Kumkum Bhagya 22nd July 2019 Written Episode Update: Ranbir gets arrested to save Prachi for Abhi’s happiness

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Kumkum Bhagya 22nd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Lawyer telling Abhi and Vikram that the public prosecutor will ruin their respect. Abhi asks him to ask his clients to go back. Lawyer says no lawyer will take up this case. Abhi says there may be some lawyer who thinks like me. Abhi meets many lawyers and calls some at home. Rhea sees Abhi’s worry for Prachi and comes to her room. She recalls Nishant blackmailing her to give money. Rhea comes to Abhi’s room to steal the money and thinks I am sorry dad. Abhi sees the CCTV footage again and spends all night there. Meera comes there and wakes him up. She asks him to drink coffee and says you haven’t eaten anything. Abhi says my heart is beating fast and says court is closed for 2 days. Meera asks him not to worry. Abhi blames himself for Prachi’s condition and says since

she met me, she is landing in a pool of problems. He says I will blame myself if anything happens to her. he says I asked her to call him dad. He says if I can’t save her then I will not connect any relation with anyone. He says Prachi is not his daughter, but he is feeling as if she is his blood. Meera says may be because you always wanted a daughter like Prachi, wants Rhea to be like her. Ranbir hears them. Abhi says if anything happens to her then I will not forgive myself. Pragya comes to the lawyer. Lawyer says he got Tuesday for the bail hearing plea in the high court. He says important cases will be on today. Pragya asks him to decide if her daughter’s case is not important or not. She then asks him to try thinking Prachi as his daughter.

Abhi throws the things in the CCTV room and gets angry. Purab comes there and says tomorrow we will go to court. Abhi says court will be closed for two days. Ranbir is also here. Abhi says Prachi used to regard him as Superman like Kiara used to do. He feels angry on himself. Purab says he called Mahesh and he will come. Ranbir recalls Abhi’s words. He comes to the Police station. Inspector says you came here. Ranbir asks him to leave Prachi. Inspector asks are you chief Minister? Ranbir says I came to get arrested as those drugs was of mine and it is not of Prachi. He says I belong to a rich family and affords to buy the drugs. He says Prachi don’t have the money to buy the drugs or don’t have the courage to sell it. He says everyone was searching stranger and tells that he is the main culprit. Inspector asks Constable to lock him. Ranbir asks will you leave Prachi? Constable takes him to lock up.

Rhea comes to meet Nishant and give him money. He says he likes her attitude and offers partnership. Rhea scolds him for offering partnership in his crimes. He asks how much marks she will give her. She asks him to stay away from her way. He asks if I ask for more money then also you will say the same. Mahesh checks the camera and tells that 24th camera is missing and its footage also. Abhi and Vikram get worried thinking where did it go? Rhea asks Nishant to take money and leave.

Nishant holds her hand and says you have rejected my business proposal. My drugs and your money. Rhea pushes him. Nishant asks him to give 7 lakhs else and holds her hand. He holds her hed and asks her to kiss him. Rhea asks him to leave her and says no. Pragya is going from there in the car and stops the car. She comes there. Nishant says she is my friend. Pragya says she is my daughter. Nishant says she is my friend. Pragya asks her to respect her decision, if she don’t want to come close to her. Nishant tells that he will speak to her. Rhea thanks Pragya. Pragya asks Rhea if she knows who did this with Prachi. She says she made her strong and asks if any guy did this to take revenge from her. She asks did you know this and asks her to tell. Rhea feels bad. Abhi says this is the same person who compromised with the camera, footage and kept drugs in Prachi’s purse.

Lady constable comes to Prachi and opens the lock. Prachi asks if they are going to court. She asks her if her mother or sir freed her. lady constable tells that a guy came and confessed to his crime. Rhea tells Pragya that she doesn’t know anything and cries. Pragya says its ok. Rhea sits in her car.

