Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 4th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Perv hijacks the house

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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 4th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Perv locks the gate. He says to Angat come kill me. Arohi runs towards him but faints. Revati says angat.. AJ says Angat.. Perv says only a dokla was enough to kill you. And Revati how are you? The bride to be is welcomed here? You didn’t give me that chance. I wanted to give you all the happiness too. I booked the whole hotel for you. AJ says shut up.. He tried hitting Perv but he is fainting too. Perv says you are already fainting? Everyone is getting numb. Perv says Guddan.. Hot sasu ma. You think you are clever? A spy never ends the villain. Villain can kill everyone. AJ ordered all this. But I enhanced it with this intoxicating liquid. Imagine once you faint what will I do to you and your chutki.. AJ punches Perv. Dadi and Durga faint. AJ tries hitting Perv.. He says you can’t hit me. Perv laughs. He says I tried the same way to kill Sidhi but I couldn’t. But this is my jackpot. I was about to kill Sidhi.. She fell from that roof. But she didn’t die. She got to know about me and Revati. What else could I do. Remember those nights revati?? AJ slaps Perv. AJ falls on sofa. Perv laughs. He says can’t hit me?

Perv says and Durga you.. How was it in the lit room? Laxmi saved you or you would have burned. I had to do all this to my sister because of you all. Nothing will happen to you Saru. You will just faint. Guddan tries to take water. Perv shoves her. AJ holds her. AJ grasps his collar. Perv says you should be happy I made you her husband. I kidnapped Revati and blackmailed her into marrying you. AJ throttles Perv. AJ faints completely. Guddan faints too. Perv laughs. He says all of you are asleep?

After a while, Guddan opens her eyes. Revati is screaming. Perv has setup mandap. Revati says leave my hand. Guddan says leave her. Perv says look around. Everyone is tied. He says where is your dadi? And your Laxmi? Where are they? He laughs. Perv says and your AJ? Is he even alive? Angat says bhai where is bhai. Guddan screams where are they? Perv says now see this wedding will be so much fun. Your husband dadi and laxmi are alive. Guddan says tell me where they are or I will kill you. Perv says come.. He shows her a video of them. Perv says this is your dadi. There is a poisonous gas in her room. It will slowly kill her. Guddan says you.. Perv says dont’ shout. You wont even know when she dies. He says next screen is Laxmi.. She is locked in a glass chamber. Water will keep filling in it until she drowns. He says last is left.. This is AJ. AJ is tied. Perv says he left half of his life alone. He isn’t alone. He is friends who dis.. There are snakes near AJ. Perv says everything is against you. Save them if you can. stop this wedding if you can.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. There was a precap…. Please try to update that too

    1. time to make this show as guddan tumse hi ho payega

  2. Why come back now .. She is not dead then. Or was she all this time. The series is based on the youngest stepmother in India .. the title of the series does not go with the current track .. I like this actress .. I too liked his role in the series Kaala Teeka or even in the series with Arnav and Kushi .. But lately the series where I saw it .. She was positive to become negative .. And as it is 3 stepdaughter does not like too much Guddan. What it will be .. The trio will make alliance with Antara at the moment come to harm Guddan .. ???

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