Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 10th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Gudden goes to meet Akshat at his office

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 10th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Laxmi says that AJ decision is final, now even he knows that gudden can’t do anything. Reviti say you can’t say anything about my di. Saraswati that it was mehandi night, and we got rightful person. Kaushalaya ask them to stop and try to remove mehendi from shewta hand.. Gudden father ask dadi to think again, we will be ruined.. Durga ask them to leave from here.. Kaushalya try to ruin mehendi, but gudden come and ask them to come.. Durga say realise truth like gudden as whole indore knows that gudden can’t do anything.. Kaushalaya say Not being mother but being human i curse you all that no happiness will come in this house.. Dadi ask her not to do so..😢

Gudden and his father and reviti walk on road very aimlessly… They both ask for reason.. Suddenly

radio📻 plays and gudden start dancing💃🏻.. Kaushalaya stop radio📻..

Dadi ask Akshat to tell her truth that she saw gudden that she can’t do anything but she knows that only gudden can unite all relations.. Akshat say he wanted to fulfill Antra last wish whats the difference if its gudden or shweta.. You wanted Bahu, antra wanted me to get married again, bahu wanted to get sass, now tell I shall die also.. Dadi shut his mouth and ask him, not to say anything and goes… Akshat think🤔 how to tell maa that gudden never wanted to get married to me and she went to that extent where she was in deep trouble.. Now I can’t force her anymore as my way was wrong (he get sad😔 and tear eye😢)

Kaushalya ask about reason of breaking marriage? Gudden tell she went to drink water🍶, and find goons and cook story that Akshat were helpless as goons were more powerful than his age and tell she beated goons using stick.. She cook story that akshat male ego got hurt.. Kaushalay stop gudden. Her husband say to think about gudden condition once. Kaushalya blame that due to gudden we are not able to show face to anyone as whole indore know about AJ and gudden marriage.. Her husband say it was you who told everyone… Kaushalya shut his mouth and say I thoughted that now my reviti will get married to big house after gudden married to jindal house. Gudden has proven that she is step daughter.. Gudden console her father that she is used to such things and say she is fine and hug him…

Laxmi and saraswati dance 💃🏻and enjoy. Parv and his wife call Saraswati and they get inform that AJ broke marriage with gudden.. Both are happy and Prav think 🤔about his revenge from gudden…

Akshat is putting black pepper, door🚪 knock, AJ ask for garlic sauce.. He get soya sauce. He turn and find gudden. He say mistakers are not required in my life.. She put finger on his mouth and say she will remove finger and don’t say anything… Akshat ask who send you inside? You are giving me headache? Gudden ask him to stay quite.. She say you told that our story started with letter but no, our story started with cake🎂, so I brought cake🎂 to end it…

Akshat take cake, and ask gudden to leave, gudden say she came here to thank him and end everything bitter with sweetness.. And she shall leave after you finish this cake🎂, AJ ring bell and ask his cook to end this cake even they like or not, if required feed dog🐶 or cat🐱 so that she can leave…. Gudden say this was rude, I was here to thank you from bottom of heart for saving reviti from prav, not telling anyone that I ran away from mehndi and moreover to break marriage.

Gudden say now I shall leave but not before her 3 points and she say 3 lines:
1. Gudden never wanted to marry you
2. We shall not meet again
3. Now we have hate relation only..
Akshat agree on this, yes we hate both each other…
Prav listen to their talk and think to take revenge..
AJ and Gudden walk in different directions…

Precap: Gudden reach at Akshat Haldi as dancer in ghunghat, Akshat try to save gudden from falling and see her face in ghughat and haldi applies on both..

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    No comment from any viewer aee you not liking show or update??

    1. No . Its nice serial and thank u for the updates.

  2. i really like dis serial . nok jok and love hate relationship .

  3. It’s not like that dear. Most of the times we watch it on tv. We read the updates when we miss to watch it. And many people read the updates but they only comment when something frustrating happens. To vent out their anger they comment. but the show is running smoothly right now so no need. but people f
    do read the updates. and your writing skills are perfect and you don’t miss any important point. anyone can visualise your writing. keeo up the good work.

  4. ShraddhaSharma392

    Its fine… I just asked generally… And thank u for liking update…
    I understand this, even when show has nothing to comment or it is running tooo slow or softly, none like to comment….even i don’t like to comment when show is running like this….

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