Silsila Pyaar Ka 2nd April 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 2nd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chachu comes to Kajal n says here is bag of money plz keep it in locker,Kajal picks the bag n goes to locker,Kajal counting n keeping money n thinking abt What Neeti said that Raunak loves u a lot, Kajal finds out that the amount is not 30 lakhs but 45 lakhs, n says this means Sanket has lot to tell me,I have to talk to him,Kajal gets a call n she gets shocked.

Vinay says Nisha why did u take so long, Nisha says I was in washroom, Vinay says where are the photos n videos I want them right now,Sanket inside room says Vinay now I will again use u n calls Nisha,Nisha says its blackmailer,Vinay picks the calls n says give the photos,Sanket says u still have 15 lakhs more to give me n then u will get proofs, Vinay says I don’t have any money now.

Kajal goes to her room,she looks at raunaks photo n walks to cupboard n checks raunaks cupboard,she finds burkha n goes in tears n says that means that man on phone was right, Kajal looks at the framed torn letter n her photo n all the incident from marriage to Akshays death goes around her mind, Raunak knocks n comes in n says I have to remove something from my cupboard, he opens it n says u removed something from here,Kajal says sir Chachu gave me bag of money n it has 15 lakhs extra, n Sanket has some hidden things, Raunak says okay but what is this sometimes u save him n then now u blaming him, what’s wrong with u,Kajal says sir someone called me,Raunak says Kajal I trust u but u are behaving very weird what are u upto, don’t forget we need to find Akshays murderer,Kajal says look at this n shows him burkha.

Sanket says Vinay if no money ur photos n videos will go to ur family members,Vinay says ok give them I have no money n Nisha enough of this blackmailing I’m telling Neeti everything,u tell ur husband too n this shd end here, call ur husband, Nisha says Vinay but, Vinay says call him he will understand,Nisha says ok I will go washroom n then call, Nisha walks to Sanket n says what’s wrong with u n this Vinay it’s very dangerous Sanket we need to try something else now.

Kajal shows Raunak burkha, Raunak says this,Kajal says I found this from ur cupboard,Raunak says what do u mean,that I killed Akshay I was with Akshay for u remember,Kajal says I said nothing but do I have any explanation what was this doing in ur cupboard,raunak says Kajal first u blamed ma n now me,the truth is u are here to take revenge n not find Akshays murderer bcoz u think ma has ruined ur life,Kajal says u are very correct but I was very happy with Akshay n didn’t even knew abt u n ur love,n stop pointing my character, Raunak says u keep blaming my ma it’s enough now,Kajal says sir I thought we together will find the murderer but this is getting bad n so I’m giving the tape to police n then let them handle, Raunak says Kajal u won’t bcoz this will be a disrespect my family.

Kajal says from the day I entered this house,bcoz of ur mother my life my ambition all I had to give away n marry Akshay thankfully he was a very good husband but now he is killed n so when police will come n investigate I will tell them I doubt on ur mother,mama hiding n listening to their talks,Kajal says i will get the tape from that dhaba.

Sanket says to the guy playing nishas husband, u go from window n come when Nisha calls u n Nisha don’t let Vinay call Neeti now go,Nisha says Vinay Neeti n u trust each other but my husband will use this against the divorce so plz don’t tell anyone,Vinay says Nisha we have no money n I can’t fool Neeti anymore.

Janki asks what video Harish, Harish says I don’t know,Janki says this Kajal is a mess in my life, Raunak n Kajal have some secrete hidden n how could Raunak hide anything from me,Harish says no didi Raunak is innocent Kajal is one who is the bad one,Janki says get me the video I want to see what is it that has made Kajal so confident against me.

Pre cap: Kajal on call I’m coming to collect the cd,Harish n Janki hear this.

Kajal collecting cd n sees burkha person keeping an eye on her from window.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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