My girl is a liar (IKRS) Episode-20

Today episode I introduce one new character Dr. arjun, one of the world best cancer specialist and maya’s ex-boyfriend I mean they are break up, we can call him as a miracle doctor, he is like that carefree person, at all situation candle easily by his steady mind …..
The episodes starts with suddenly dhaani drop her hand away from viplav hand….he seems that and he can’t feel her breath, then viplav let her free from him and seems her….blood dripping from her mouth, viplav seems that and shocked, dhaani falls on her arms…..he calls her name dhaani! dhaani! No answer from her. viplav shouts dhaani! He holds her close as he and breaks out his tears, he cries loudly…..

Viplav make her straight and says you can’t leave me like this dhaani, “don’t be like this” “don’t scare me like this” dhaani! and he beats her cheeks hard…..but she doesn’t wake up, viplav holds dhaani in his arms and cries bitterly…..suddenly thunders and lighting passing and that makes sounds…..dhaani hears that and gives hard breath and come back to her life…..viplav seems that and smiles….he calls dhaani! dhaani! with teary eyes……and asks have you regained your consciousness? Dhaaani nodes and says you’re too loud…. viplav hugs again and says with teary eyes “yes” I know you can’t leave me like that, I will save you and he asks her to don’t worry and hold on dhaani uhmm…. Dhaani hears that and nodes with teary eyes….. viplav let her free and carries her, then he take her to hospital…..

dhaani wheeled into the hospital room until she enters to the room viplav holds her hand asks her to hold on….she struggle to breathing and she starts to loses her conscious slowly……dhaani take her to special cancer treatment ward…. Dr. maya and other doctors are very hard to make her condition stable…..finally they make her state stable and shows relief sign in their face….
Outside of the room viplav folds her hand and says dhaani hold on, he scared to death. Maya comes out and asks viplav now you’re happy? I said na if she get infection we couldn’t do anything, her condition is now worst than before. Viplav folds his hand and says with tears please save her…..please! His tears,which make maya more crazy she moves on….

Tharun, ashok also comes to hospital, viplav sees dhaani through glass and cries alone, her room is fully covered by glass wall…. dhaani is under ventilation..…..ashok comes and sees her daughter with teary eyes and tells my dhaani! my dear beti! tharun breaks his tears with them…..
One night passed….next morning maya checks dhaani, still now dhaani can’t get conscious and so maya get tensed and asks nurse to monitor her pulse every half an hour…then she leaves out tensely viplav follows her and asks what? dhaani is okay now? Maya replied “no” she is not okay until she get conscious… viplav asks what? maya turns back and says now all ways are closed, we don’t know what next happens let’s hope on, then she leaves….viplav looks miserable and says what? no way to save her? tears were fallout from his eyes…

.ashok and tharun looks on with teary eyes….
Viplav goes back to dhaani room, no one allowed to her room because she get infection easily…he stands outside of the room she lies on bed inside…..he touches dhaani through mirror and asks what should I do? they says no way to save you? what should I do dhaani? viplav stares her while tears were fallout from his eyes….viplav recalls their first meeting that accident, how she used to lies to him and how they are grew closer and he recalls their silly and lovely fights and smiles hopeless…..finally viplav recalls dhaani smiles and cries…..but he get some energy from recalling those beautiful memories and says “yes” I can’t give up you, I definitely get you back dhaani! all of sudden some voice “yes” “we definitely get her back”, viplav hears that and turns back and looks on….ashok stands behind him and tells “yes” she definitely come back for us and she is not a weaker person, my beti dhaani is stronger like me and she is a good fighter too she definitely win against her fate. viplav hears that and wipes his tears….. and says “yes”, she will be back soon. They console each other like that.

