Nimki Vidhayak 1st January 2020 Written Episode Update: Nimki bluffs Shukla for Ganga

Nimki Vidhayak 1st January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nahar throws paper in the air and says that Ganga’s side is stronger. Nimki says you are great. Nahar says do as I say and you will become successful. Nimki says then stay in Patna and show me the way. Nahar says I wanted that only.

The girls are enjoying in the farmhouse. They don’t see Mahua.
Mahua hears a man talking inside a room with the manager. It’s Mishra. Mishra tells the manager that if you don’t do my work this time I won’t spare you. The manager says that the girl is here and we won’t let her go anywhere. Mishra says to keep an eye on her. Mahua tries to hear him. The teacher comes there and asks what she is doing here? Mahua says I was going to the washroom.

The family sits to eat. Sweety says Dumri thinks that Mahua has already won the competition. Dumri says I am sure she will win. Nimki teases her and says I am going with Ganga. Abhi says you can’t support two sides. Nimki says I am supporting one side only. Abhi asks whom she is supporting? Nimki says really? You want to know. I am going to support Ganga. Abhi says why? Nahar asked you? Nahar comes there and says she is right. Abhi asks Nimki to think, remember last time. Nimki says I understand politics and I have chosen the side which will win. Nahar says Ganga already have 12 ministers with her. Abhi says they can go to Shukla’s side in the end. Nimki says Shukla will make sure that his 12 ministers resign from his party, just see what happens.

Mahua tells the girls that they were talking about some plans. The girl says that they are planning to take us out.

Nimki meets Shukla and says you know everything about politics. Ganga came to my house, she gave me the offer to join her party so I said yes as you asked me earlier. Shukla looks on. Nimki drinks the tea and asks what to do next? Shukla says did she offer money or the seat? Don’t ask for the seat, ask for money. Nimki says she will give me 20 crores? Shukla says she will. Nimki says but I am cheating her. Shukla says this is politics, you have to stay with her and tell us what she is planning. Nimki says I will but nobody should know about it. Nahar says we don’t want Ganga to know this. Shukla says only we know about this. Nimki says I am glad that you have chosen me for this work, you have your 12 MLAs on her side but you chose me. Shukla is shocked and says what? Nimki says I thought you had sent your 12 MLAs to Ganga’s side. Shukla says I didn’t. Nimki tells their names. Shukla says they are my confidants, they will never go to Ganga’s side.
Ganga says Nimki played her game and Shukla is trapped now.

PRECAP- Mishra calls someone and says they don’t have any preparations done. These girls are pretty so I will handle everything this time. Ganga is on the other side of the call and says what will you handle?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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