Shubharambh 18th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Rani thinks wrong about Raja

Shubharambh 18th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kirdada tells Hiten that we can get servants if we marry Raja to a servant class girl.

Rani’s brother comes to Asha and says you touched my lottery and now I have won 50lacs, you are lucky for me, thanks a lot.

Raja is massaging Hiten’s shoulder. Hiten asks if he is ready to marry? Raja looks on. Asha comes there and says I have already found a girl for Raja. Kirdada says we can ask Raja if he likes the girl or not. Asha looks on.

Hiten tells Kirdada that what if Asha gets a good girl for her? Kirdada says she will try to avoid our proposal but we won’t let her. Kirdada calls Asha and asks what’s her name? Asha thinks I don’t know her name, she says just think that I have found a Rani for my Raja.

Raja sees a missed call on his phone. Darshna comes there and says you should choose your life partner. Raja says I trust my family.

Rani is trying to send the message to Raja about sorry. She sends a voice message that I am sorry, I mistakenly sent you the picture, there is nothing weird. Raja hears it and says it means she doesn’t have anything for me. His battery dies before he can send her the message.

Scene 2
Asha comes to the market and says I have to find that guy who got the lottery. She looks around and it’s a dirty society. She sees the guy talking to his sister. Rani turns and Asha is shocked. She thinks that Rani is this guy’s sister. She recalls Kirdada’s taunts and how Rani is a servant. She recalls her brother’s lottery. She says Kirdada will tease me about this girl, I can’t choose her. She cries and goes to mandir. Rani’s brother comes there and says you are here? Asha thinks if this is God’s hint. She sits with brother and says how much will you put in your sister’s wedding? The brother says we don’t have much money but I will get the lottery. Asha sees his drunk father. Asha says I have a guy that is the owner of Raja garments. He says really? She says yes, I am talking about my son. She shows Raja’s photo. He says we are poor so why my sister? Asha says I liked your sister, she is sweet and nice, I don’t care about your lottery and money. He says I will talk to my sister. We will answer you at 6 PM. Asha leaves.

Ranai comes in the mandir and says he didn’t message me till now. Her brother calls and says I have to talk to you. She ends the call and sees Raja coming there. She says I need to talk to you. She says if you are rich then you won’t respect a girl? I messaged you and you ignored me thinking that I am behind you? Raja thinks that I have hurt this girl, this is my fault. Rani’s brother sees them together. Rani tells Raja that you are too egoistic, I don’t care about your answer. A ladder is about to fall on Rani.

PRECAP- Rani’s brother tells her that he has chosen the guy that played danidya with her. Asha tells Raja about Rani, she is very nice.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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