Jhansi Ki Rani 10th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Ross gears up for human trafficking via the train

Jhansi Ki Rani 10th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Manu waking up Gangadhar in the night. Gangadhar says you didn’t sleep yet, you know that we have to go to train inauguration. Manu says that’s why I didn’t sleep and tells that they have to stop the train. Gangadhar is shocked. Manu says innocent animals will be transported from here. Gangadhar says we don’t have the right to stop them. Manu says they will kill the animals for their selfish mission. Gangadhar says I will talk to Ross, not to kill them. Manu says Ross is planning this since long. Gangadhar asks her to give him promise that she will not do anything. Manu thinks she can’t blast the train tomorrow, but gives him promise. Gangadhar tells Ross that he has a request to him that animals will not be transported from here. Ross says many dignitaries are here and asks what to tell to Saimen frazer. Gangadhar asks him to understand the feelings of them and says if you want then I will talk to Saimen frazer. Ross agrees not to transport the animals. Gangadhar thanks him.

Manu, Ghouse Khan and Tatya Guru meet somewhere. Ghouse khan says Manu got successful to save animals. They wonder how Ross agreed? Manu says she has promised Gangadhar that she will not do anything to train and says they shall not explode it. Tatya Guru agrees with her. Robb asks Ross how did he agree to king’s request. Ross says our mission is human trafficking, if Manu comes to know that we are doing human trafficking then we will be exposed. He says nobody shall know that we are taking Indians from here and making them slave. Manjiri hears him and thinks to inform Bharat. The captive villagers is boarded in the train. Manu is getting ready and is restless. She thinks britishers shall not do any more conspiracy. Ross kicks a Servant polishing his shoe and thinks if the train is successful then he will overtake Saimen frazer’s position. Moropant asks Shiva to keep the explosives/bomb in the train and says engine will stop working. Shiva tells that britishers can’t catch him. Moropant gives him british soldier’s clothes and asks him to wear it. Manjiri comes to Moropant and asks him not to blast the engine. Moropant says we are just blasting the engine and tells that animals are not transported. Manjiri tells that britishers’ real aim is of human trafficking and says many Indians will die. Moropant gets shocked and thinks to stop Shiva. Ross and Robb leave from there. Manjiri thinks to inform Manu and thinks she has no other option than to go to palace.

Gangadhar and Lakshmi Bai leave from Palace. Ross thinks they don’t value time and complain that we are ruling on them. Gangadhar and Manu come and sit. Saimen frazer greets him. Ross says afterall historical day came for which we have been waiting for. He says britishers keep their work and says Ross is never wrong. Manu feels helpless. Manjiri thinks krantikari Shiva might blast engine before she could reach there. Shiva is standing as the soldier and thinks to reach to railway engine. Ross stops him and scolds him. He says Robb must have told you what to do. Shiva says I am going there. Robb loads the captive men in the train and tells that Queen and King shall not know about the bounded labors. Ross tells that he is making the occasion memorable in presence of Gangadhar, Lakshmi Bai and Saimen frazer.

Precap: Manjiri informs Manu about the human trafficking. Ross asks Gangadhar to show the green signal to train. Moropant asks Shiva to take the bomb out. Manu gets up and rides on the horse. She climbs on the train to stop it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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