Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 22nd July 2019 Written Episode Update: DILs to be kicked out of the house

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 22nd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Guddan says why didn’t you help me when I didn’t do anything wrong? I promise you I won’t leave unless you answer me my questions. She sits in temple.
Antra screams. She says I saw a snake going to Saru’s room. AJ says Angat let’s check storage box. Durga says in heart, what if they see it Saru’s theft would be exposed. We would be kicked out of this house. Antra says in heart, Saru you would be exposed. Only a thief could catch you. AJ takes off the sheet, there is actually a snake there. AJ sees all the stolen cash and jewelry. AJ is shocked. AJ says what is all this saru? How do you have all this? Dadi says this is our family jewels that were stolen. Saru you stole in your own house? Do you have any shame? Saru says I am sorry dadi. Forgive me. I was going to return it. AJ asks Laxmi and Durga did you two know? Durga nods. Dadi slaps Durga. Dadi says Laxmi I trusted you. Laxmi says I never stole I only knew. AJ says I did so much for this family. I made all this so you all can live in comfort. You all have made fun of this family. You wojn’t be forgiven. Dadi says yes you all have no right to live in this house. AJ says your residence would be arranged outside. But you better find some work so you don’t have to steal. Kishor says we would leave this house. Dadi cries. AJ says ma don’t cry for people who can’t respect family and values. Come ma. He takes antra and dadi from there. Antra says see all the DILS are out too.

Pandit ji comes to Guddan. SHe says seeta ma fought till the end. They never gave up. The last story of your battle is left. Guddan says you are right. I won’t give up until I break this cycle. She does arti.

Dadi says i am with AJ in his decison. We have forgiven everything your brothers did. But you stole in your house. AJ bore you enough but not anymore. They try to touch AJ’s feet. AK steps back. Guddan comes and says no one would leave. Guddan says let me clear your confusion. I didn’t like Antra. I did all that due to it. but I am not ashamed. But the way I was presented to you, that was wrong. My DILs made a mistake. But they are laxmis of this house. They won’t leave this house. AJ says I decided. Guddan says if as FIL you can decide them to leave this house, I can ask them to stay. You haven’t married Antra yet. I am still MIL here. AJ says this house is mine. I earned all this. Guddan says wait a minute.

Guddan brings some papers. She recalls AJ brought papers that names 51% of the wealth to Guddan. Guddan said no you can’t do this. AJ said you have to do it. Guddan says I am the major shareholder of this property. Guddan says I am not here to prove myself right, but to prove you wrong for what you did. AJ leaves. Guddan says now take your stuff back to your roo. Guddan says saru tell your husband everything is fine here.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Why did she save them especially Durga and Saru the two most ungrateful women in that house she saved them time and time again and they still plot to get rid of her in really fed up I can’t with this crap no more reading it and all is upsetting….I’m glad they see Saru’s true face hopefully they will see Durga too but this Antara track has gone on long enough is it that she’s the shows, permanent villain, now??? Because the month she was supposed to be there have long gone so what writers, is her stay indefinite.

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Is dadi and Akashat turned blind who can’t see Antra drama…?????
    2. One thing was good today that finally Saraswati theft is out and thanks to Antra… ????But Antra did for herself only…
    3. I loved Guddan dialogue to her DILs that if they think that their MIL will work???????????
    4. I doubt how can Guddan remember this paper work, as she was helpless infront of god and temple, may be someone is secretly helping her.?????
    5. Precap: Guddan tell Antra that her countdown has began.. Its Guddan style…

  3. @shraddha Hi I do not know..but I have the impression that Aj helps him .. I do not know but it surprises me a lot that Aj changed his behavior so suddenly .. To believe that he does not have any more his head and m and the Dadi. They only believe Antara .. And it gets annoying and annoying. In short in his way of reacting so excessively Aj plane doubts .. In short .. To see and wait

  4. Leisa s morris

    I can’t believe aj is so dumb I wanna believe dat he’s helping guddans secretly else he has proven he isn’t worth d trouble guddans goes through. I mean I can understand him in a sense after all d woman whom he idolized he loved him and his family very much and whom he thought had died has return so of course he would b torn but in all d time he has known guddans she has never wished I’ll for any one or intentionally hurt anyone. Even when antra first came back she was ready to sacrifice and leave d house so how come he’s believing now day she can harm someone. Even dadi is suppose to know better about guddans and realize guddans never does anything without a GD reason and usually she is always right. As for d daughters in law dey all deserve wat dey got even Laxmi siding with antra guess dey didn’t see getting thrown out of d house coming. Now wat is antra gonna do seeing dat guddans has 51% of ajs property d same property she came back for. But for question sake when d hell did aj bequest dis to guddans?


    Aj’s mind has lost its sharpen with time.. guddan its not worth allt he trouble Budhaa ko Antra aunty se shadi karne do.. Durga did you come to ur senses or are you still with Antra? I say that enough of the drama I have given up on Aj uncle.. Writers just bring a new guy for Guddu..

  6. People as much as what I love Guddan, please stop watching this show!!!!!
    It may be the only way this Antara track comes to an end!?

    I don’t think Durga will ever help Guddan,
    I’m sure she is going to trick Guddan to hand over property papers which Durga will hand over to Antara.

    Just read spoiler post fake miscarriage – AJ attacking Guddan after Dadi slaps her and calls her a killer…
    What is he going to do to the poor girl??????

    What the hell has happened to AJ???
    where is his morals, his principals and what happened to his sense of justice??????
    why is he trusting Antara blindly and not Guddan who has always stood for honesty,justice and fairness??
    He should really just die a slow painful death!!!

    AJ and the rest of the Jindal dogs deserve to have the real murderer (Antara) ruling over them…..

    I couldn’t resist adding this quote from Bob Marley:
    ‘The biggest coward is a man who awakens a woman’s love with no intention of loving her’

    I find it so appropriate in AJ and Guddan’s story…..especially after they have confessed their love for one another

  7. Hey Noorie I stopped watching it long back. Cudnot digest d sudden transformation of smart , sensitive n intelligent AJ to dumb, insensitive , stupid AJ. Even Dadi’s transformation is not digestible. Guddan after driving Antara out sud leave AJ n Jindal house. But knowing how stupid d writer’s n makers of this show r I know nothing of this sort will happen .Infact don’t know how far they will stretch this Antara track. I think their is a change in directir. N this new director n Antara entered d show 2gether. Hence may be he had a soft corner for her n may stretch d track. Only way to end Antara track is low trps. Do stop watching . But people r so foolish they r watching it thinking that if trp falls show may go off air.

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