Ashok asks viplav to have some meals and says you did not eat well while past few days, it’s bad for your health and asks him to have lunch with him….viplav looks on….. then ashok says if I leave you like this, when dhaani come back to us, if she ask me “why papa you couldn’t care about my viplav” then what would I answer to her? viplav hears that and smiles….then he says dhaani resembles you lot, like you she always hiding her pain from me, then they smiles each other miserable….ashok takes viplav to hospital canteen, they have some food while ashok take her purse out and place on table, after finished his meals he goes to washroom without taking his purse back (he always missed his purse na) …..viplav seems that purse and call babuji! But ashok doesn’t get his voice and move on……then viplav holds that wallet with him, all of sudden he drop the purse from his hand, that falls down on floor while it opens…..viplav gets that back and looks inside the purse… that purse some photo were placed, that is dhaani (child hood) family photo, viplav stares that photo and stunned…. he seems keerthi in that photo, in piya’s place. He stares the photo with teary eyes and all things were muted to him and he gets confused……

Ashok returns back and seems viplav like that and asks what happened beta? Viplav seems back him and he can’t get over from the shock…..he slowly says this is keerthi! And shows photo to him…..ashok seems that and tells” no” this is piya, my first daughter…..viplav get shocked and asks what piya? Ashok signs “yes”. Viplav thinks and asks babuji where you lost her? He replies Mumbai railway station. Viplav hears that and smiles hopeless……

Then child hood F.B shown, 14 years ago that was a annual holidays, viplav (13 years old boy) and shalu studies in Mumbai, they planned to go Banaras for their holidays, so kanak and shambu get them from hostel and waiting for train at railway station……that time dhaani missed balloon was stopped by viplav, he gets that balloon and looks around: there is no one search for that balloon, but aside one girl stands alone and cries for her dad, that girl is our piya, she apart from dhaani and now stands alone….( you can see the F.B in first episode) viplav seems her and goes to her……then he give that balloon to her but piya refuse to have and cries continuously, viplav asks why you are crying? She doesn’t say anything….. kanak and shambu seems that and goes to them….viplav saya maa she is crying continuously, I don’t know why…..

Kanak close to piya and asks about her parents but she doesn’t say anything and keep criying…..shambu and kanak seems that and asks everyone near to them about her but no one won’t to give proper response to them…..kanak don’t know what to do and they looks hopeless, viplav seems that and tells let’s take her to our home maa….. Kanak thinks and says correct we can’t leave her alone, let’s take her to our home first, after that we think about what next. They take piya with them to Banaras…

In banaras dadaji and dadi everyone asks about her name but piya doesn’t say anything and says continuously papa! Papa! I want to go to papa…..these words only come from her mouth may she because of scared… month is going like that…..finally dada ji asks kanak to grow up her (piya) with viplav and shalu, kanak smiles and says yes babuji and they give new name to her keerthi……viplav goes to piya and give ice cream to her and says I will be your friend and guardian too na,….then he shows his hand towards her, piya holds his hand and smiles…..that day onwards piya starts to live as a keerthi and all things about her could take care of viplav family……flash back ends.

Ashok hears that with teary eyes, he holds viplav hands and asks you know my beti piya? Viplav tells with teary eyes “yes” I know I am the one who bring her to my house from railway station where you lost her, and I am her guardian. Ashok looks on…..viplav beats his head and tells if I see that photo that day, when you show to me , now dhaani couldn’t end up like this and says now it’s not late; I will call keerthi, if she once comes here everything would be back to normal, we can save dhaani. ashok hears that and he can’t come out from the shock, that he found his daughter piya and he stands remains silent….Then viplav calls keerthi but he can’t get her number….so viplav calls raj and says everything and asks him to bring keerthi to hospital, but raj replies viplav what are you saying? You should say this before ten minutes. Viplav asks what? raj says that just now keerthi leaving to airport. Viplav hears that and shouts what? raj explain everything that one week ago suddenly keerthi got call from states college that she get seat for her higher studies; then she decided to leaving today and she don’t want to trouble you in this situation, so she leaves quietly, viplav hears that and end the call and tears were filled with his eyes, ashok looks on…..viplav tells everything to him and they rushes to air port to catch her…

