Gods Most Beautiful Gift SIBLINGS-Episode 12

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[It’s been three weeks since Amaya and Abhay are in the Oberoi Mansion but not once in those three weeks Amaya had talked to Shivaay,Omkara or Rudra as brother.Abhay was too busy with Mr.Kapadia’s case sometimes he would stay in the office at nights.Ranveer told Abhay that talking to only eye witness of the murder Neha didn’t help much as she refused to answer most of the question Ranveer asked her.It was sunday and Amaya decided to take Abhay out in the morning for a change]


Amaya:[Amaya entered the room as she saw Abhay was busy on phone.Abhay disconnected the call saying he will call back and looked at Amaya with surprise]Why are you looking at me like that?

Abhay:[Abhay walked towards bed to and said]because it unusual for you to barge into my room unless of course you want something from me to which I’m gonna say no[Abhay lifted the plain black blazer from the bed and started to put it on]

Amaya:[Amaya came in front of Abhay to face him and said]Veerji don’t put it on you are not going to office[Abhay raised his one brow and looked at Amaya.Amaya hesitated but then said in one go]We are going on outing today so I was it would better if you put some suitable clothes and please don’t say no[Abhay shook his head put on his blazer and started collecting his things to go for office]

Abhay:[Abhay was speaking as he was collecting things and Amaya was standing still]I am sorry Amu I can’t be with you.You know very well that Mr.Kapadia’s case is important for me and I plan to get a verdict tomorrow itself and besides Amu you are not a kid anymore okay if wanna go on outing you surely can but what would you do if you get an emergency call have have thought about that.

Amaya:[Amaya said in an annoyed tone]Veerji please don’t do this I planned this outing for you especially you have stressed you have stressed yourself with the Kapadia case so much that you don’t even rest enough

Abhay:[Abhay interrupted Amaya] and that’s the reason I want verdict tomorrow itself the sooner the case is over I can focus on other things[saying that Abhay left the room leaving Amaya alone]


[Disappointed by Abhay’s behaviour Amaya came down and was about to move towards kitchen but conversation between Dadi,Jhanvi,Pinky and Pandit who was talking with them caught her attention]

Dadi:[Dadi or anyone sitting their didn’t notice Amaya approaching them she was saying to pandit]We want girl to be from a good family even if she is poor it’s okay but people should be good at heart[Amaya stood aside sofa where Dadi was sitting with pandit]

Pinky:[Pinky notice Amaya and said]Amaya,beta do want anything?[Amaya instinctively nodded in no]

Amaya:[Amaya was little confused as all three Oberoi brother were married then why Dadi was looking for a bride.Amaya asked out of curiosity]Dadi,all of the Oberoi sons are married then why are you looking for a bride?

Dadi:[Dadi smiled and asked pandit to leave and do work he has been assigned.Dadi gestured Amaya to sit beside her.Amaya sat beside her and Dadi said]Not all of the Oberoi sons are married.Abhay is still remaining[Dadi paused to see whether Amaya understood what Dadi was trying to say or not but Amaya understood that Dadi was looking a bride for Abhay.Amaya tried to reason with Dadi but Dadi didn’t let her speak]I know your thinking that what would Abhay say but he asked us himself to find a bride for him but he kept a difficult condition though.[Amaya got confused.She was surprised at the fact the her brother could have a checklist for how his bride should be]Abhay wants a life partner that could accept Abhay’s as a really bad husband now how are we supposed to find such a bride

Amaya:[Amaya was in thought and she said in distant voice]I don’t know Dadi[saying that Amaya went in kitchen to have water]

Jhanvi:[After Amaya went in kitchen Jhanvi said in to Dadi]Look at the irony,none of our sons gave us the opportunity to choose a bride for them not that I have problem with life partners they have chosen but the one who gave us that opportunity maybe doesn’t even consider us his parent figure

Dadi:[Dadi interrupted Jhanvi and said]Jhanvi they had been their parents most of their childhood and after Vishal is been gone they grew up alone looking after each other I think we should give them some more time

[Amaya was going to her room after having water as she was walking Rudra came in from opposite direction and bumped into her Amaya managed to balance herself]

Rudra;[Rudra asked out of concern]Are you okay?[Amaya nodded in yes]I am sorry I was thinking of something I didn’t see

Amaya:[Amaya interrupted Rudra and said]It’s okay Rudra I could have moved aside as well but I was also walking absentmindedly so it’s fine[Amaya was about to leave but Rudra stopped her]

Rudra:[Amaya turned back to face Rudra]I don’t know if this sounds silly to you but I just wanted to know for general knowledge and assume this as completely from a stranger to another stranger question[Amaya was convinced by Rudra’s expression that this wasn’t for general knowledge]suppose that you are married just for a month or so and your partner wants to start a family what would be your response

Amaya:[Amaya thought for while and said]first I would discuss the reason and then if I would agree eventually because no one would bring up such discussions with a reason strong enough[Rudra thought about what Amaya said and left from their]


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