Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 19th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Sarla refuses to let Sweety’s friend stay in the house

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Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 19th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gudiya telling the ladies that her bhabhi’s heart is great and she wants them to play a game. Sajeli says I just want thanedar Saheb. Damiyanti says I want him. Pratiksha says you both are bad and says he is mine. They all argue. Gudiya says statue and says whoever moves will be out of game. Sajeli and Damiyanti fight. Pratiksha also fight with them. Just then song plays…Gudiya asks the ladies to dance. Nanhe lal says ok. The ladies dance one by one infront of Nanhe and others. Then they start fighting with each other. Gudiya says I brought camera, they pose for the pic and stop fighting. Then they start fighting again. Gudiya tells them that they look good when they don’t fight. Pratiksha asks Nanhe lal to choose her and says she will give him love. Sajeli says he will choose me. Pratiksha says you had trapped many guys. Damiyanti says he will choose me. Nanhe lal shouts asking them to stop and asks them to respect him some, as he is Sipri’s Inspector. He runs…They run behind him. Nanhe lal stops to have some breath. He then runs in the room. The ladies fall down and fight again.

Sweety, Sarla and Radhe tell that none of them are suitable for Nanhe lal. Pappu says how they will go? Radhe says we shall make them have something and then they shall go. Sarla tells Radhe that he never cared about her. Radhe appreciates her and says you are different. Sarla says ok. Gudiya stops the ladies from fighting and asks Nanhe lal to tell whom he wants to marry. Nanhe lal tells that he can’t convince his heart for marriage. Pappu says he thought Papa ji wants to marry. Sweety says Papa never said, but I thought about his marriage. Sarla brings snacks and tea and asks them to have something. Radhe apologizes to them. Pratiksha says we have been rejected since years, but nobody apologized to us till now. Sajeli says she presented herself, but nobody liked her. Damiyanti is glad that he apologized. Sarla tells that they have a daughter and knows well about the feeling when she is rejected. Nanhe lal tells about his idea of a life partner. They all look at him. Gudiya says you are good wrestler and jokes. Sajeli, Pratiksha and Damiyanti tell that they like Gudiya and asks how she keeps happy. Gudiya asks them to smile thinking someone is taking their pic. They laugh. Pappu serves snacks. They make each other have it and leave.

Later, Gudiya asks Sarla to let her cook the flour roti and puts it on the tawa. Sarla keeps hand on her hand and says oil fell on her eye. Gudiya says your body has become weak. Jia comes back home and tells about her visit. Sweety comes to Pappu and tells that her friend is coming to stay here for 2-3 days. Sarla gets upset and asks why she is coming here? Sweety tells that she invited her to stay here. Jia says how can a girl stay in anyone’s house. Sarla taunts Sweety for going to Mumbai alone. Radhe asks Sarla to calm down. Sweety asks what do you ask her. She says I will go to my Papa’s house and call her there. Sarla says I am not scared of samdhi ji. Sweety says I know very well. Pappu comes out of bathroom and scolds Sweety for misbehaving with Amma. He tells Sweety that her friend shall not come here. Radhe says you came with doing the work. Pappu says how he can do work in these circumstances. Sarla feels sad for her son. Gudiya says my bhabhi is bechari and feels pity on her. She says who is this girl whose news made everyone upset. She comes to Pappu and asks if he is upset to refuse Sweety. Radhe comes there and tells that Sarla is right as there is a risk. Gudiya asks him to let Sweety’s friend come and reminds that his friends used to come there, and even Pappu’s friend Raju stayed here. She then prays to God to make her bhabhi’s friend entry in the house.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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