Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 28th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Ganga tells Diljit she kidnapped Choti

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 28th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Guddan touches Choti’s stamp. She says soon I will reach to you. AJ hits the thugs as Diljit. Ganga says what are you doing? He says they ruined my house. They look like my brothers who ruined my family. I can’t forget that. He hits them. Ganga says please stop. AJ is about to hit her as well. AJ says I hate people who ruined my family. My wife and my brothers planned it against me and they took all my money away. But God is great. I have everything again and I have you now, someone I can speak my heart out to. AJ says I can share my secrets and pain with you now. AJ says are you thinking about your husband? I can understand. Ganga says no I was thinking we think so much alike.

AJ says do you have a secret that you want to share with me? Ganga says I will also share my heart with you. I came here as Guddan’s fan. I was walking behind her all the time but she took everything from me. My respect, my child and husband. She ruined everything. I am not as evil as her. Only revenge can heal my pain. I decided to kidnap her daughter. I am not a bad person but I couldn’t take family’s betrayal. AJ says where have you hidden the child? She video calls the thugs. Choti is crying. AJ looks at her in tears. AJ says in heart my brave daughter. I know you recognized me and stopped crying. The thug says she’s such a naughty child.

Ganga says she ruined my life and I will ruin hers now. AJ says we are both given pain by the family. Your thugs are useless. They can’t handle a small kid. How will they handle a big situation? But don’t take stress. I will handle it for you. Tell me where is that girl? I know it isn’t easy to trust. Okay I will leave. Ganga says I trust you. AJ stops. Ganga says you’re the only one who is with me. AJ says I will always be with you. She says why would you do all this for me? He says because I gave you my word as a friend. AJ says where is the girl? Ganga says she is..

Scene 2
Guddan is in room. AJ comes. Guddan says could you find her location? AJ says I spoke to her on video call. Guddan says how is? AJ says brave like you. She is fighting her situation. Guddan says she’s a fighter. She will teach them a lesson. Guddan says could you tell me the location? AJ says she was about to tell me but at the last moment there was..

Saru says to Ganga thank God I brought you here on right time. Ganga says why?? Saru says you will ruin my game. Ganga says Diljit is ready to help me. He is my friend. Saru says he’s a stranger. He has only been here for a day. Ganga says I can trust him. Guddan says she has starting trusting you. She will tell you eventually. Saru says what if Guddan called him here? Ganga says Diljit can’t fool me. Saru says your husband isn’t with you and you think a stranger is with you? First take his test and then trust him. Ganga says you are right. Tomorrow will be a test for him.

Scene 3
Next morning, Ganga comes to Diljit. Diljit says good morning. Ganga says good morning. He says small gift for you my friend. He gives takes curtain off a painting. It’s Ganga’s. AJ says I painted it myself. Qubool hai? Ganga says Qubool hai. Laxmi how is he stuck in Ganga’s friendship. Durga says I hope they don’t cross limits. Avinash says you aren’t my Ganga anymore. You have changed completely. Ganga says this is so beautiful. No one ever gave me anything like that. AJ says I never gave anything like this to anyone. But the way you spoke your hear to me, I couldn’t control. Ganga says I can’t control either. Ganga says Saru take my photo. She says come stand with me. Ganga takes their photo with the painting. AJ says in heart Guddan was right. I have to win your trust. Diljit says you can trust me with everything. I will pass all the tests of trusts. You can also tell me where the girl is?

Precap will be updated later.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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