Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 14th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Radhe and Pappu patch up with their wives

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 14th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sweety asking Amma to make Suji ka halwa for her. Sarla says yes and asks what’s more. Sweety says you love me so much and tells other things also. Gudiya says Papad. Sweety says mouth is used to chew it. Gudiya says I have solution for you both and says if someone else does all your work then? Sarla asks what is her work? Sweety says she does so much work. Gudiya says if one more bholi bhabhi came? sweety asks what do you mean? Sarla says she is talking about sautan. Gudiya asks if choti amma came? Sarla says then I will beat her right here. Gudiya says I was thinking about your betterment and tells that babu ji and bhaiyya want to get remarried. Sweety says that’s why he didn’t give me court papers. Sarla says he gave me court papers and doing this.

Ballu gets beaten up by his both wives. They both try to drag him to their rooms and argue with each other. Ballu faints and falls between the curtain.

Radhe is hearing song, mere sapnon ki rani…Sarla comes there and says Gudiya told me everything. Pappu comes there. Sarla says you both want new wives. Pappu says what are you saying? Radhe says how can you thinks this? Sarla cries and says I didn’t hope this from you. You knows well that Gudiya don’t lie. Pappu says even we are not lying. Radhe says didn’t you know me? Gudiya says you both were talking. Pappu says you have thought and seen wrongly. Gudiya asks if something happens to my ears and eyes. Radhe tells that nothing happened to you, you are fine. He says Gudiya is saying right, says that when Ballu talked about his two marriages, we talked about how it feels when people gets married twice. He says but can we do second marriage? Pappu says Sweety is talking to me, but I will not do second marriage. Radhe asks Sarla if their relation of many years can break, tells that he will die without her. Sarla cries and says I was telling why you are not telling what is written in the court letter. Radhe and Pappu are surprised.

Sweety cries and says babu ji gave you court letter, but Pappu didn’t give and haven’t said that he will die without me. Radhe whispers to Pappu that Ballu saved them. Pappu tells that he will die without Sweety. Radhe says we will do penance and asks what to do? Sweety says raisins milk for us. Radhe goes to bring it. Sweety asks Sarla what happened? Sarla tells Sweety that Radhe and Pappu love Gudiya more than me. Sweety says just now they expressed their love for us. Sarla says why can’t you understand that they confessed for Gudiya. Sweety says they confessed else Gudiya would have thought that her eyes and ears are not working. She hugs Sarla and says Amma.

Radhe and Pappu come to Ballu and thank him. Ballu asks why? Radhe says you have changed divorce papers into love letter. Ballu asks if it was divorce papers. Radhe asks didn’t you know? Ballu says how I would have broken your house. Pappu gives him raisins milk for him and his wives. They leave.

Later Radhe sees the decoration in the house and appreciates Gudiya. He asks her to come down. Radhe asks whose birthday is today? Gudiya says today is valentine’s day. Radhe says it came again and says time passes fast. Gudiya says we will celebrate it grandly.

Champa and Chameli decorate the house and taunt each other. Sarla comes out of bathroom and asks scolds Gudiya. Radhe asks Sarla what gift she will give him? Sarla asks him to see his age. Gudiya asks him to make food of his choice. Radhe asks her to make baigan ka bharta. Gudiya asks him to bring gift for Sarla. Pappu dances with Sweety in the room and gifts her ring. Sweety asks did you bring this ring for me. Pappu says not for you, but for neighbor. He says I love you…Sweety says I love you too..and tells that she also wants to do something for him and want to gift him something. Pappu asks what? Sweety says I will ask Amma to make malpua for you? Pappu laughs and hugs her.

Radhe comes out of bathroom and says valentine started in Pappu’s room. Gudiya tells that she needs gum and goes to Ballu’s haveli. Champa and Chameli ask Gudiya to see their decoration. Gudiya appreciates them and asks where is my Ballu Bhaiyya? Ballu comes. Gudiya asks him to say whose decoration is best. Ballu says both. Gudiya asks him to say.

Precap: Sweety asks Champa why they married the same way. Champa sees Pappu and thinks to take revenge from him. Pappu gets shocked to see his Ex as Pappu’s wife..

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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