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Kunj- I cheated on you. I slept with another woman. He confessed.

Twinkle- What? .. What did you just say?

Kunj- I cheated on- Kunj couldn’t finish his sentence when Twinkle slapped him hard. She slapped with all her strength. Kunj paused for a moment to realize what just happened. He looked at Twinkle hoping she was done with slapping him. Twinkle who was looking at her hand as if she couldn’t believe what she just did and thinking how dare he betray her.

Kunj- Twinkle, I am so sorry. Kunj said but his voice was quivering.

Tears were flowing from Twinkle’s eyes. She looked up at him but didn’t say a word.

Kunj- Twinkle, please say something.

Twinkle- How could you? How could do this to me Kunj? I trusted you. She said and her voice as shaking and tears on her cheeks and volume was high as she spoke.

Kunj- I am sorry, Twinkle, I just… I wasn’t thinking. Kunj tried to explain but he was not able to find any words, what to say. He knew he did wrong with her. He didn’t want to hurt her more. He actually never wanted to hurt her but he did hurt her and gave her the biggest pain in life.

Twinkle- This is not happening. No. She turned away from him and took few steps and was shaking her head.

Kunj- Twinkle, I needed to tell you. I can’t keep lying to you. I didn’t want to.

Twinkle didn’t respond. She was still turning her back so Kunj could not see her expression but was watching her carefully.

Twinkle, please. Kunj reached for her and landed his hands on her shoulders, but she quickly pushed his hands away.

Twinkle almost screamed at him- Don’t touch me.

Kunj backed away- Twinkle, I know you are upset. You are angry and I deserve that treatment. What I did was horrible. I never wish to hurt you. I never intended to and that is the last thing I would ever want to do. Please believe me.

Twinkle- But you did. You have hurt me and broken my trust. Kunj, you are my husband and you were with some other woman. How would this not hurt me?

Kunj- I am sorry, Twinkle. I know it will take some time, but will you please forgive me? He asked sadly.

Twinkle- Kunj, what if I would have made the same mistake, slept with some other man? What would have you done? Twinkle replied Kunj, tears falling down from her cheek.

Kunj closed his fist, thinking Twinkle with some other man on bed made his blood boil. He realized the and sighed knowing the answer that might be Twinkle will not forgive him. He knew the answer and so did Twinkle. She walked away and stood at the glass door that divided the room, waiting Kunj to leave.

Kunj- Twinkle, I…

Twinkle- Just get out.

Kunj stood there for a second. He accepted defeat and bowed his head down, understanding that Twinkle need some time alone. He walked out of Twinkle’s room and once again he looked back and gave Twinkle a pleading look. As soon as Kunj was out her room she closed the door and locked it and pulled the curtains as well so that Kunj can’t see. She didn’t want to look at him at that moment.

Kunj looked at the curtains absently. He knew Twinkle would not react well when he confesses, but he expected her to break down in his arms and he really wanted to comfort her. He wanted to comfort her until she forgives him. Of course, he knew that it will take time for her to forgive him and fully trust him back again. However, he never expected that she would shut him out like she did.

Twinkle wanted to stay strong, but she could not. Kunj had broken her trust. She laid down in her bed and thought how Kunj had turned her world upside down. She had thought Kunj being a good person but now she was not sure. She curled in bed and broke down crying. She didn’t even try to hold any of it in. Kunj had broken her inside.

The next day Kunj had to attend his last day conference but Twinkle didn’t come with him. Once again UV was the one who handled everything. Kunj was all lost and didn’t even listen to what was being told. UV this time didn’t even asked what happened to him as he was well aware as to what would have last night.

The meeting was over and everyone including UV and others had left the room. Kunj was about to leave when Shaurya entered the conference room with someone.

Shaurya- Hey Kunj! How are you?

Kunj was not at all interested but when he saw up, he was shocked to see the sight in front of him.

There with Shaurya was standing RT. Kunj was totally in shock as to what RT was doing with Shaurya and both had smirk on their faces.

RT- Kunj, how are you?

Kunj- I am fine.

Shaurya- You seem to be so out?

Kunj- I am fine. Still shocked and not able to figure it out what RT is doing with Shaurya.

RT- throwed a document down the table.

Kunj- What’s this? Kunj asked looking at the file.

Shaurya- The file tells that you will be transferring your three companies and half of your wealth to me.

RT- Also you are leaving Twinkle and she will be marrying Shaurya as will have more wealth and profitable companies with him.

