Manmohini 14th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Ananya tries to convince Shiv for marriage

Manmohini 14th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amar minds Ananya they will marry within five days, and Shiv himself will do their Gathbandan. Ananya pushes him away. She boasts that till Krishna is there, none can see Draupati’s face, none can touch Sita till Raam is alive; likewise none can marry Ananya till her Shiv is alive.

Radha complains to Amma ji against Ananya as she has a problem with Ketki with Amar. She was annoyed and sends Chaya upstairs to clean her room

In the room, Mishra ji requests Chaya to free him. Chaya place a condition that he will have to sing for her. Mishra ji jumps out of the bottle as soon as Chaya opens the lid. Radha hears Mishra ji’s voice, thanking Chaya. He sings for Chaya and they both dance together. Radha and Amma ji come to the room. Radha twists Chaya’s arm and asks whom she asked before freeing him. Chaya leaves without any word. Radha complains that Mishra ji has always been flirtatious. Amma ji scolds them to end their own problems, they have those brothers and a witch to handle. Mishra ji says its extremely important to deal the brothers first. Radha agrees that those brothers are an urgent danger.

Shiv thinks of Ananya’s slap and cries. She had warned that she would die but won’t marry Amar. Ananya comes into the room and holds his hand to take him out. He inquires where? She tells his to go.

Amar comes to Sunanda’s room and clutches her neck. Amar questions why Sunanda is on Shiv’s side, when she always considered him as son. Sunanda says Shiv has been a faithful son. She turned the time for her love; as a mother, she will turn the whole universe. Shiv and Ananya’s love is her victory. Chaya comes as Mohini’s protector, she place a gun behind Amar and pushes him outside the room. Inside, Chaya shows Mohini it wasn’t a gun but a wooden rod. Mohini was of view that they must caution Shiv as soon as possible. Amar who stood outside says he won’t let Sunanda live for that.

Ananya brings Shiv outside the house, in front of the temple corner. She was fed up of trying for their relationship. Shiv insists on her to understand that their relationship would only be the beginning of her death. He can’t be selfish to think of himself, and not value her life. She must… Ananya shuts his mouth with her hand. She says if Ananya’s name isn’t connected with Shiv, then Shiv isn’t rightful to attach it with someone else as well. Her chunri falls over Shiv. He drapes Ananya and goes inside.
Amar had tied Sunanda over a wooden bed. He comes to burn her alive. Sunanda wakes up from nightmare. She says Amar can never know her secret. There in his room, Amar sat with the book with secrets of witches. He laughs that he now knows only fire can kill her.

Sunanda comes to Shiv’s room. He lay with his head resting on the bed. Sunanda place a hand over his head. Shiv wakes up and was annoyed to see her there. Sunanda requests him to listen to her once. Sunanda says the family wants to oust him and Amar, does he care for Ananya. Shiv says he doesn’t care for anyone and pulls Sunanda outside the room. Sunanda continues to plead as she doesn’t want Shiv and Ananya’s love left unfulfilled like hers. Shiv says he knows Sunanda must have a motive behind all this, but this time he and Ananya won’t be puppets in her hands. They were shocked to see Ananya. Ananya comes and requests Sunanda not to join hands for anyone. Shiv was relieved. Sunanda gives her hand to Ananya and prays they end up together always. Ananya thanks Sunanda as her courage gives her strength booster to fight another month. Sunanda leaves. Ananya complains that Shiv is unable to see her pain, and tears in her mother’s eyes; she wish it was his mother in her place. Shiv wonders how to explain that the lady isn’t a mother, but a witch. Ananya insists one can get God with a little try, defeating a devil is a little matter. She requests him to marry her. Shiv tells Ananya to think once where they had been twenty years ago, and why they reached here. Ananya was helpless about Shiv. She says her beloved Shiv wasn’t weak or afraid of anything, but the one standing right here is only a pile of weaknesses. Shiv was irked that he is unable to share the truth with Ananya. May be after Ananya knows the truth, she leaves being so stubborn.

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