Gud Se Mitha Ishq 5th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Kajal Bears Humiliation

Gud Se Mitha Ishq 5th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kajal watches Neel leaving and signaling if he can keep her stole as a gift. She nods yes. Ye Moh Moh Ke Dhaage.. song plays in the background. Neel’s sister calls him and he leaves waving her goodbye. She thinks Neel is very kind hearted and hence spoke to her respectfully. She thinks she needs to inform Pallavi about Neel’s good behavior and Phool Singh’s bad behavior.

Phool Singh frowns recalling Kajal confronting him and thinks he gave her job and shelter to stay, but she dared to confront him. His aide comes to him and asks him to forget Kajal as she is out of his reach now. Phool Singh asks what does he mean. He shows a video of Kajal giving mouth to mouth breathing to Neel. Kajal in temple admires the garland Neel gifted her. Panditji says its Mahadev’s garland and she can’t wear it just like that. Kajal says someone gifted it to her. She asks him to seek Mahadev’s forgiveness. Pallavi receives Kajal’s video and stands shocked. Panditji and others also get the same video and start badmouthing about Kajal. Kajal’s friends walk to her and show her the video. Kajal shatters seeing it. Panditji alleges Kajal that she blackened her face with a stranger and wore Parvathi’s made garland for Shivji, etc. Kajal runs from there.

Kajal reaches home where her mother slaps her and says she ruined her dignity. Kajal says she is thinking wrong, she had called her to inform about same. Pallavi continues venting out her anger. Kajal requests to listen to her and is about to reveal her side to story when Phool Singh walks in. Pallavi says only he can save their dignity. Phool Singh asks Kajal to tell who was the man whom she was blackening her face with, he will kill that man. Kajal recalls Phool Singh threatening to kill Neel and thinks she can’t let Phool Singh kill Neel. Neel insists Kajal to reveal who the man was, but she gets adamant.

Villagers gather outside Kajal’s house and demand to handover Kajal to them. Phool Singh grins and calls Kaju out. Kajal denies to go out. Phool Singh forcefully take her out. Villagers humiliate her. On the other side, Neel’s sister notices him stole and demands it. Neel says a special friend gifted it to him. She insists to tell his friend’s name. He says he will some day. Kajal thinks she cannot reveal Neel’s name and put his life in danger. Phool Singh and villager insist her to reveal the name or else they will kill her. Kajal locks herself in a room. Neel return home and calls Kajal. Kajal tries to inform him about the issue there, but Neel disconnects call when someone calls him.

Precap: Kajal denies to reveal Neel’s name.
Bhoomi calls Pari as mentally sick. Pari says she is not and slaps her.

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  1. Revu

    So much emotional episode, Kaju condition made me to cry today, she is so pure

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