Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 10th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Vikrant stabs Guddan

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 10th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
AJ says leave her hand I will kill you. Vikrant says if you want to live with her stay here. It’s such a big house. We will need servants. Guddan says he deserves a slipper. Vikrant says you’re my MIL you should give me respect. If you live here, I will rule you. I decide what everyone does here. AJ says you think I will take my family and daughter from here. Do what you want? Let’s go. I will see who stops you. Vikrant says you as a father would stop. See how. He calls someone. Police come there and say we are here to arrest Alisha. Mr. Vikrant complained she fooled him into this marriage. We have proof. We have to take action. AJ says stop. AJ says stop this Vikrant. Guddan says she is a kid. They arrest Alisha. Vikrant says my FIL is an angry man. AJ says please stop it. Vikrant says then stay here as my servant. Guddan agrees. Vikrant takes his complaint back. Vikrant says now you know how can I send her back to the jail she came from. Listen to your wife and be my servant. Be my servant and clean my shoes.

Guddan cries and says no AJ. AJ says I have to do this for Alisha. Vikrant says he is mature. Learn from him young guddan. Dadi says I considered you son but you’re a snake. He says AJ gave me my venom and I will return it. Your countdown has started. He goes upstairs.

Scene 2
AJ says to Vikrant it wasn’t my mistake. All that happened wasn’t intentional. Vikrant shoves him and says get out. AJ says you want to be an enemy right? I know how to protect my family. Vikrant says you’re my servant. Get out. Guddan says it’s useless to talk to him.

Vikrant is out. Guddan get son her bike and says now you see what I do. AJ holds her bike and says what are you doing? Gudddan says I have to hit him. It would hurt you too. Don’t you want to be an actress? We don’t have to be like him. Guddan says I am wearing a helmet. Vikrant leaves. Guddan says I could hit him. AJ takes off her helmet. AJ says we have to be here for Alisha. We will make a sane plan against him.

Guddan comes to Alisha and says what are you hiding? She writes in a letter it was all my mistake. Guddan says you want to confess and want to go to jail? Alisha says there’s no other option. I can’t see you all like this. He has asked dadi to do the dishes. Guddan says it feels so good to see you like this. Caring for your family. Vikrant says wow emotional scene going on here. wow she is speaking your language. He grasps Alisha’s hand. Guddan says leave er hand or I will cut your hand. He takes the knife from her and stabs Guddan. Alisha screams says what did you do? Guddan faints.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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