Viplav rushes to the airport by car, ashok sits next to him on the way he folds his hand and prays to get her, in air port piya aka keerthi waiting to boarding….. viplav drives car very fast but they trapped into traffic….they don’t know when traffic cleared, viplav get off from the car and shouts like a crazy man, piya is a last hope to save dhaanni, so that’s drive him crazy…..ashok seems that and get off from the car and make him cool…..Then they crossed other side of road and asks for lift… one willing to offer lift to them, viplav get more tensed, so he goes and stands middle of the road and try to stop a big truck…..the truck stopped by viplav at pinpoint distance, ashok looks that and stares him tearfully…. Finally they reached the airport by truck…
At airport piya aka keerthi ready to enter to the boarding section….viplav and ashok looking for her in whole air port, viplav runs faster, ashok follows behind him….. Finally viplav found her, keerthi about to go inside but he runs towards her and holds her hand…..keerthi looks on viplav shockingly. Both were staring each other….

Keerthi calls viplav! why you are here? Viplav seems her and he can’t breathe well…… he take a deep breath and asks save dhaani keerthi! She hears that and looks on shockingly…..and asks what? How can I save dhaani viplav? He says you can keerthi! Then viplav tells slowly because you’re dhaani’s pragan (sister). Keerthi hears that and tears were filled with her eyes and she can’t understand what he is saying, so he stares him….and asks what? viplav takes that photo from his pocket and shows to her….keerthi get that from him and stares photo with teary eyes and realized she is there with his papa and her sister(dhaani) then he recalls their childhood memories for a moment, tears were fallout from her eyes…….. keerthi starts to shaking because her sister (dhaani) is struggling for her life, and she can’t come over from that shock and she can’t get it clear and thinks the situation like a dream. Keerthi is stunned and remains silent…….that time ashok comes and stands behind viplav, keerthi lift her head slowly and seems him……tears were fallout from her eyes and calls papa! ashok looks her and calls her name piya! She hears that and collapse and about to falls down but viplav holds her, ashok runs towards her and hugs her…… keerthi breaks down her tears and come to her sense it’s all true……

then ashok tells with teary eyes “I am sorry my dear beti” I was wrong, “I couldn’t leave you alone that day”….. it’s all papa fault “I am sorry piya”. keerthi aka piya cries loudly on his chest and their 14 years sorrows melted away…..
After some time they rushes to the hospital by cab…..on the way keerthi recalls that dhaani words ( f.b when their first meeting, dhaani introduce herself to keerthi, she hears dhaani names and looks on shockingly were she is her sister, so keerthi asks dhaani what’s your father name? to clarify her doubt but dhaani thinks her father owned money from her also, so she lies and says different name that day) keerthi wonders why she lied….. keerthi remembers that day (after dhaani told that she is a dying cancer patient and asks keerthi to help out) F.B shown at hotel keerthi at last said “I am sorry dhaani” and leaves out with teary eyes, after that she gets cab and rushes to her residence on the way she starts to shaking and tears were fallout from her eyes unknowingly …..Then keerthi asks herself what’s wrong with me? why I am crying? And looks on F.B ends (that’s why elders said blood is thicker than water) keerthi recalls that and tears were filled with her eyes……

Then keerthi recalls that day she used harsh words to dhaani ( keerthi said to dhaani, if I do that, “my life is turn out of lying” like yours) keerthi can’t bear those things tears were fallout from her eyes….ashok seems that and holds her hand and signs what?….keerthi tells slowly papa if I recognize dhaani earlier, she never end up like this, If I know earlier that dhaani is my sister, I never let her end up like this, now she is struggling papa! What should I do? and cries….. ashok consoles her and says my two daughters are stronger like me, so I have hope dhaani definitely fight against her illness and come back. viplav hears that and recalls dhaani and keerthi says those words ( I am stronger girl) before and smiles hopeless. Finally they reached hospital….

