Ishq Mein Marjawan 11th October 2018 Written Episode Update: What’s going on in Deep Mind?

Ishq Mein Marjawan 11th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Doctor inform aarohi to be careful in future, I shall inform your husband.. Aarohi think🤔🤔 whats going on in Deep mind? Doctor inform deep that she is fine.. Deep goes to meet her but aarohi is gone.. He ask nurse but doesn’t get any answer.. Deep find aarohi outside…Aarohi reach her home and think to go very far with mom and dad… She open door and get shocked to deep holding gun🔫, and think deep falled so down that he wanted to hurt my mom and dad..and closes door🚪.. Deep ask someone to throw gun🔫, he turned out to be virat man, deep shot his hand.. Outside aarohi get scared😨, she make sound and divert deep attension.. She take her mom and dad and lock deep.. Deep say please believe me, I am the one to save you.. Aarohi goes and masi ask her to take her car🚘

and go away.. Aarohi ask whom she is helping deep or tara/virat?? Masi say I am only saving you and your child, its upto you.. Aarohi take her car and reach someone.. She ask that person to take mom and dad.. She ask them to go.. Her dad say that your face look alike gave us so mich pain, and you save us, now I know you are our aarohi, and we can’t let you fight alone.. Aarohi say please be my strength not my weekness and she ask them to go… Aarohi decide to put deep behind jail..
Virat ask tara to stop and believe me for once now 8 hours ⏰are left.. Please believe me…tara say not until I see aarohi dead body..

Aarohi goes to temple and pray to goddess maa and remember all cheats done by deep.. She say that tara is not but deep is my biggest enemy, please bless me so that I can take revenge and cut her finger, applying blood. …just than knife🔪 fall.. She think what does this mean? Aarohi think I know I am troubling my child, but please let me take revenge from deep and tara and virat!

Tara open door🚪 and think again she is saved.. Virat say she is all alone, we need to find her..

Aarohi ask goddess maa to help to chose right path: either for child future or to take revenge.. Flower fall 🌹and aarohi realise (how I didn’t get) and say I shall go away very far and to live for my child future, and will forget revenge…

Aarohi walk on road wearing burqa, deep stop her and ask her why she is behaving like this?? Aarohi say I heard everything what you said to tara and Kashyap.. She further say you are walking on two boat and will drown for sure… You are doing this for child, I swear I will not let you see child face.. Deep hold her and say please believe me, I will not you hurt or our baby.

Aarohi uses injection💉 and put on Deep neck.. She remember that how nurse talked saying that this injection make paralatic for some time, they go and aarohi take injection💉… Deep ask what you have done??? Aarohi say I am not killing my baby father, but just making you paralatic.. Now you shall never see me or my baby…

Precap: Deep tell please believe me, I am only one to save you.. Virat men find aarohi.. Kashyap request aarohi to come and goes to get food… Tara reach and Virat and Tara point gun on aarohi..

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  1. Why introduce the arohi parents ?
    Any valid point.

    1. Satya127

      Don’t know rhivanya they killed our arohi and brought all the dead people alive
      Wht dont they bring our arohi,nikku alive….

  2. Satya127

    Wht nonsense is this all…Repeating everything copying others scripts and twists have some brain writers……

  3. Satya127

    I don’t care what’s happening in the story because it has brcome useless….I had lost all the respect for the producers and writers….
    Today i understood why ekta is called queen of tellywood she always considers her viewers choices and runs the show not like these heartless patnaiks who did not care about the love and support we gave for them and r not even bothered to respond and in top showing all worst story with all vulgarity everywhere and in twitter writers post as if she the great Shakespeare….Mamtha come out of the magic world of ur nia see wht 90% of people want….
    Today on ristey tv watching the ARDEEP engagement and that cute dance of ARDEEP and mostly our cute nikku made me soo happy, now the show on ristey is gearing up to the big revelation of mysterious face….Friends and all arsha fans please watch immj on ristey tv dont Miss it….These episodes r one of the best…..Till 224 episodes every episode is just super with our ardeep….i find true love of ardeep in every episode….
    But now deep changes in minutes,arohi is dead already,and nowadays tara and virat r nice i don’t believe that how virat is so concerned for tara he is the one who at one stage tried to kill her but leave it we know we dont get answers for anything
    I can’t tolerate that nia anymore mamtha do anything bring dusra jannam,or bring alisha as daughter of deep and nia or forever kill this nia character AROHI….
    Being an arsha fan and mostly we all had supported the show from 1st episode and being connected with it and now suddenly they destroyed everything….Our favourite jodi,story,connection wht not…..
    Wht that mamtha saw in nia i don’t understand it if u really love nia and all those scenes please do a web series why to bring her in the cutest love story and to spoil our favorite jodi ARDEEP…
    I am a fan of sanaya and arjun before this show and i will be always….But this show also introduced me to one of the best actress alisha who is soo innocent,cute,best in every angle….She impressed me with her acting both as tara and arohi and i am in love with alisha as arohi that i even don’t accept sanaya to be as arohi then how come this nia never….I tried but everytime nia proved that she don’t deserve a character like arohi….
    I really miss my cute alisha as arohi her sweet innocence,her smartness everything thanks to ristey for bringing our immj back so that now i am little happy to watch our arsha as ardeeo and i can enjoy their work….

  4. ShraddhaSharma392

    Actually I think writers need to change show name from ishq mein marjawana from viewers ko sadme se mar dena….😂😂😂😂😂

    1. Satya127

      Yes the show is just left with —-marjwan because there is no ishq only confusion and stupidity and i accept ur point sadme se marjawan

  5. Satya127

    Friends i don’t know whether this is true or not but in one segment recently nia is telling that ot her last day of shooting for the show and she had lot of fun and the scene in the segment is like deep and nia talks in some fight deep pushes nia from Cliff or nia slips of the cliff we dont know….I dont care who pushed but i only want to know the confirmation that nia is leaving the show….Hope so she is not joking like last time….

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Its good if she is leaving, I think show is about to take leap with baby coming either with tara or dead… But for sure revenge will go

    2. Versatile actor Gaurav Chopraa who has been busy working on varied roles and concepts on the digital platform will now make a big-bang comeback to TV with Colors’ popular show, Ishq Mein Marjawan produced by Beyond Dreams.

      Yes, you heard it right!!

      He will play a very important role and will come in as Aarohi’s saviour in the thriller show.

      As per sources, “The upcoming track will see Aarohi (Niaa Sharma) running to save herself from Deep (Arjun Bijlani) and Tara (Aalisha Panwar). This is when she will bump into Gaurav Chopraa’s character. He will give her all the strength and will in due course of time become her support system.” .

      With his guidance, Aarohi will get back at Deep and Tara in a stronger way to take her revenge.
      Wow!! This is getting all the more interesting, isn’t it?

      We buzzed Gaurav but could not hear from him.

      1. That mean nia continue the arohi role.she take a revenge from deera.
        I already guess this.

    3. Hi satya.this time not joke.really arohi character die in this show.I don’t know wt happened next.
      Story ko kuch tho interesting banavo.bahuth boring jaaraha hai.
      Talented actors ko accha tarikaso use karo.pls makers do something best.

  6. Before 3 months aarohi in trouble 😓😥
    Now ye aarohi Bach gayi😡😡😤 jaldi maaro usko🙌🙌😹

  7. But I can’t trust this makers.may be this makers plan something. I don’t know wt.I don’t think Alisha come back as arohi.

  8. I don’t think Arohi can die. I mean Arohi is one of the main female protagonist. How can Arohi die? I am sure she will survive.

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