Gods Most Beautiful Gift SIBLINGS-Episode 8

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OBEROI MANSION[around 10:45 a.m.]

[Shivaay and Anika went hospital.Shivaay insisted on getting test reports in an hour but  that was not possible so he took Anika home again when they were back Shivaay told everyone that reports are gonna take time until then Anika is on bedrest]

Anika:[Anika argues with Shivaay in front of whole family]Shivaay it was just a small blackout that’s it nothing more i don’t need to be on bedrest for such a small thing[Shivaay didn’t let her complete he lifted Anika in his arms and took her to their room kept her on bed]

Shivaay:[Shivaay says to Anika] I don’t care what you think or what you want to do but you are  going to listen to me today and take complete bed rest

[Shivaay points a finger to Anika and says in stern voice]is that understood[Anika nods in yes like a obedient  child]


Devansh:[Amaya sent Devansh to check on Abhay and make sure he leaves the office by 12:00 as his injury is still healing he enters Abhay’s cabin without knocking]your sister will really make a great mom one day and i mean it[Abhay kept the file in his hands down and looked at Devansh]

Abhay:[Abhay sad in a playful voice]well it’s a good thing for you Dev isn’t it[Devansh was confused] I mean if she is gonna be a great mom to your kids then you for sure don’t have to worry about being a great  father really[listening this Devansh let a faint smile out but he was upset and Abhay could see it clearly]Dev I was just kidding i know you would make a great father[Devansh interrupted Abhay]

Devansh:[trying to hide his sadness]no I wasn’t upset about the joke it is something else i was upset about[Devansh stops to think how to hide the real reason but Abhay helps him to do that Abhay tries to guess the reason]

Abhay:[Abhay says getting up from his chair]let me guess the reason your are upset is your sister[Abhay tries to remember her name]what was her name again! Aakriti right she is returning to India today if i am correct[Devansh nods in yes]what’s to be upset about it?

Devansh:[Devansh answered in serious voice]I don’t know but she just seems to me a different person completely now I mean when we were kids Aakriti was the most friendly one of us siblings she was well mannered and i don’t know what made her 10 years ago change her entire mindset about people i mean since we were of same age she shared a lot of things with me in hope that i would understand but the time she was leaving for New York she didn’t even bothered to say goodbye and after that reply to phone calls or messages nothing. I don’t know what changed her but for sure i know there is no reason really good enough that you can’t even talk to your siblings

Abhay:[Abhay lets Devansh complete and then says]Dev I don’t get much to say about your relationship with your sister but what I can say is if Amu would have done something like this I would’ve been upset at first but then eventually i would understand that she must have her own good reasons to do so or else she wouldn’t have done it and i would give her time to feel comfortable to talk about her problems

Devansh:[Devansh says after Abhay completes while getting up from his chair]speaking of Amu i think we both should leave or she will kill me first and then you

Abhay:[looks at the clock and says]Oh!shit it 12:30 I should get going

[they both leave from the office Devansh drops Abhay at Oberoi Mansion but refuses to come inside as he was getting late for his sister’s welcome home party]


[everyone was present in the hall also Priyanka and Ranveer talking about area of their own interests Tej sees Abhay]

Tej:[Tej speaks as Abhay was walking close to them]Abhay you shortly missed the lunch

Ranveer:[Ranveer looks at Abhay and says]Abhay so you decided to accept my condition

[Abhay nods in yes Ranveer says like an announcement]now that everyone is here I want to announce something[everyone was looking at Ranveer and he looks at everyone make sure he has got everyone’s attention]Priyanka and I are going to welcome a baby after 6 months from now[everyone was a little surprised to react at first but then all became happy and excited to hear the news]

Dadi:[Dadi looks at Abhay but says to Ranveer in jovial voice]thank you Ranveer beta because of Abhay and Amu are here and you gave us a really good news

Amaya:[Amaya came right after few minutes Abhay did she interrupted Dadi and said]Dadi I am sorry if this seems rude but i would prefer all of you[she says looking at Oberoi family] address me as Amaya[Dadi was little bit disappointed by Amaya’s behaviour but Amaya had a way to make her happy she takes out Anika’s report from her hand bag and hands it to Anika saying]this is your report actually Dr.Anju is out of town today so i got you tomorrow morning’s appointment with her but i collected the reports thought might save you a visit to hospital

Anika:[Anika says in playful voice]you should hand this to Shivaay because he is the one who thinks i am ill not me[Amaya hands the reports to Shivaay.He takes the reports and reads it and he was flooded with emotions he never thought that he would know the news of him becoming a father before then Anika knowing that she is going to be a mother Shivaay had layer of tear formed in his eyes everyone was bit worried now Shivaay didn’t reply to anyone as everyone was asking him to says something Omkara who was standing next Shivaay took the report and read it he became real happy and went to Anika and hugged her tight]

Omkara:[Omkara’s gesture surprised Anika as well as others but when Omkara says]Bhabhi I am so happy for you and Shivaay[Gauri asks impatiently to Omkara]

Gauri:we too want to hear what made you so happy

Shivaay:[Shivaay answers Gauri’s question]Anika is pregnant[hearing this everyone becomes happy,overjoyed and excited Dadi and other elders blessed Anika and youngsters hug her Anika was happy to hear the news but deep down in her heart she was terrified]

Amaya:[she gestured Shivaay to come aside Shivaay and Amaya go aside little bit far from family so no one could hear them] I wanted to talk to you


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