Viplav takes keerthi to doctor maya and says that he found out dhaani sister, so he asks her to do bone marrow transplant now and he asks her to save dhaani…maya hears that and looks on….she says but I can’t do anything now because dhaani still doesn’t regained her consciousness, if we operate this stage she could die while operating table…..viplav hears that and hits the table with hand angrily, maya and keerthi gets shocked…..maya asks him to control himself, keerthi seems viplav and asks him to calm down and I will speak to her uhmm…. keerthi slowly folds her hand and says take anything from me but save my dhaani please, tears were fallout from her eyes…..ashok and viplav also folds their hand and pleads to maya to save dhaani. maya seems them and gets confused that what should she do now? Then she calls all cancer specialist doctors for meeting to candle the situation…..

Meeting going on….viplav, keerthi and ashok are sitting center all doctors were talked themselves about risk of dhaani surgery….some guys are against that we can’t operate because dhaani still doesn’t wake up….some others says let’s try we have donor, because time is running that reduces her survival chances….like that arguments were going….viplav can’t bears these conversation, that make him more crazy, then he shouts stop it…. viplav is out of his control, he don’t know what he is doing…then he says them this not a arguing time, she is dying asks them to do something or I will sift dhaani to other hospital……that time someone enters the room yes that is arjun (one of the world best cancer specialist and maya’s ex-lover) while he entering he says no need of that, everyone looks on….. maya seems him and get shocked…. She stands up and asks everyone who calls him? Other hospital staffs are not allowed, this is hospital rules, and you guys don’t know that? That time hospital chief comes inside and says no problem about that Miss Dr.maya. Everyone looks on, viplav and keerthi also seems on….cheif come inside and asks maya to don’t take personal matters inside and says Dr. arjun is very talented doctor and save lot of patient life so hospital management suggest him to join this case (dhaani) I hope he can do something so take him in okay…..he said like that and asks them to take care of other things then he leaves….. Maya looks arjun angrily, Arjun asks her can I look patient once, maya looks on….viplav, keerthi and ashok looks on and they have some hope after seeing arjun….

Maya takes arjun to dhaani, he seems dhaani eye moment and monitor her fully……viplav, keerthi ashok and tharun everyone stands outside…..keerthi seems dhaani with teary eyes and she touches her through mirror and recalls their childhood dhaani, tears were fallout from her eyes..…viplav looks dhaani miserable…… Arjun calls dhaani name and asks did you hear me? dhaani closed her eyes but she show moments in her hand….arjun seems that and smiles, maya looks on….
After sometime in meeting hall, arjun says it seems patient doesn’t lose her conscious fully…. And she responds my calling, Dr. maya and other doctors hears that and confused…..Dr. mays asks what are saying? Then why she still didn’t wake up? Arjun smiles and says may she feel tired and that leads her, this stage that’s why she can’t show any moment in her body or opens her eyes. Then he tells this is peculiar case, we can operate now but there is a risk when we transplant bone marrow anything would happen to her but we can overcome those things and he tells some medical techniques to face that risk…..all doctors hears that and appreciate him, but Dr. maya can’t take him in because of their personal issues, so she goes outside confused, arjun seems that and looks on…..
Maya goes to his room and think about their past, 2 years back F.B shown that arjun waiting outside of her house, then she comes out….

and they happily dating, that time arjun switched off her mobile, because he want spent time with her without disturbing….maya doesn’t aware of this. At the same time in hospital her patient (small boy)) in critical condition and need immediate surgery, from hospital they try to call her but they can’t get her number….later maya checked out her mobile and realized mobile was switched off ….then she asks how it get switched off and wonders , arjun seems that and tells the truth that was switched off by him, maya hears that and get mad at him……she swiched on the mobile and seems many calls from hospital……..then she calls hospital and asks what’s the matter? They tell everything about that patient condition, maya hears that and gets shocked and rushes to hospital, Arjun also follows her…..

At hospital everyone tensed, maya enters Operation Theater tensely with mask (operation outfit) and starts to do surgery they try hard to do their best but in middle of the operation, patient heart beats get reducing….maya and others doctors are seems that and get tensed….that time maya lost hope and gets scared…… her hands start to shaking, then maya try to hard make patient stable, but patent passed away on operating table…. Maya seems that and tears were filled with her eyes….she comes out and informed that patient was dead to patient parents….they starts to cry and taunts her, which makes her more miserable….

