Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 6th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Virat Performs Successful Delivery Of A Baby Boy With Sai’s Help


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 6th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai’s colleague asks if she thinks Virat would be able to successfully deliver the baby. Chavans pray god for Pakhi’s safe delivery. They discuss if Virat can succeed in delivering a baby. Sonali says they are away from home when they are needed the most. Karishma asks if she should call Virat and check. Shivani asks not to as Sai must be in contact with Virat. Rajiv says its good that Sai and Virat are both performing Pakhi’s delivery. Virat asks Pakhi to keep pushing. Pakhi collapses. Virat gets tensed and informs Sai that Pakhi is not speaking. Sai says she got tired and collapsed and asks him to sprinkle water on her face and wake her up. Virat does, but Pakhi doesn’t wake up. Sai freezes in tension. Virat asks Sai what should he do now and tries his best to help Pakhi and breaks down. He asks Sai to please speak and tell him how to get Pakhi conscious and get their baby in the world.

Sai’s colleague shakes Sai and gets back into her senses. Sai asks Virat to keep trying to wake up Pakhi and says they would have performed vacuum delivery if Pakhi was at the hospital. Virat asks what does she mean. Sai says they can perform vacuum delivery even at home. Colleague reminds there is no power at Pakhi’s house. Sai asks Virat to use his car’s vacuum cleaner and sends him a sample video. Virat watches video and says vacuum cleaner’s pressure would be very high. Sai say car vacuum clean’s pressure won’t be thathigh and asks him fix a plunger on its nozzle with a tape and use it. He does same and performs vacuum delivery, successfully delivering a baby boy.

Sai gets emotional seeing that. She then teaches Virat to cut the umbilical cord. Virat does same and feels happy. Sai asks him to take care of the baby and hopes Pakhi is just unconscious and nothing else. Virat asks him to reach home soon. She is about to leave when she notices baby not crying and ask him to rub the baby’s back. Baby doesn’t respond. Sai asks him to perform chest compression. Virat does. Sai prays god to save her Vinayak. Vinayak responds and cries vigorously. Virat gets happy and says their baby is crying. Sai also gets happy, says she loves Virat and he got their baby safely on earth. Virat says they both did.

Sai reaches home and informs Virat that she informed whole family that they got a baby boy. She gets more emotional holding bab in her hand and pampers it. Baby holds Virat’s finger. Virat feels happy. Sai praises Virat for successfully bringing their baby in the world and says Virat and Vinayak’s bonding would be very unique. Virat nicknames baby as Vinu. Sai notices Pakhi still unconscious and asks Virat to take the baby away while she attends Pakhi. She pampers Pakhi and she just want to tell her one thing forgetting all the differences between them that she is thankful to her for bringing the baby into the world.

Precap: Sai gets Pakhi arrested for tricking her and becoming a surrogate even after her warning and risking baby’s life. Virat tells Sai that Pakhi is wrong, but she is a family member. Sai says she will not spare anyone who will support Pakhi and will get even them arrested. Virat asks if she will get him arrested.
Sai says if he tries to bring Sai back into this house, she with her baby will permanently leave him and his house.

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  1. All the delivery scenes reminds me of 3 Idiots…

    1. Makers have nothing of there own😏😏, And recap iss 100% pakhi’s imagination .

  2. Now every women can deliver baby at home with family help😁family can use any tools to help baby out😅
    If doctors and health ministry watch this scene they will cry a lot because now no need to go to hospital to deliver 😂

    1. Production house should shut down and all the writers should be blacklisted as talentless frauds. This entire serial is problematic

    2. When logic leaves the chat, Hindi dramas are produced. So toxic and frustrating.

  3. Now there is no need of gynecologist🤔🤔. Ab sare gynecologist berozgaar ho jayenge😂😂😂

  4. Sai will also have a daughter bit maybe her pregnancy track may not show. Dont knw why makers are always focusing on Pakhi more than Sai🤔🤔?
    😀😀😆😆But it deosn’t matter bcz maybe Neil nd aishwarya are going to exit the show bcz after 8 yrs leap , again maybe 10 yrs leap will also come nd after that next generation stry will start.😆😆😁😁

    1. Marie Louise Olthof

      No because palkhi was preagnant with two children instead of one Read update 8th of August very strange palkhi was surogate mother to one now they are two did palkhi secretely conceive with virat that nobody knew about

    2. I dont knw ,i havn’t read anywhere

  5. I think Aarambh Trehan who is playing virat and sayi’s son his name will be Jr.Samrat Chavan becoz we know virat(shiva) loves his jiva(samrat) a lot and also samrat lost his life while saving sayi from jagtap; so in samrat’s memory he will keep his son name as samrat chavan I mean jr.samrat chavan
    And also heard that Aria Sakaria will play the role as Virat and Sayi’s daughter; and I think that sayi will name her as saavi on the memory of her and virat’s love and she will play Jr. Samrat’s Sister.
    i heard it all in youtube news of Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein and in Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein gossips.

  6. So I think virat and sayi’s children name will jr.samrat chavan or Jr.jiva; and daughter’s name will be saavi chavan.

  7. I think Pakhi and virat confuse their personal life with their professional life . And it would be best if both or one of them quits the serial to avoid these horrible scene

  8. Making bully of Indian police services. Virat asking for favour not to take action against criminal Pakhi. What message producer or director wants to give.

    1. I dont know but palkhi Will come back home and sai Will leave preagnant i Read but then i wonder what had happens to the child sai Discovery in palkhis womb the baby Girl Will this child die story remains confusing why

    2. From where do you read these news?

    3. This feels so damn toxic and frustrating. How can anyone live in such a family and a husband? Throughout the story, he was never able to distinguish between his ex and his wife.
      He says his duty is above all else but still save a criminal

  9. For the whole delivery process, Sai was stuck in hospital due to rains and immediately after baby is born, traffic got cleared…wowww👏👏👏 one more stupid attempt by makers to bring real life couple together. They should rename this show as “Neil and Aishwarya ki kahani” as that is what they are showing from beginning.

    1. Seriously.

  10. Well i was glad to see palkhi sufering during labour she deserves more pain i am glad to see palkhi going to be arested but now she Will continue fighting sai Will they ever stop fighting eachother for virat i wish that fighting part could stop if sai Will have a daughter i also don’t understand why they Will not show IT now family chavan Will be busy bringing up two heirs

  11. Original Kusum dila is far much better than this trash. Pakhi from kusumdola was so much better she was classy dignified woman with grey shades. It seems as if makers are trying to please real life couple by giving so much footage to Pakhi character. It’s really funny how everyday everyone gather in that big hall to argue oall family members are free to drop everything and gather at the same time.

    1. Rat face Neil and his wife need to leave. Their real and reel life is conflicting with their professional life. All these Indian writers have no talent or originality

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