Kunj- What the hell? That extortion! Kunj stood up angrily and looked up at Shaurya. He turned to RT and said- What kind of father are you that you will give away your married daughter to this idiot just for the sake of money and power. I am not doing that Mr. Raminder Taneja and Shaurya.

RT looked at him with shocked eyes.

Kunj- Mr. Raminder Taneja, you better leave from here before I call Twinkle and tell about all your disgusting deeds. She will hate you for all her life and of course the same things will be told to your family as well. Twinkle and your family thinks you to be a great father and a family person but I know how shrewd and disgusting person you are who is ready to sell her daughter just for the sake of profit and money. If you want your family and daughters not see your true face you better leave, otherwise you know very well what I can do to you. I am giving nothing to this man. I will show you both what Kunj Sarna is?

RT was all shocked re as Shaurya still had an evil grin on face. He said- C’mon RT uncle, you don’t need to be afraid of him. He will give me and I am sure of it. Kunj you know what I am going to tell Twinkle each and everything and then she will have to come to me.

Kunj- You are trying to force me to give you my three companies and millions of dollars to you so that you don’t reveal everything to my wife and she will come to you, blo*dy who tried to rape her.

RT- What? Looking towards Shaurya- But you said Kunj is trying to cheat my daughter and she in not happy with her, but you…

Shaurya- ENOUGH…. Kunj are you deaf? Sign on these papers, Dammit. He shouted frustratingly that Kunj told his deeds in front of RT which he did not revealed instead told RT that Kunj was cheating on Twinkle ad tried to manipulate him that Twinkle was not happy with Kunj and he should get Twinkle marry Shaurya. But Kunj turned the table towards him making RT totally shocked. He does love his business but Twinkle and Mahi were dear to him so he never wanted something like this disgusting happening to her. At that moment he was feeling ashamed of him that how he supported Shaurya without knowing the entire truth and just because of his excess hunger of money made him do this. He couldn’t hear anything more and just left from that place.

Shaurya- Sign it Kunj.

Kunj- You are an idiot. I am never ever leaving Twinkle and I have already told her each and everything, but I am giving this to the cops right now. He said and held up his phone which had Shaurya’s voice confirming his intent to extort money and property from Kunj

Shaurya dove over the phone, but Kunj moved out of the way just in time. Shaurya hit his time on table and laid on the floor. Kunj hurried out and got a cab. There was no way Shaurya will be able to catch him. He didn’t have any idea where he was staying and Kunj intended to take his evidence to the police before reaching Sydney. He knew Shaurya would be arrested before coming back to Sydney.

What, you did what?- UV asked.

Kunj- I got Shaurya arrested for extortion. Kunj told him- I also gave a peace of mind to Mr. Taneja. I never knew he could stoop this low for the sake of his business and money. Seems like he was guilty of it also.

UV- Damn, he had it coming. He tried to blackmail you like that and involved Twinkle’s father as well.

Kunj- Yes, even I can’t believe he actually thought I would be so stupid enough to give him my companies.

UV- Hey! So, how did last night go? Did Twinkle hate you?

Kunj- Hmm, she is not even looking at me. I haven’t spoken to her since I told her.

UV- Don’t worry everything will be all right. Make sure you treat her well.

Kunj- Yes, I never wanted to hurt her.

UV- I know you didn’t.

Twinkle- Kunj knocked at the door which was still covered with curtains from Twinkle’s side- Twinkle, I know you are still angry with me but I wanted to tell you something really important. I just wanted to let you know that Shaurya is arrested.

Kunj waited for Twinkle’s response but she didn’t respond to him.

Kunj- He was arrested for extortion. He tried to force me to sign over some documents. He wanted to transfer out some of my companies in his name and million dollars of money to him. Twinkle, I didn’t add any attempt to rape charges. Your reputation is safe. He will be in jail and never can hurt you again. He wasn’t sure whether Twinkle was listening but he thought to tell her about Shaurya’s arrest to her, also he didn’t mention anything about her father as he didn’t her to hate her father.

Twinkle who was listening everything from inside but didn’t respond. She was happy that Shaurya was arrested and thankful to Kunj that he didn’t involve her in the police case. She thought best to answer anything to Kunj as she was very hurt with Kunj’s deeds.

