Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 20th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Antra signs a deal

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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 20th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
AJ says I know you love. I wanted to punish antra but you stopped me. Guddan says our plan.. AJ says you still care about the plan? Nothing is more important than your dignity. Guddan says you have to see all this happening. You have to control your anger. Guddan says thank you for what you did. Please go. AJ says I know this is happening because of me. I broke your trust. Guddan says I don’t rely on your trust now. Now this antra will be taught a lesson by me. I will make her pay for it.

Saru says if antra finds out she will kill me. Durga comes there and says I will kill you. You harmed Laxmi. Laxmi says she wont ever understand. She is like Antra now. Durga says this battle isn’t over. Guddan won’t let Antra go. she will teach you a lesson and

you would also pay. you are just a goat

Antra is running on the road. Guddan is after her in a car. Antra says are you mad.. Guddan says this is what you deserve. Antra runs. Guddaan shoves her in wall. She is about to hit her with the car. Antra says are you crazy. Guddan says now to keep this fear alive. Never dare playing with my dignity, don’t think I am weak. And third, don’t dare to harm another girl. I will fill this one inch between your life and death. You are a stain on women.

Antra says how dare she. I took everything from her. How is she so strong now? Mr. Honda’s money gave her this confidence? Honda has to give me what I want. I will take everything from Guddan.
Honda says she has to pay for it. ANtra says who? Honda says that tailor who made guddan’s dress. I would throttle him. Why are you worried? He says I have to go. Antra says you’re forgetting something. You said you ould give the winner anything they want. She says this is my wealth, name it on my name. Make me your partner. Do we have a deal? honda shakes hand adn says sure.

AJ gives the file to guddan. He says she is ready to give me everything I want. Guddan says Laxmi.. I am glad to hav a friend like you who saved my dignity. Laxmi says don’t say thank you. She hugs her. Guddan says any trouble is small. Se says antra has to be defeated now. Saru hears all this. She says you were fooling Antra. AJ is honda. Saru locks them. AJ says stop saru.. She locks them and runs downstairs. AJ breaks the door. Durga and laxmi stop sary and faint her. Antra says who is outside? They take saru to a side.
Guddan comes to antra. Antra says what were you doing here? Backstabbing? Guddan says cowards like you do that. Stay away from hodna. Antra says my mission is to destroy your life. guddan says I won’t let this deal happen. Antra says I know you’re scared. But honda and I would be partners. I will have it all with hodna. I am so happy about this deal. She goes to her room.

Guddan says in heart I also want you to sign this deal.
Saru wakes up in store. Guddan says you woke up.. Saru says where am I? Get me out of here. I would tell Antra. Guddan says better stop being with antra. Saru says I will be on antra’s side. Guddan says then stay here till our plan succeeds.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Precap: Akshat thanks Guddan for success in their plan and express his feelings, but Guddan denies saying due to him her heart and trust broke.. Akshat he shall wait for her feelings to expressed until his last breath
    2. Guddan told her 3rd dialogue, which she always leave saying I don’t tell 3rd thing ?????
    3. Hope Antra words doesn’t turn true, about killing someone in family???
    4. Saraswati knows truth: OMG??????, hope she doesn’t able to tell truth before plan success…
    5. Hope Jindals plan work this time letting Antra chapter getting over, it is getting too much to bear now????
    6. Akshat did his words in real as well as yesterday dream????
    7. Atiba medium update, you missed many points, but never mind, I covered in my comment

  2. Thank you Atiba & Shraddha for update…

    Hope this Antara track ends now! I had enough of her now.
    I am surprised that Akshat has not investigated Antara’s past, I am sure there are lots of secrets they could have used against her.
    I’m disappointed in Saru….Hope she does not end up dead!…..No, that can’t happen…Guddan meant to have 3 DIL’s.
    How long should Guddan stay angry with Akshat????

  3. RaajaKumaar

    @Shraddha, thanks for mentioning the precap? but I think..
    1. Guddan did right again rejecting Tanveesh, very proud of our Guddu?
    2. The reason I wrote “Tanveesh” is that I didn’t like old Akshat character? and want him to remain Tanveesh!

    3. But I still think Dadu and AJ need to go through the?fire a bit ok? Dadu needs to pay for slap too.
    4. I don’t want AJ to go back wearing the ugly glasses at least ?, and if he does I will hate him again! I don’t know why but when he wears specs then I feel like slapping him!
    5. then “Antara” wins an award for being dragged beyond limits ??..
    6. I like the actress playing Antra and after the last EP she danced way better than Guddan ?

  4. ShraddhaSharma392

    Welcome both

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