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Hye!!! Buddies….

How are you all?

Missed me????

No…. Right!

Hahahaha…. ????….

Okay I am just kidding….

My exams are finally over…..


Let’s dance together…..? ? ? ? ?

How were you peeps doing so far???

Okay guys I have something to say…. So read carefully and please do reply.

Firstly, sorry for such a long delay and not replying to anyone of you. The only thing is that I was hooked up with my exams.

So coming to your most asked querie….

Q1.) When will you update the next part of ENTWINED BY FAITH?

Ans.) Okay after a lot of thinking and considering all the situations I have come to one simple conclusion that is to leave the decision on you peeps.

I had talked to Amore di three to four weeks back and she ensured me that she would post the story regularly but after that I didn’t hear from her.

Another thing is presently, I am free completely free as all my exams are over and I have nothing to do at all.

So now you peeps got to decide do you want to wait for Amore di to post the story or you guys want me to post the story. From my side I can ensure a regular update that is on three of the week MONDAY, WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY. As I have started writing one more story owing to my free time which I started three to four weeks back as I had a short break I would be posting that on the other day while Sunday would be optional, you may or you may not get an update depending on the time I have.

Coming to the story I shall be starting it from the point where I left it that is after Sukanya and Atharv’s birthday.

About Amore di I really don’t know when and how she will be able to update as she did ensure me to post but after that she has again vanished and I am searching her everywhere ????….

Jokes apart guys…. I seriously don’t know whether she will be able to publish or not. But as per what she said she told me that she will publish once or twice in a week.

So I leave the decision on you guys….

Please do reply about your convince that will help me to come to a convenient conclusion.

Q2.) In the PART 34 i.e. Sukanya and Atharv’s birthday what did Anika present to them?

Ans.) Anika gifted them the dresses they wore on their birthday I had mentioned that while I wrote about the dresses.

Q3.) What is the role of medicines that Sukanya was asked to take in the initial parts of the story?

Ans.3) I remember this question coming up my way few months back sorry for not answering it then as I got hooked up with my work. So I will answer it now. Those medicines and their role shall come forth in the upcoming story. All those who do not remember about the medicines it’s in the very beginning of the story where Anika had asked Sukanya to take them.

Okay these were the few questions that you people have been bombarding me with.

Accept that I have few suggestions and demands of showing few scenes don’t worry guys whatever you peeps have told me I remember that and you will get to read those scenes in the coming story if I right it and if I don’t I shall pass those suggestions to Amore di. But all the suggestions that came on Amore di’s story I really don’t know about them as I didn’t read the comments section not even for once. So please you guys can drop your wishes in the comments section.

Finally, THANK YOU for pouring your love to this story and finally I AM REALLY SORRY for all the delays and mess.

A HUGE SORRY TO AMORE DI. SORRY AMORE DI FOR BURDENING YOU WITH THE STORY… I know you don’t like me asking forgiveness but please forgive me as I genuinely feel bad moreover, I feel as if I have forced you to write…. Sorry…. Forgive me pretty please….

Keep smiling

Stay blessed


For now signing off


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  1. I want you to write entwined-faith-part

  2. Finally u r back…..welcome
    pls pls pls do continue entwined by faith…
    I miss it badly….

  3. Waiting for the update since so many days plz update soon …………….

  4. ItsmePrabha

    Okay.. Let me rub my eyes…Oh Good God..You are here…. finally…..How are you??? how was your exams???… Okay so, Be it You or Amore di..pls do continue this one yaar..i was missing this story like anything..BTW..A small question Crept in my mind…Do you remember me?….Anyways..Will be ever enthusiastically waiting for this one..Till then Take care ….

  5. Hkaur

    Am I dreaming???? You are back. I missed you so much. And this FF too. I know I would sound rude but I want YOU to continue this story. Sorry Amore di but I like shivika Di’s writing better. I am genuinely feel sorry. But pls shivika di you continue this asap. I’m waiting for the next episode.

  6. Nikita_jai29

    Please resume this story… Updates are very rare for this story… As far as if you are giving us regular updates…. Then Please you continue the story….

  7. Pinch me pinch me pinch me…
    U r back Iam in cloud nine hope u have done great job in ur exams…
    We are all missed entwined by faith…I really waited from so many Day ‘s…
    Ur back really it’s good Day for me please continue your writing skills are amazing yaar please shivika you continue the story…we are eagally waiting for this story update…
    Iam studying this story so many times repeatedly in meanwhile time
    Waiting for next update from your side…


    Hi di. I am ur great admirer since the starting of Entwined by faith. Di, please write yourself. I really want you to continue this story yourself

  9. Pls u continue this ff
    I feel that u r best writer for this ff
    Sorry to amore but i like ur pov and writing style
    Once again sorry amore

  10. Write from where you left , that would be very nice for the story and readers

  11. I want to you continue the story

  12. Ufff finally u r back… pls u continue this story… i cant wait anymore…pls yaar post it regularly

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