Choti Sardarni 10th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Sarab and Meher tell Param about the baby

Choti Sardarni 10th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Param says I will really love my siblings. Sarab and Meher laugh. Param says can we get a small baby from the mall? Meher says you don’t find babies in the mall. God sends the baby in mama’s tummy. Then mama will bring him out and give the baby to you. Sarab says God has already sent a baby to Meher mama but you won’t tell anyone. Promise? Param says promise. Meher and Sarab smile.

Dolly sits with her friend. Her friend is pregnant. She says you are pregnant in the age of being grandma’s age. Param says why do you have a big tummy? Harleen says she has a baby in her tummy. Param says papa told me God sends babies in the tummy. He also told me in mama’s tummy.. Dolly says what’s in Mehers’ tummy? Sarb says gas only. Param says no there is.. Sarab says gulab jamun. Harleen says Meher you should take green tea. Sarba says yes I will give her medicines as well. Dolly says oh you’re so cute. Sarab asks Param to stay silent.

Scene 2
Yuvi touches Kulwant’s feet. Jagga says his admission is done. He will be going to school Kulwant recalls her mail. Kulwant says wow I am so happy. amrita says he lost a year. Kulwant says you’re always upset.

Sarab asks Meher to drink the juice. She says why do you do this always. You don’t have a brain so it never works. Everyone has a remedy for me now. Meher says Param we asked you not to tell anyone. Param says sorry. Harleen says why are you saying sorry? Sarab says he.. Meher says he was saying sorry because Param said mama will drink cane juice and was laughing. Meher makes Sarab drink it. Meher says we will send him this juice to office as well. Meher laughs.
Harleen leaves. Param says sorry mama. Meher says don’t tell anyone. param says I will play with the baby a lot. I can’t wait to meet the baby.

Kulwant says Harleen should forgive us. I won’t go inside. Amrita says then you should have just sent sweets. Sarab comes out and meets them. He says come inside. Kulwant says Yuvi got admission in school. Sarab says welcome. Kulwant says I can’t come inside. I didn’t apologize Harleen. She is like my daughter. I can’t come inside till she forgives me. Imagine how any mother would feel on news like this. I know you’re bad. Sarab says please come inside. Harleen says they’ve insulted use Sarab. Harleen says it’s okay please come in. Kulwant hugs her and says thank you. Let’s come in. Harleen says I can’t forget it. I am doing this because of my brother. Everyone congratulates them. Meher gives her necklace to Jitto. She says you’re coming here for the first time. She says congrats to Jagga and Amrita. Jagga says thank you.

Meher says Sarab where is Param? He says in school. Meher says why didn’t you wake me up? He says I took my revenge. Meher says okay.
Precap-The PA tells Sarab a mail is sent from your email to Yuvi’s school to get him admission. Now they’re complaining about his behavior. Meher and Sarab are dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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