Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 18th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Happu learns truth about Amma

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 18th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rajjo calling someone and gets scolded. She then makes a call again and tells that she is from SK marketing agency. The person on call tells that he is from Inder lok and asks her to cut the call else he will call her to dance. Rajjo ends the call. Malaika tells Kat that she can’t bear her mother’s insult and will beat the men insulting her. Kat says Maa is bearing insult for us, to feed us. Malaika says she can’t be quiet. Rajjo is about to throw the phone numbers paper out and stops seeing the money lender standing outside. Commissioner asks Manohar about RJKT on the files. Manohar says when Happu couldn’t find the thief, he writes RJKT (Ram Jane Kaun Tha). Commissioner gets upset. Ranbir, hritik and Chamchi come there as beggars and sing song. Commissioner asks why didn’t you go to school and asks what is this tamasha? The kids tell that they are thrown out of school due to non payment of fees. They curse him badly. Commissioner asks Manohar to call police from juvenile home. The kids curses him more and leave. Commissioner gets scared.

Happu is lying down outside the bar shop and drinking. Beni comes there and asks Happu to get up. He tells that Amma started become pick pocketer and stolen his money. Happu says Amma started working. Beni asks Happu to come home. Happu goes. Beni thinks where is he? Commissioner and Manohar are in the car. He tells Manohar that he is feeling bad and shouldn’t have suspended Happu. Manohar asks him not to think all that. Commissioner asks him to agree to him else he will be constable all life. He says Happu must have become better by now. They find a Happu on the road on the garbage. Commissioner gets angry seeing him. Amma steals Kamlesh’s dad wallet. He recognizes her and thinks why Happu’s mother is stealing.

Happu comes to the Police station and asks Manohar why he called. Commissioner comes there and tells that he is giving him a chance to get back a job. Kamlesh’s father comes there. Commissioner tells Happu that Kamlesh’s father wallet is stolen twice and asks Happu to catch the thief. Happu asks for the clue. Commissioner tells that he will give thief’s name and address and asks him to catch the thief. Happu says even Manohar can catch the thief. Commissioner says it is difficult to catch the thief as she is your mother, Amma ji. Happu is shocked.

Amma tells Dada ji that Kamlesh’s father has seen his father when she stolen his wallet. Dada ji says I asked you not to do this. Rajjo comes there and tells that she couldn’t get even one person to sell the product, even though she made 1500 calls. Happu comes home sad. Dada ji scolds him, but Happu don’t hear anything. Amma asks Happu what happened? Happu asks why you are stealing and become pick pocketer. Rajjo says Amma is great. Amma cries. Happu says she has stolen Sudarshan’s wallet twice and that’s why he reached Police. Rajjo asks what will you do now? Commissioner asked me to arrest Amma else I will lose job for forever. Rajjo says if you arrest her then I will cut your hands. Amma asks him to arrest her and drag her to Police station and lock her in dark room. Happu says there is a light now.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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