Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 20th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Guddan and AJ’s engagement

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 20th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
AJ says it was a mistake? Guddan says mistake? He says listen please.. Guddan says I don’t want to listen anything. Guddan steps back and pot falls and give Guddan a bruise on face. AJ says are you okay.. He cleans it with water. Guddan says why are yu doing this drama? Stop this drama of care. Don’t you get tired? He says let me clean you can get infection. Guddan says what do you care? What about the way you have hurt my heart. He says it’s bleeding. Guddan says let it. Doesn’t matter. You confessed false love. Now at least don’t show this fake sympathy. I don’t know.. With water Guddan’s saree’s color starts dripping. Guddan says why should I care. Why is it hurting me now. Why are you doing all this to me? AJ is dazed. Guddan says answer me why do I care about all this? Why am I crying? Why does it hurt my heart. AJ shoves her in the pool. He jumps after her. AJ picks her. All the color drips from her sarre and it starts turning from blue to red. AJ smiles.

Dadi and Laxmi are worried. Laxmi says people have started talking. What will we say. Durga says dadi you know I have done things better for this house. Please tell me what happened. People are asking me questions. What should I tell them? Tell me what happened. Dadi says AJ has called off the engagement. Everyone hears. The mike was on. Everyone hears it. A man says why is he saying no? his wife says same fights. I this must be Guddan due to their age group.

Guddan say why are you smiling? AJ says enough.. You didn’t wear the saree I gave. She says what else did I.. She looks at her saree.. Guddan says what is this. He says this is a the saree. He says I confessed now your turn. Laxmi says sasu ma all people are leaving.

People say Guddan can never be a good DIL or MIL. AJ comes and says do you know who are you talking about? Come Guddan. Guddan and AJ come holding hands. Durag is dazed. AJ says Guddan is capable of everything and we are lucky to have her. Just as I am to have her as my wife. We had a misunderstanding and due to which you all had to wait. Aj says Guddan will you marry me? He extends his hand. Guddan is about to fall. A flower string saves her. Guddan walks. Flowers sprinkle on her. Guddan says before you change your mind.. Make me wear the ring. I can’t wait anymore. This is your answer. Guddan says I will always be yours.
Kaushaliya gives Guddan ring.

Arti falls from Laxmi’s hand. Dadi says this is such a bad sign. Guddan says this is nothing. Everything will be fine. AJ is about to make Guddan wear the ring. The ring falls. Someone steps in. Everyone wonders who is it. Lights sparkle. The woman picks the ring. AJ is dazed. Dadi is shocked. AJ says Antra..

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. DannyComments

    Okay okay..I was on cloud 9..and then..the prayer plate fell down..and I was’s still fine..then the ring falls..I’m like oh no! And then..sighhhhhhh..So much drama now!!!

  2. Leisa s morris

    I believe dis is a fake antara who has come on durgas command to break up aj and guddan. Aj and guddan got married before with lots of fanfare and she never showed up but now she has after dey r already married,stueps.

    1. SHANKI

      the same tracks? soon guddan will fall of a cliff and lose her memory and this antra is obviously fake everyone knows so don’t think you writers are smart or creative or original you guys start original afterward get tired and just get your old blo*dy scripts and change names!

  3. Enoughshanti

    I really wish this antara turns out to be fraud and aj and guddan together expose her and the hidden truth of antara’s death comes out. Otherwise this track might ruin the show.

  4. Yes I think that this is all durga’s plan. I hope that Guddan remains as strong as she is. in the beginning the woman is usually strong and gradually she becomes weak.

    1. SHANKI

      You guys know that women are strong than become weak but you guys forget the person who made them weak in this aj will enventually be the reason guddan will became weak this is fake antra the duplicate or she had some plastic surgery shit
      but I think antra is looking very good with akshat guddan needs a new guy not this old man I actually wish she is real antara but is doesn’t look like it!

  5. Is not fair ooo writters we don’t want ur Antra nd Durga again in this picture

  6. RANdomfANCreationz

    I just feel bad the fact the amazing chemistry of Akshat and Guddan has kinda gone in waste cause of this useless track of Antra.
    They showed such amazing Akshan scenes this week, but Antra’s entry spoiled everything ?
    Not even interested to watch the episodes on TV live.
    Akshat and Guddan has the best chemistry amomg all the Zee TV couples but the makers of the show can be more creative(they have showed some really good episodes from start till this month, but one bad track spoils it all)
    Akshat and Guddan ???
    Makers ??? (only for bringing antra back)

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