Vighnaharta Ganesh 22nd July 2019 Written Episode Update

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 22nd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Kartik, ganesh’s brother also arrives hearing ganesh’s outstanding work of stopping ravana by doing wrong deed, to praise ganesh but ganesh replies kartik that he was late to stop him. Ganesh’s father shivshankar tells him that to not feel bad as this place gokarna will also be known as temple place because of you like kashi vishweshwar happened as I had only said that wherever my atama ling will be kept will get settle down there itself. Ganesh also keeps a new name of this place as mahabaleshwar mahadev. where prabhu’s atma ling is settled & whoever comes & devotes here will always be blessed & given strength to fight evils by getting all their wishes fulfilled through overcoming all their troubles in life & this place will also be called as

mukti place. Mahadev shivshankar also suggests one more name as siddhi shetra which will also be known as in future, to ganesh as due to your fight with lankesh ravana you got hit on your forehead so your forehead will also have a dot which will be known by all. All will get true knowledge of you of this place by their devotion & prayers to you. Thanks says ganesh to his father shivshankar.

Gauri mata tells ganesh to take rest now as you must be tired by this travel hence you need food & you require rest too so we should leave now for Kailash. All gods are taking their leave now by praying mahadev & gauri mata. Ganesh call mushakji & tells him to proceed fast to reach as earlist as possible to Kailash as I can’t wait now & ganesh feeling hungry now. Gauri mata sees ganesh & offers sweet laddus to ganesh.

In a village a guru saint is teaching his students to chant mantra’s of om mahadev & giving them knowledge of mata parashakti, suddenly they face a lighthning thunder in sky’s & guru feels what kind of burning image has come in my mind which is disturbing. The saint guru meditataes & feels this as a very big destruction is following so tells his students not to stop our mantra chanting. The guru is talking about such a big evil destruction on earth so explains their students that this is a story of evil named bhandasoor. Long time back an arrow pierced in heart of mahadev by kamdev & mahadev by his anger retaliated by his fire weapon which destroyed him & his whole body was burnt leaving his ashes there only. Now the burnt body’s ashes are trying to get converted in an evil named bhandasoor & which is going to get developed thorugh ganesh says the saint guru & all students are stunned by hearing this.

A king & queen who are gauri mata’s father mother are praying mahadev’s ling in their palace & requesting them all to come to their place to give them opportunity to serve them..

Gauri mata & mahadev are going together with ganesh & kartik to ganesh’s grandfather’s house by understanding their prayers to him.

A big storm in the air is following ganesh while moving with his mushakji.Ganesh is also telling to move fast to eat good food & sweets. Ganesh starts walking with mushakji & sees a skeleton with all kinds of mudra’s on him. The skeleton is moving his hands too. Ganesh also sees a man also drunk & hitting & abusing his mother. A strange man also erupts there in front of ganesh & he is confused what all this is happening at this place. Ganesh thinks to inform his father mahadev shivshankar & tells mushakiji lets proceed fast. The strange man starts walking in front of ganesh & ganesh is seeing. A man is performing pooje on mahadev’s ling & that strange man disturbes his pooja & attracts him in his evil sense.

Ganesh is feeling something very strange happening at this place & thinks of informing father shivshankar urgently.


Precap: Ganesh is hearing some strange voice calling him as friend friend. Ganesh is outside the palace near a dig from where the voice is sounding.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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