Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 18th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Vikrant finishes his innings

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 18th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
AJ says to Guddan you bowled so well. Asmita says now your turn. Show them who is the real champ. AJ comes to bowl. Perv is on the crease. Perv hits a six on the first ball. Everyone cheers from his team. AJ bowl again. Perv makes two runs. Perv gives the bat to Vikrant. Guddan wonders why are they changing the bats. Vikrant does six. Perv and Vikrant laugh.

Alisha comes to bowl. They change bats with who is on the crease. Perv and Vikrant keep doing six and fours. Bhushan says team Guddan is confused about what to do. They’re doing sixes and fours.. Guddan wonders what’s with this bat. Laxmi comes to bowl. She gets six and fours only.

Guddan says to AJ they’re cheating. They keep changing the bats. AJ says I noticed too. Asmita says there is something with the bat. She tells him a plan. AJ says I get it. AJ collides with Vikrant. AJ says sorry. Vikrant says you did it intentionally. AJ and Vikrant fight. Guddan says he did it by mistake. AJ takes his bat in anger and says I didn’t do it. Guddan says don’t blame us. Vikrant says to Guddan I know your confidence is losing. AJ bowls Perv and he couldn’t score. Durga says what is happening? Vikrant and Perv can’t score. Guddan says in heart you used a spring. Now play. Guddan smiles. Perv gets run out. Everyone celebrates.

Saru says how did this happen? Perv says I don’t know how happened to the bat. Kishor comes. He does a four on first ball. AJ bowl. Kishor hits another 4. Total score is 93. It’s last bowl. The ball is in the air. Guddan catches it. Kishor is out. Guddan and team celebrate. Vikrant says let’s gear up for second innings.

Scene 2
Dadi says AJ and Guddan you go and give us a good start. You both are lucky for each other. The second inning starts. AJ and Guddan come on the crease. Vikrant says bowl well. Dont’ let them score. Vikrant comes to bowl. Guddan says are you scared? He says I will bold you on first ball. You two will lose today. I took everything from you. You’re servants in your own house. Now time to shatter your self-confidence and make you beg for your future child. The match starts. AJ says Guddan focus on bating now on his words. Calm down.

Guddan gets bold on the first ball. Vikrant says they can’t even score 20 now. No one can stop me from winning. AJ says it’s a no ball. Kaushaliya says you crossed the line while bowling. Everyone laughs. AJ says Guddan don’t be impulsive. Play for yourself not for your anger. They can’t defeat u
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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