near the door and hear them talking that the bomb will be exploded if they come to know about them. Nanhe lal comes home and sees Sarla smiling. Sweety comes there and asks why are you smiling, standing alone. Chunni lal brings jalebi and kachori. Pappu says lets go inside and eat. Sweety says Papa. They go inside. Nanhe lal greets Sarla. Rajjo asks if I became invisible, as you just greeted your samdhan. Chunni lal laughs. Nanhe lal scolds Chunni lal and asks will you hang bua ji for taunting me. He apologizes to Rajjo. Rajjo says it was not a big mistake. Radhe and Gudiya come there. Nanhe lal tells them that a new trouble came on them. Radhe asks what? Chunni lal tells that some intruders have entered the city. Nanhe lal says they fit the bomb in their hall, blackmail the people and make them do their work. He says they don’t care for their lives. Chunni lal says even police can help. Gudiya is about to tell Nanhe lal, but Radhe stops her and says they will blast our house. Gudiya says he is my Chacha ji. Radhe says but he is Police officer. Nanhe lal and Chunni go.

Radhe tells that he can’t eat in tension. He collides with Sarla. Sarla asks what happened? Radhe says he got gas in stomach. Sarla tells that she had called Mausi and came to know that Meena ran away, due to her family broad thinking and laughs. Pappu asks what is the issue? Sarla says she don’t like other religions. Sarla and Rajjo suspect the guests to be of different religion. Sweety says they might be from different country. Sarla says Radhe and Pappu know that we don’t like other religion to be here. She asks what is their religion? Radhe lies and says they are from Punjab. Sarla asks Rajjo to listen and goes. Rajjo tells Radhe that they are watching us with strange sight. Radhe asks Sweety to make tea. Sweety runs. Rajjo also runs away. Pappu gives blanket to the guests. They ask when do you sleep? Pappu says in the night. He asks if they want the food from their home or outside. Zafar’s father says outside. Radhe and Gudiya keep an eye on them. They feel trapped.

In the night, the old lady/Bilquis comes to the hall and reminisces her childhood. She imagines her grand daughter, who resembles her and asks her to tell the story. Gudiya comes there and asks with whom, you are talking to. Bilquis says nobody. Gudiya asks what is she searching? Bilquis says nothing. She asks her to go and sleep.

Sweety tells Pappu that they don’t seem to be like they are. She says she feels that they are not from the city. Pappu says you have become doubtful like Amma. Sweety says Amma? Pappu says you shall have 7 births to be like Amma. Sweety asks him not to get angry and says Amma is Amma. Zafar wakes up his father. They come out and is about to dig the land. Gudiya and Radhe keep an eye on them.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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