Then she goes to her cabin, arjun wait inside for her, she seems him hopeless…..arjun asks what happened? Surgery success na? maya seems him miserable and says “no” patient dead on operating table. Arjun hears that and seems on…. and asks what? then maya says patient dead because of me, if I could not go with you, may he saved and she blames her and arjun for patient death…..arjun hears that and what are you saying maya and try to make her understand but she doesn’t hear anything and tells “let’s end it here arjun”, “we can’t be in relationship any more” Arjun hears that and stunned and asks what? maya again tells slowly “yes” let’s end it, I can’t focus arjun, tears were filled with her eyes…..arjun hears that stares her hopeless….. F.B end.
Maya recalls that and stands inside confused, .arjun suddenly enters the room, maya looks that and asks him to go out…..arjun smiles and says Miss Dr. maya, I am not here to get your love back. I am here to save one patient life….maya hears that and says that is my paitent… I want to think about, arjun says this is not time to think maya, dhaani is dying if we did not operate she might die….then he says time is running and asks her to in steady mind, maya looks on…. arjun says this your problem maya why you confusing personal and profession….maya hears that and asks what?… arjun cool himself and says okay if I leave out from this case, you will operate na? maya again asks what? he tells then okay I will out and asks her to do surgery, then arjun about to go out…..maya stopped him and says let’s do it arjun, I want to save her. arjun hears that and turns back and smiles towards her….but maya refuse to smile because of her ego then she turns back and calls viplav and keerthi inside, arjun looks on…..They come inside maya informs that they going to do stem cell transplant to dhaani…. viplav and keerthi hears that and shows relief sign…. Then maya asks keerthi to get ready for her test.

Later all test report of keerthi is positive, that means her bone marrow is healthy one and it matched 82% with dhaani….keerthi is fully observed like dhaani for one night to make her ready to harvest…..
Next day two sisters are wheeled into the operating theater, viplav ashok and tharun follows them…..while keerthi aka piya holding dhaani hands tightly…… childhood F.B shown that piya holds dhaani hands tightly at railway station…. Then scene freeze like that holding hands……
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Finally piya mystery opened, I guess some guys know that before, because I gave some hints previous episodes and today episode seems little bore plz adjust okay…Please leave your lovely comments friends and thank you for your all boosting and lovely comments. One more episode left, so keep reading……

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  2. It was very nice and not boring. And pls update the next one soon. And I will wait for you to come back with another story so pls come back soon. All the best

  3. Akka..I said you na? I won…. and it’s not at all boring….At last you saved dhaani..I am waiting for the next episode..with Dhaani healthy and Viplav smiling as you made him to cry in the last few episodes..And Hats off akka..I am waiting…

  4. nice emotional epi

  5. It was not at all boring.
    I enjoyed it fully.
    I am in class 12th medical stream so i like to know more about all this.
    It was a great episode..i liked it a lot 🙂
    Almost all mysteries opened up.
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    No kaviya the episode was not boring at all but I was getting restless that when some +ve news will b there. At last they got piya & Dr. Arjun came in Dhani’s rescue.
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    1. @sujie, maria, jonah, ahana, arshdeep, midharshan, saranya, louella, rajee, porkodi….thank u very much friends .
      @ jonah yes u won my dear good keep it up ok
      @arshdeep, i am really happy u like it, and almost all mysteries things opened now ending only left, let’s check out today episode and all the best for your studies…
      @midarshani, louella, and porkodi yes i will come back with another ff soon and i will update soon ok
      @rajee yes one more episode left and sure it will happy ending
      @ saran, i add up arjun and maya love story, that is one type of love i hope you like it, today final episode let’s see what happened ok
      @suje and ahana keep reading and love u all
      i am little busy so i can’t reply everyone ok keep smiling friends…..

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    1. @ nima,paviabi, sharanya, thank you very much friends keep reading
      and today i can’t update last part so i will update tomorrow, sorry for delay guys.

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