Kunj and Twinkle were scheduled to depart at the same night back to Sydney. UV who thought best not to accompany both as it would be awkward for the couple, so he simply told Kunj that he had a booking in other flight next morning. Kunj and Twinkle sat in their charted plane next to each other but there was an awkward silence. Kunj was often looking at Twinkle expecting some kind of reciprocation, but Twinkle had her face towards the window. She was totally lost in another word. A part of Kunj hoped she would fall asleep as she often did on late night flights and would lean on to his shoulder for support. He was willing any kind of acknowledgement from her. She didn’t seem angry or upset from him just distant from him which was driving him insane. After their flight and long ride back to home, there was only silence between them and as soon as Twinkle entered their home, Twinkle entered her room without giving any attention to Kunj. Kunj thought best to leave her alone right now as she won’t like him to be near her or anything to do with him.

He what- Roshni spilled out her juice in shock.

Twinkle He said he cheated on me.

Roshni- That idiot, I am going kick his ass! How dare he? Roshni exclaimed angrily. She said pacing in the room in anger, muttering something to herself.

Twinkle had called on Roshni as she was in need of some kind of advice.

Roshni- Idea, take revenge on his. Roshni took a seat on the couch and said.

Twinkle- Revenge, but how?

Roshni- Sleep with another man.

Twinkle- Roshni! Now this time it was Twinkle’s chance to spill the juice- I can’t do that.

Roshni- I would have done that. Dare Sid try to cheat on me.

Twinkle- What do I do?

Roshni- Show him your bold side. Show him that you can be s*xier when he dares to compare you with anybody. Let him also suffer with the same feeling that he gave you. Let his heart also broke. Let him pine for you, Twinkle, and then you let him know that he can’t have you the way he wants to. That him definitely teach him a lesson for his life He will never look at any other women for his life. She suggested Twinkle.

Twinkle- I don’t know how I will do this. Twinkle wasn’t the bold type that was liked by Kunj. She instead thought that she will be inviting a whole lot of discomfort is she is going to take up bold look.

Roshni- Twinkle, try at least. You can’t keep crying about it and will yell at him a bit and then ignore him for the rest of life. After that what, you will leave him or forgive him. Then what? What if he again repeats the same mistake saying again sorry and then you do the same. No dear, he deserves some lesson to be taught after that you can move on.

Twinkle- Will you help me? Twinkle asked as she very well know if she will try on her own, she will never be able to do that.

Roshni- Of course, wait!

Twinkle- What happened?

Roshni- Was it just one time or Kunj is still having an affair with that girl?

Twinkle- I don’t know.

Roshni- Twinkle, if the relationship is still there between them, then there is no forgiving.

Twinkle’s heart stumbled. What if Kunj purposefully forged a relationship with that woman? She knew nothing about it and will never forgive him? If it was a mistake then that is a different story. Everyone makes mistakes. Twinkle had not asked him all the details. She was not even sure that whether she would be able to handle such kind of details about Kunj’s affair or not but she will have to ask Kunj about it.

Roshni- I have a perfect plan. Make sure you ask Kunj. I am going to spy Sid and make sure he doesn’t get into any such kind of mischief. See you.

Twinkle smiled and Roshni left. Twinkle thought that Roshni always have answers. Are you ok? He wasn’t sure what to say, as he didn’t expected Twinkle to be in his room or come to him to talk also.

Twinkle- I am fine.

Kunj- Is something wrong? Kunj asked thinking why she was not in her room.

Twinkle- I need to ask you something.

Kunj- Ok, you may ask anything? Kunj said preparing himself to answer some questions that were bound to be difficult.

Twinkle- Your affair, was it one time or you are still in relationship?

Kunj- It was just one-time Twinkle and it was a big mistake.

Twinkle- Ok. She said and turned to leave.

Kunj- Wait. Kunj stopped her and grabbed her wrist firmly- That’s all you wanted to ask?

Twinkle- Hmm. She said not maintaining any eye contact, also trying to pull away from his grip.

Kunj pulled her roughly so that she slammed into his body. He held her close ignoring all her efforts to put some distance between them but because of his strong grip, she couldn’t.

Kunj- Twinkle, I will tell you everything and anything you want to know if it will make you forgive me.

Twinkle- I don’t want to know anything else. She struggled to pull away from him, but he was not leaving her.

Kunj- I don’t believe you.

Twinkle- Fine. Twinkle stopped struggling. He let his hands fall to his side. Twinkle sat down on his bed. Kunj wasn’t sure what was going on. Did she intend to discuss his affair? Was she planning on staying in his bedroom tonight? Kunj wasn’t thinking about any romantic possibilities that could happen in his bed if Twinkle spent the night with him. He just wished for her to stay with him near him so that he could convince her to forgive him.

Twinkle- When did it happen? Twinkle asked but her expression was blank. Kunj couldn’t tell what she must be feeling.

