Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 11th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Gudden reaches at Akshat Haldi

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 11th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gudden thinks about Akshat words and walk on road… Neighbours taunt Kaushalya saying gudden did wrong, now it will be hard to find groom for reviti as all will think gudden is bad, than reviti will also be bad.. As Gudden can’t do anything.. Gudden come and say that will you have sweets, as gudden doesn’t want to become youngest daughter in law… She taunt neighbours more and Neighbours goes… Gudden father goes to return gift at jindal house.. Kaushalya think🤔 she lost luxrious life… Laxmi prasises her sister as we shall now rest.. Durga say to save this house, I even made gudden out, I can’t let anyone to rule us thats why I made gudden… Before she say full sentence Akshat ask what you said? Durga say I was talking about rasam.. Akshat

say I am marrying just to fulfill antra wish, do any rasam with you MIL.. He goes and see dadi.. Dadi pack her bags and say do anything, I am want to marry just to fulfill wish, then why should I stay.. Akshat stop her saying I swear of your head to apply haldi and fulfill all rituals with my would be wife…

Gudden get happy🙂 after selecting in Indore’s best dance💃🏻 group.. Kaushalya say no, but reviti convience her.. Kaushalya goes in anger😡… Gudden to eat breakfast..

Prav and siddhi reach Jindal house.. He taunt AJ for rejecting Gudden as she can’t do anything.. If you want, I shall not attend, but what will people say… Akshat smile🙂 saying yes you are here because of siddhi and saraswati, but you are just bad than dog as dogs🐶 are more loyal… Prav say just wait and watch…

Gudden reach venue and hurt her boss by mistake, she say sorry and prasises her self….he say i know you are famous gudden.. He ask her to practic addinhg no advance and no location.. He get sarswati call and say just have faith.. Then he pray👏🏼 god that please do bless gudden that gudden can do any thing…

Ladies praises decoration and arrangements. … DIL’s say after all it matters of our MIL.. AJ talk to Anatra about their haldi and her last wish and ask her why she asked him to do this hard job??

Gudden troop reach jindal house in rajasthani get up with covering face.. She ask his boss why we took ghungat, he say beacuse theme is surprise as well rajasthani..

Laxmi and guests prasises Akshat and Shewta.. They all wish them… Saraswati say to apply haldi but stop saying its not muhurat time⏰ yet.. Saraswati say fine, we shall enjoy dance till… Gudden and troop walk from there.. Her dupptta goes up due to fan wind and she is shocked to see Akshat… She get scared and cover her face… Her boss watch her..

Her boss ask to come inside.. Gudden say Gudden can’t do anything.. You should have told me location… Boss say we had contract remeber, otherwise give 3 lac rupees.. She say gudden can’t do anything.. Boss goes to inform, saraswati ask about 5th dancer💃🏻, Gudden inform she is here.. All get thinking🤔… But no-one see her..

Precap: Gudden and Akshat fall in pool and Haldi get applies to both

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