Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Kairav’s desperate efforts

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik shouting I don’t want to hear any truth, leave. Naira says he isn’t able to forgive a dead person, how will he forgive a person alive. She cries and says I came here for nothing, I survived for nothing. FB ends. Naira and Kartik hold hands across the glass window. She says I had to make this wall between us, I didn’t see you yearning for me, what could I expect from others, so I didn’t return, I m Tina, not Naira, I didn’t do any mistake, even then me and my baby got punished. FB shows Naira saying sorry baby we can’t go back, the doors to that house got shut for us, your dad thinks I m dead. FB ends.

Naira says I feel bad for him, if you hadn’t accepted him or had any doubts about his parentage, could I stay there with him, I could have tolerated insults, but couldn’t see wrong happening with him, I don’t care what anyone thinks, just I know, why I took the decision, no one has the right to ask me, its better that Kairav stays away from you, he thinks his Papa is a superhero, I know that he will be hurt to stay away but this is right, I chose this for him. She cries.

Kartik recalls Mihir saying I won’t leave without saying this. Kartik says I don’t want to hear anything, I know Naira’s truth, our love’s truth, I have no suspicions on you, Naira or our love. Mihir asks don’t you suspect us. Kartik says I trust Naira, I don’t know what happened to me that I asked Naira that question, I have made a big mistake and I m getting punished for that. He cries. Mihir says please, calm down, we can’t undo this, but we can apologize to Naira, wherever you are Naira, please forgive us, and Kartik you forgive me and Mitali, whatever you are going through, I m really sorry. FB ends.

D’Souza gets the call. Kartik says I think a cute kid is upset with me. Vansh says you are always busy on phone, you don’t talk to me. Kartik says sorry. He gets a call and says please let me talk once, its urgent call. Vansh says no and snatches phone. Phone breaks. Kartik says its not a big deal, go and eat mango, I will finish my call. Vansh goes. Suwarna comes. She says he told you what I couldn’t, is there any problem, tell me, is there anything. Kartik says there is no news. She says you trust me right, tell me. Kartik tells about Kairav. Kairav wakes up and comes out. He says I forgot my glasses. He comes and says wow, my fav cupcake. Naira says no, first go and brush your teeth. Kairav says dad is great, he gave me the idea to fight.

Naira says go and brush quickly. He says I had brushed at night, dad’s secret mission has ended, now we can talk to him. She says we can’t talk to him, because he would have called us himself, you are talking to a stranger, I asked you not to talk to strangers. Kairav says he is my dad, angel uncle gave me his number, I m saying the truth, talk to him if you want. She says go and brush your teeth fast. He says angel never lies. She says you have to go to school. Kairav says he is my dad. He goes and says mum doesn’t love me, angel uncle gave me dad’s number. He prays to the angel uncle and says mum will trust me when she talks to dad. Kartik says we have no relation, when he was in problem, I was worried, I don’t know his name, I get happy hearing him, he is cute, wise and sensible, he loves his mum a lot, he always talks about her, he asked my advice and I told him what I understood, he did that and problem got solved, he called to thank me, he solved his problem on own, did I go anything wrong, he is calling me Papa and I m talking to him.

She says if you can talk and solve problems, its not wrong, many times we can help ourselves if anyone gives us hope. D’Souza comes and asks where is your son, he is troubling me. She says sorry. He says sometimes he is calling his dad and his dad is calling him. She says you refuse to him when he asks for phone. He says he is cute and makes a puppy face, I can deny him, what about his dad, he calls and asks for the kid, he is your husband right, call him and tell him not to disturb me. She asks him to give number. He asks don’t you have your husband’s number. She says give it to me. He gives his phone. Kartik says shall I call him again or not. Suwarna nods. Kartik calls. D’Souza says display isn’t good, drink fell on the phone, maybe its his call, it disturbs me.

Kairav pulls Naira. The phone falls. He says I had called him, don’t scold him, he won’t talk to me. D’Souza goes. Naira says I won’t scold you, don’t call on that number again. She hugs him. Suwarna says do what your heart tells you. Kartik calls again. Phone is fallen there. Naira says you are fooling me like always, sorry. She pacifies him and says I love you, that’s why I get worried, I feel afraid, what if he hurts you. Kairav says I spoke to dad, he isn’t a stranger. She says even D’Souza is a stranger, if I don’t explain you, how will you do, I was scared when you went missing, promise me, you won’t do this. He says promise me, you will call Papa. She says yes, we will meet him. He asks when. She says on a special day. He asks what will happen. She says there will be two rainbows, and lotus flowers will be around, balloons will be flying and sky will get pink, the day will come soon. She says soon. He asks promise. She nods. He says I love you mumma, you are the best. She says I love you too, you are the best. He sleeps. She says sorry I lied to you, I was helpless.

Kairav says my dad will come to school and play football. Kartik says sorry, I can’t come. Naira says I can learn anything for my son. Kairav says I m coming Papa, get ready….

Update Credit to: Amena

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