Precap: Abhi and Vikram come to the Police station and see Prachi freed. Inspector tells that real culprit confessed to crime and says he is Ranbir Kohli. Prachi feels bad for Ranbir.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Abitha melita noronha

    It is very funny to know that ranbir went to jail for abhi to save prachi the person whom he hates so much….I don’t think abhi is best father or Pragya is the best mother because if they were they wouldn’t seperate with 1 twin child each…they would atleast remember the children once in 18 years atleast….and abhi is only name sake father because if he would have paid attention towards rhea he would have been away from prachi bcz he would have understood his bonding with prachi is making her insecure and making her do wrong things

    1. I think pragya is a good mom tho

    2. Already his bonding with that prachi aeena like exactly like lovers were he proposed prachi yesteraday seriously this man didn’t anything fr his wife except that Marg hall 2 yrs before that also only fr her dadi wish .he was pupeet of Talia alwz who is he to worry to any unknown lady prachi he doesn’t even knows that she is his daughter (but it’s not like that ),atleast uj prachi case abhi has slapped Rhea Two times ,but fr pragya has he ever did anything against talua saving her she changed entirely due to that Talia only .now this lady is outside roaming like a better crying fr her beta but this beta is romancing her father and ranbir .from first itself story us such a crap due to this leads only story is going on but in some contries this serial has been off aired except in India .worst husband and worst father ever seriously but everyone supports abhi no one supports pragya .I don’t say ragya is right all times but no man should be like abhi

      1. I think the only reason he slapped rhea was he felt ashamed and knew that he had failed as a parent. Especially next to pragya. And remember he is written to suit Ekta’s desire. he comes from the imagination of a woman who clearly looks down on normal heteros*xual men. They are sidelining Pragya successfully. I think the story line is absurd as well. And a big ‘hullo’ Ishu!

      2. Never send such a selfish he won’t evebind to see o love her prachi if she cared for him and his family they can surely butcher him further.overdpse of father and daughter creepy not even that much worth who is she for hi. Such that he worried that much as of she is his wife .yes sriti as pragya has been sidelined to the core she has been used only for emotional scene that if nobther use .shbair has became the main lead so that hereafter both won’t share screen space it whatever .pragya is like totally removed off from the series .the leads who made and gave us kkb are now creep here this man has been butchered prev leap itself .they are trying to replace prachi in place of pragya it will be the biggest shame if they do that shit y can’t he take care of rhea as good duaghater of him y

  2. So mini-Aliyah wears a b&w outfit, with the off the shoulder dress which appears to be a guarantee of evil and even little black strips around each ankle just like the prison chains that should be around her ankles. Sweeping wraps covers up the obscenity of her limbs. No creepy kids tattoo showing today, but evil in KKB, dresses up, only in couture. So, we must remember that. If they are dressed up and somewhat sl*tty then they are likely evil. Especially when it is obvious that they have no breeding whatsoever, regardless of their money…. Rhea, Tuna-fish , aliyah and mithali. You can see it in the way they walk. No breeding. And actually they have no money, it’s always Abhi’s wealth. So Abhi is a machine that generates evil and then uses his wife and children and his wive’s relatives as toys for his evil women. He’s on his fourth evil woman… Rhea… and he still hasn’t figured it out. Oh right, I forgot. Abhi is stupid, beyond belief. And so are all of his ‘family’ members. Users, sl*ts and some slaves dressed up and pretending to be men. Oh India, what is wrong with you? Is Abhi supposed to be representing the British Raj? And his greedy family are the elite Indians who supported the British Raj? Thus destroying India? Either way, ‘elite’ Indians come across as looking very, very bad. Evil, if you will. Right, Ekta?

    1. Hai fr missed your comments yesterday for maha episode ,had you ever seen him and pragya living peacefully one day full in a episode even mithali naked bodies are icing with abhi from starting except pragya isn’t it rediculous really someone jealousy of sriti career has damaged get or dont know whether she herself has made in to liknethis how bold she was in starting as pragya now alwz crying crying fot evryscene about prachi but tht b*t*hy prachi is romancing with both gents abhi and rabbit no good rel between father and daughter ,do y know something Dr yesterday in mahaepsidoe it was worst dossage of abhi and prachi where he said I love you to prachi then added you are like my beti what is tis.asif he has done and fulfilled Evey promise he gave to pragya he is feeling for kiar in kkb fandom nowdays everyone started to defend abhi mite than pragya