Kunj- When UV, Karan and I spent the night out clubbing in the city after moving Mahi in. Kunj answered and took a seat beside Twinkle o his bed keeping some distance between them.

Twinkle- Where did you take her? Twinkle asked trying to hide her emotions. She thought back on how they had almost consummated their marriage in that small motel room and felt jealous that Kunj must have taken the other woman in some lavish seven-star hotel.

Kunj hesitated first. Twinkle was never going to forgive him when he will tell her that he bought her to their house in his room. He thought first whether lying to Twinkle will make it easier or will increase his problems but he doesn’t want to hide anything to her.

Kunj- Here. Kunj opted truth.

Twinkle was shocked and stood up- You brought her here? I was home that night…. you kicked me out from your room that morning. You planned all this before, right? That’s why you kicked me out from your bedroom? Twinkle reasoned and screamed at him.

Kunj- Twinkle, I didn’t kick you out because I planned to cheat on you. It was a big mistake. Kunj defended.

Twinkle- It’s your room, it’s your house. So, you can do anything what you want to. She shouted back and stood up to leave again.

Wait Twinkle- Kunj grabbed her arm. He pulled her towards him. He pulled her backwards until her back was touching his chest.

Kunj- I had hoped you felt welcomed enough to consider this your home too. It’s our home. He whispered into Twinkle’s ear.

Twinkle felt uncomfortable being so close to Kunj. She was supposed to be angry at him and not melting in his arms.

Twinkle- If this was our home Kunj, you would have never got any woman in this house. She said and left for her room.

Kunj watched her leaving. He messed up everything. He was all frustrated and angry on him.

The next day, Kunj wanted to inform Twinkle that he needed her to accompany him to a formal event, but he was afraid that she might say no or ignore him. He desperately wanted her to accompany him. He knew she would acted cordial with him at a public event, they would have to spent the entire night dancing in each other’s arms.

Kunj knocked Twinkle’s door- Twinkle.

No one answered so he tried again- Twinkle? Are you in there? He said while knocking.

He walked inside the room and started to look for Twinkle. She wasn’t in the room, nor in bathroom or in closet. He sat on the bed and pulled out his phone. When she didn’t answer that as well, he grew angry and frustrated. There is no way she left the mansion and that also without telling Kunj. Even if she was angry with him, she would have informed him and if she left. He never wanted to her to go like this leaving him.

Kunj- Dammit! It’s all because of me and my infidelity. He could feel his and Twinkle’s relationship taking a turn for the worse.

He hated that she had distanced herself from his. He used to think before that Twinkle should be more independent rather than taking his permission for everything. However, he missed Twinkle’s traditional ways. Hell, he missed her. He need to find out where she went.

Kunj- Twinkle peeked through the balcony door. She was out there having her morning tea.

Kunj- Twinkle, what are you doing here?

Twinkle- Having breakfast. She answered before resuming her spot. Kunj went out and took a seat beside her. He wondered what had gotten into him. Of course, Twinkle wouldn’t leave him without telling him. And why had he gotten so worried up about it? He hadn’t even searched the whole house but had got worried.

Twinkle- You want something? She asked not wanting to be with Kunj for a long time.

Kunj- Yes, actually there is a formal event tonight. I need you to come with me.

Twinkle- Ok.

Kunj with a surprise look- Ok?

Twinkle- Ok.

Kunj- Well, I thought you will refuse.

Twinkle- Well, you can’t go by yourself.

Kunj frowned, but quickly recovered his expression. Did she mean he cannot be trusted by himself?

Twinkle- I mean, if your wife will not be there with you, what would people think?

Kunj- Right. Be ready by 8.

Twinkle- Ok.

An awkward silence fell between Kunj and Twinkle. Kunj actually felt out of the place in his own house. He felt like he was bothering Twinkle, making her uncomfortable with his presence. Of course, she was too nice to tell him to leave her alone, but he took the hint. Kunj stood to leave.

Kunj- I’ll see you in the evening. I’ll arrange the car for you that will straight away take you to the venue.

This is perfect. Roshni said on the phone.

Twinkle- Why?

Roshni- Oh, Twinkle, you are so innocent.

Twinkle didn’t know what was cooking in Roshni’s mind and she wasn’t sure and she wanted to know.


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    Aur mere ko bilkul bhi bhura nhi laga kunj ke liye kyoki usne jo twinkle ke saath kiya h vo ye deserve krta h
    Yrrr me bahut excited hu twinkle ki bold side dekhne ke liye
    Roshni to best h i love roshni character yrrr
    Plzzzzzzz post soon dear
    Luvvvvvv u

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