Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 1st January 2020 Written Episode Update: Guddan is pregnant

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 1st January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
AJ receives a gift pack. He says it’s from Alisha. There’s a USB inside. AJ plays it. Alisha says dadi maa, Guddan maa, AJ.. I love you all. I know I have annoyed you all. I couldn’t tell you the truth. I wanted to live my life with you. If I told you, you would be worried. I am very sick. I have heart disease. Everyone is shocked. I look tough but my heart is weak. God will heal me soon. I want to live with my AJ and Guddan. I request you all to take care of mama if I die. She can’t live without me. I know you’re all mad at her. Guddan changed me right? She can change my mom too. Please don’t leave her alone. I love you all. Please don’t. This is my last wish. AJ says Alisha..

Guddan claps. AJ says what? Guddan says what a trap Antra is planned. We should clap for her. AJ says what do you want to say? Guddan says this is all a lie. she forced Antra into saying this. This woman is a liar. AJ says what are you saying? Guddan says Alisha was scared. Antra scared her. She gave her that medicine. She injected it into her. She killed her own daughter. She is a witch. AJ says she is her mother. This can’t be truth. Guddan says I know she will have a story for her lies too this time. You can’t fool our family this time. Antra says Guddan is right. I am responsible for Alisha’s death. I killed my Alisha. If I got her treated we wouldn’t have to see this day. She would have been with me. it’s all my mistake. I shouldn’t have left her with a stepmother. She would have been alive. She cries. Guddan says I knew you would do this drama. Enough of your lies. Guddan faints. AJ holds Guddan. Dadi says what is happening in my house.

Scene 2
The doctor checks Guddan. She says congratulations. Guddan is pregnant. Everyone is shocked. Saru says wow. Guddan says really? Guddan is very happy. The doctor says you have to rest and be stress-free. Three months are very crucial. Take care of her. AJ says thank you. Dadi hugs Guddan and says finally that day is here. I am so happy. God took one child from us and gave another. Like Alisha is coming back. Laxmi says you have to listen to us now. Durga says SIL and DIL are pregnant together. Our kids will grow up together. Dadi says AJ, you have to take care of her and keep her very happy. Don’t fight with her. Antra says Guddan if you want to say anything, please do it later. You have to take care of your child now. I am very happy for both of you.

AJ says to Guddan our child.. Guddan says I can’t believe it. He says just feel her. Thank you, I feel like Alisha is back into our lives. Don’t cry. You can’t take any stress. I am always with you. Guddan says I know. He says Guddan needs a lot of rest. You won’t do anything. Guddan says I know how important this child is. He says I will keep you both happy. AJ says you won’t take any stress of Antra or anyone in the house. Life has given me another chance to be a father. Thank you. He kisses her forehead. Guddan says I am Alisha’s mother too. I have to be responsible for her as well.

Antra says how could Guddan be pregnant. She breaks the mirror. Guddan says angry after listening about my child? Antra says come inside. Guddan says don’t do this drama. We have played this game before. You must be very angry. You wanted to separate us but our bond is stronger now. You can never come between us. My daughter Alisha, I will get her justice. You didn’t love her. You couldn’t but I did. I vow I will send you to jail in next 24 hours. You’re facing a mother now.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    Happy new year to viwers of Guddan

  2. Seeing a promo of the next chapter here that AJ’s false love starts again, first he says that he believes in Guddan unconditionally and trusts his wife and on the first occasion he has already changed his opinion and trusts Antara again, is this beautiful love? A person who reacts like this is not a test of trust, how can you fall in love with someone like that if he does not trust you !!!

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