      1. Pragya and Abhi have only had a few minutes (Tuna-fish interrupting their evening when Abhi finally admits his love after the concert where Aliyah/Raj arranged to have stones thrown at him), a few hours right before Abhi lost his memory, a few days before Simonika killed Dadi and nine months when she was pregnant with the twins. So not even 10 months out of 29 years? Pathetic. The maha episode didn’t really feature Abhi and Pragya so I just fast forwarded. And they are scripting Abhi to be so dumb it’s incredible and what’s with pragya? She’s aware that Rhea is the source of Prachi’s problems. why not this time. The dragging is like torture so I do a fair amount of fast forwarding. I have trouble listening to the simpering voice of the Rhea character. Or the sweet whining voice of Prachi… miss ‘goodie two shoes’ or the “Please lick me” voice of Meera. Meera’s makeup is better. Her mask must be really thick. And I would bet that Kanchi Kaul is a much happier woman now that Pragya/Sriti Jha is being demolished. Talent doesn’t matter to Ekta Kapoor it would seem. She appears to like playing to the lowest common denominator. She makes herself very visible in the gutter playground, where all the filth lives.

  3. Why did Ranbir do such a big sacrifice? If only it was because of Prachi bt for Abhi????. And Rhea should be punished severely so that she stops troubling Prachi. I don’t know if anyone is also getting the same feeling that Ranbir is going to suffer like Purab who promised Aliyah marriage when there were kids, and he later on fell in love with Bulbul which led to bitter consequences.

    1. Very correct Chantie. This production has only one script. The faces and costumes change. the dialogue doesn’t change. Like a five year old with bad parenting, who always uses the same excuse.
      That’s the level of the show’s creative genius. Same trick over and over. Changes in clothing, so the designers invested in this show can continue to show their work on models who do not have a model’s body or looks. The ‘models’ (evil female characters) use every trick in the book to try and look like models… weight loss, botox, Korean face strip fillers, surgery) and they have each failed miserably. Even the ‘model’ characters know that they are not cutting it or making the grade… or they wouldn’t have to be trying so hard. To be admired. They hide their truth on screen and in real life with hopeful masks. So, yes, no script and many of the female actresses know they are nothing unless they are wearing a mask to help pretend to be beautiful. What a game Ekta plays on everyone, viewers and her crew as well. Each time you see a ‘beautiful’ elite remember that it is most likely a lie. They are wearing a mask on their face and pretty clothes to hide their ugly truths.

    2. yea…..ur not alone I feel like their love story is like purab and bulbul I feel like after this prachi and ranbir will become friends and then ranbir will start 2 fall in love with prachi while rhea will try to destroy her

    3. SHANKI

      Chantie don’t you understand the cheap trick of the ” brilliant” ekta kapoor
      Rhea is just the reputation of our Tanushri.. today Ranbir took the first step of love..
      Prachi is bulbul and Pragya.. Rhea is Tanu and Aliyah mixed. So this show might even show 3 more leaps..
      Ranbir might lose his memory gives Ekta’s vomiting show a bonus 200 more episodes..

      Bakwas just watching the show agan with bad actors..

  4. Yeh Kya koi drug case ya murder case..sab kuch ho rha hai bs asli culprit hi nhi pkda ja rha aur naa abhigya ????lovely ase hi Hona chaihye inn dono ke sath sbko 4-5 saal se irritate kre jaa rhe Hain. Even if abhigya will unite..to make this show reach another 3000 episodes they will use purab-disha , then ranbir and prachi, aaliya using her niece Rhea to get revenge, shadi drama, Rhea ka viraj dobriyal Roop, abhigya’s another fight and separation, bringing Kiara back, she turning against her parents blah blah blah blah blah…

    Moral of this show- don’t anyone dare to believe ekta, she just tries to make a show iconic with lead characters being shown as made for each other which is absolutely unrealistic rather than making the finite series with relevance…and yaa neither naagin not KAWACH is included in terms of relevance…this show mustn’t have heard about these words like logic, reality…..making kids yell @their own parents mtlb yeh kaha hota hai…ambanis’ ke yaha bhi ho tb bhi Ghar se shayad nikal de, hum toh phir bhi middle class family ko belong krte Hain…

    1. RV, would you mind translating the comment about the ambhani’s into english? I think I understand but am not sure. thank-you in advance, of you read this.

      1. I mean to say that even if children in rich families try to yell @their parents they r given a good lesson….I can’t even think of yelling @ my parents or blackmailing them….they would have abandoned me easily


    ANd some people thought Pragya would meet Abhi in Maha episodic..
    HAHA just new it..

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