Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 20th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Mayura reveals her identity to Ram

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 20th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ram handling his car before it could meet with an accident planned by Kesha. Kesha tells Roop that Rivaaj didn’t meet with an accident, but got an injury. She gets down from her hand and acts to be concerned for him. She says she was going from there. She takes out dettol and cleans his injury. Ram asks her to leave. Rivaaj gets angry in the captivity and says he will kill them. Mayura comes there, signs happy birthday song for him and asks him to take the cake which she made with her hands.

Rivaaj asks who are you and asks if Ram hired you, you had come to free him. He says lets do a deal and says Ram can’t give you what I can give and says he will fill her mouth with money and will change her life. He says Ram doesn’t know about my secrets accounts info and asks her to take him out just like you took Ram out. Mayura says idea is not bad specially secret account idea. She says you have to do something for me and says it is dangerous to double cross Ram. Rivaaj thinks you don’t know how much dangerous I am. Mayura shares plan with him and asks him to cut the cake. Rivaaj moves his head and makes the cake fall down. He then says sorry and thinks I will never trust you, I know that something is added to it. He asks her to make cake for him when she takes him out. Mayura says I have a better idea and shoots injection on his hand with gun. He writhes in pain. Mayura asks do you remember something and says happy birthday. Rivaajs ays you betrayed me, everyone used to warn me against you, but I trusted you, I shouldn’t have trusted you. Mayura thinks I will give your freedom.

Tashi asks Roop if he is waiting for someone. Roop says you are of no use, I am waiting for your brother. Ram comes there with injury on his forehead. Premlatha and others get worried. Ram says I will apply medicine or Mayura will apply. Roop calls Kesha and asks why you didn’t come with rivaaj. Kesha says I tried to woo him, but he didn’t listen to me. Roop says I will keep eye on you.

Mayura comes to Ram’s room and asks him to sit quietly. Ram says Punjabi don’t feel pain. Mayura says I know and applies ointment on his injury. Ram smiles. He says did you go to the tiger’s cave. She puts the bandage and asks did jat feel pain. He asks again. Mayura says I will go with you. She asks him to come for puja. Mayura says you are upset with them, but not with God. She says this puja is for your birthday and asks him to come. Premlatha says why Rivaaj is not coming for puja. Premraj says he will come if Mayura leaves him.

Ram comes there. Premlatha says she got the food made of his choice. Mayura thinks everyone is busy, time for her plan. She comes to the unconscious Rivaaj and fires injection again. She puts him in the coffin which she brought for him and takes him out. Servant sees it and says Rivaaj’s fan send it. She takes the coffin to the garden area of the house and says she waited for this moment. She says today is your end. Ram comes and holds her hand. Mayura says today is the day of justice. Ram asks what about me? Mayura asks him not to come between them and says this is my revenge. Ram says I have to take revenge from him, today I came to know about my birthday and says I won’t let you spoil this game and can’t let you do injustice with me. Mayura says what do you know about injustice, says injustice is the thing which I saw my sister on the road, injustice to see my husband dying infront of me, injustice to lose my face and identity. Ram asks who are you, what are you saying? Mayura says she is Raghav’s wife Rani. Ram is shocked. Mayura says you want to know who am I and why I came here, what enmity I have with Rivaaj. She says I am not Mayura, but Rani, Raghav’s wife, Rukmani’s younger sister and Sisodia’s bahu. She says Raghav was Rivaaj’s step brother whom Rivaaj killed.

Precap: Ram and Mayura take the coffin back in the house. Premlatha calls Rivaaj. Mayura asks him to divert her. Meanwhile Rivaaj gains conscious and bangs his head in the coffin.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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