Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 10th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Guddan comes back

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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 10th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Laxmi prays for Guddan. They get a call. Laxmi gives the phone to AJ. Angat says bhai Guddan.. He rushes to the hospital. Guddan can’t breathe. AJ rushes to OT. Doctor says you can’t be here. AJ says Guddan open your eyes. Doctor says medicines aren’t working because of venom. AJ says my Guddan can’t leave me. Doctor says her heart is weak. AJ says Guddan please I know you will open your eyes and talk to me. You can do anything I know you can do this too. Please open your eyes. Show me my Guddan can win and come back to me. You can’t leave me alone. Doctor says its too late. AJ says she has breathe and until she has I have too. She is alive. AJ says I wont let you go anywhere. My love wont let you go anywhere. I love you Guddan. I really love you. You can’t leave me alone. Dadi says my Guddan.. AJ says Guddan please come back. He holds her hand. Guddan tries to breathe. Her heart stops beating. AJ screams Guddan.. Everyone is shocked. AJ cries. He recalls Guddan saying I know you wont let anything happen to me.

Gudddan is in a dark place. She sees her mom. She says ma.. You are here to take me. Wont you ask how I am? Do you know I am not that old Guddan. I can do anything now . Guddan says I miss you ma. Take me with you. AJ says don’t go Guddan. Guddan turns back. She looks at AJ. AJ says I have lost my love before. I can’t lose my love again. You have me Akshat from AJ. You can’t go. AJ says how can I let my love go. Guddan says we were together till here only. AJ says think about ma. How will she live without you? Guddan says I know you will take care of dadi and everyone. AJ says no one understands me but you. Hold my hand and tell me you wont ever leave me. Her mom extends hand too. Guddan says ma is here calling me. AJ says I am calling you too. You have to come to me. Why did you come to my life? Why did you make me a good man and husband? If you had to go. AJ says I want to live with yoy. I want to be with you in troubles. Guddan says I can’t do it. AJ says you can. Just try once.
AJ says Guddan for me please once come back. Guddan moves her hand. she breathes AJ says Guddan.. He calls doctor. Doctor says this is miracle. Your wife came from death to life. AJ cries.

AJ sits with Guddan. He holds her hand. AJ says good morning Mrs. Jindal. For a moment I thought.. She says you didn’t lose me. I am here with you. For a moment I thought I was going away from you. But I heard you saying I can do it. I won from death because of you. He says you are with me and that is enough. Doctor says she can be taken home. She will be weak. AJ says I will do anythin for her recovery. We will all take care of her. Laxmi says thank God you are fine. Revati says if you ever do something like this I wont talk to you. Durga says thanks for saving us all and risking your life. Thank you. Gudadan say I didn’t do this alone. AJ and his trust was with me.

Update in Progress

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Emotional episode??
    2. Akshat, Guddan and Guddan’s Mom secene copied from Jodha Akbar, but it was much better???
    3. Guddan turned from AJ to Akshat: mind blowing???
    4. I love❤❤ You Guddan: painful love❤
    5. For the first time someone else said: He can’t do anything without Guddan (Guddan ke bina Akshat se na ho paayega)??
    6. I wish?? whatever Akshat said to Guddan in their dreams, he say in reality as well?
    7. Precap is sooo cute???
    8. I don’t know why tv industry introduce Doctor??‍⚕, Police??‍✈, Judge??‍⚖, Pandit??: when everything is done by leads only… But I think?? for the following dialogues:-
    (a) Doctor??‍⚕: I am sorry we tried our best and This is miracle, I haven’t seen this in my whole career??
    (b) Police??‍✈: to provide gun? to criminals and to inform family that criminal ran from their custody ???
    (c) Judge??‍⚖: Before lead produce real evidence against culprit to ask do you have any proof and start his statement (which is real, but it look dramatic, as police is useless for not able to do proper investigation)????
    (d) Pandit??: For matching horoscope and he say 2 dialogues: He haven’t seen such horoscopes just like Ram Sita and other these horoscope has trouble only????

  2. Nice episode, very emotional. is nice to see that akshat loves his wife.
    when she is completely up to date I hope that akshat will continue to love her and that he will always protect her

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