Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 4th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Sai To Undergo Surgery

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 4th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhavani tells Samrat that Sai is jealous of other’s happiness and whenever she praises Pakhi, Sai cannot tolerate it. She says he always send Pakhi to Sai and Sai always insults Pakhi always. Ashwini asks what is the use of these talks when Sai has left home permanently and will not return, everyone must be happy now. Samrat consoles Ashwini Virat unbothered watches his mother crying. Shivani says Bhavani is right that Sai act as good, she made sins in this house and they should count her sins; first sin is Sai thought of whole family’s happiness, second sin is Sai bought harmonium with her scholarship money to relive his dream, third sin is Sai stopped Virat’s transfer and stopped him from going away from his family and reunited 2 brothers; her last sin is she found Samrat and brought him home when whole family had lost hope, she shouldn’t be forgiven for reuniting a mother with her son and a wife with her husband; there are many more sins which she cannot reveal. Samrat asks Bhavani what she wants to say now. Bhavani yells Shivani is blindfolded by Sai’s magic. Shivani says everyone cannot understand Sai’s kindness, they just see her small mistakes. Virat taunts she is right, there was no drama at all with Sai’s small mistakes. Shivani asks him to tell one mistake just because of Sai; in recent mistake, if he had not locked Sai in a room, she wouldn’t have gone out via balcony; he is justifying his act instead. Ashwini asks to stop it now and try to bring Sai back home. don’t where Sai is.

Pulkit meets Dr Karmarkar and asks about Sai’s condition. Karmarkar says her condition is very critical and she is terribly injured. Pulkit asks what are they chances of survival. Karmarkar says he can’t say anything now. Pulkit gets worried for Sai. Back at home, Ashwini confronts family to celebrate Sai’s departure. Samrat consoles her and says he will find Sai and bring her back home. Ninad yells that Ashwini is trying provoke everyone. Samrat asks if they don’t want to celebrate Sai’s departure and asks Virat to accompany him to bring Sai back. Virat says its good Sai left, a third person cannot understand what is in 2 people’s mind; Sai was repeatedly saying she wants to leave this house; he tried his best to convince her, but she was adamant; its good she left and let her stay wherever she wants to. Samrat says he is right that a 3rd person views it as normal, but only 2 people know about truth; he is sad that Virat couldn’t understand Sai who left a family which gives her immense love; he knew Sai and Virat are not in good terms, but he didn’t know things would go to this extent; anyways Sai is the reason for him to return to his house after Sai made him realize his mistake and he wouldn’t have returned home without Sai’s confrontation; if Sai doesn’t return, he will feel as if he is doing a big sin by staying here.

Doctors operate Sai while Pulkit and Sai’s friend nervously wait outside OT. Back at home, Pakhi asks Samrat if he forgot his wife as she feels she doesn’t exist to him or he is insulting her. He asks when did he insult her. She asks if he wants to say that their relationship depends on Sai’s presence in this house. Samrat asks if she can deny the truth that they spent time together because Sai brought him back home. Ninad says Pakhi is not the reason for Sai’s departure, so he shouldn’t blame her. Ninad and Sonali spill venom against Sai as usual. Samrat asks if Sai never did good for this family and asks Virat why couldn’t he clear his differences with Sai and why wasn’t he happy with Sai. Virat says Sai is gone and he doesn’t want to talk about Sai now. Samrat asks if Pakhi is the reason behind his happiness; its better to open up about this issue in Sai’s absence; if Virat also didn’t want him and Pakhi unite as he couldn’t forget Pakhi yet. Virat shouts enough…and (playing a victim card) says at least he shouldn’t misunderstand him, he clearly informed whole family that he is Pakhi’s just friend, nobody understands his feelings for Sai.

Shivani says its good Sai left, even Samrat should return to Mahabaleshwar, Virat is not the same she knew. Virat asks what did he do. She says that is the problem, he is just watching instead of doing something. Bhava warns Shivani not to blame Virat. Omkar blames Sai that she didn’t understand Virat’s feelings. Samrat says sometimes silence speaks a lot, Virat is blaming Sai, but he never tried to express his feelings for Sai. Virat says he cannot tolerate all this and wants to get transfer and go far away from here. Samrat says he cannot do that as people will think he ran away from problem. Virat says he doesn’t care and asks if he wants him to commit suicide. Pakhi walks closer to Virat and asks him not to say that.

Precap: Devi tells Bhavani that she asked Virat not to go away from Sai as god made them to stay together or else something bad will happen. Samrat over phone informs Virat that Sai is fighting for her life and needs her husband’s signature to start surgery, he should come if he is not busy.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Pakhi is a b*t*h. I’m sorry for sounding rude but even that word is too kind for her. She doesn’t love virat. She doesn’t love anyone but herself. The makers should really stop giving her one word shocked looks and actually get her into an accident. Such a despicable woman.

    1. Very true, b*t*h is better than her. The expressions both virat and Pakhi gave in today’s episode is unbearable.
      I really hope a new ML to introduce for Sai. There is no charm in Sairat (with Neil Bhatt / Ayshwarya’s puppet) anymore.

    2. I think you are an orphan or your upbringing is really very bad.No problem its not your problem its your parents problem .I think they thought you to call someone with all these swear words.Tell them not to raise you like that.

    3. Sorry everyone if you are not liking the show , but there is a very interesting story ahead
      Please keep loving us guys and don’t abuse, we are working really hard nowadays.
      Anyway love you guys

    4. Please no abuses. Its finally just a story shown on screen. you have all authority to criticize the writers directors and producers. But not the actors. I have constantly said i am daily saving 30 mins since last few weeks by not watching the episode, after reading written updates her. Writter, director and producer have lost creativity long back when all earlier plots were lost.
      My biggest disappointment is, the strong character of Samrat, Virat and Sai has been weakened significantly. If now the makers show no value or debating point for even Samrat then its only Pakhi’s character is strenghten. The entire balance does not exists. Just see Anupama. There is Bapuji, who is an elderly, constantly bringing balance. Anupama herself is not shown suffering set backs despite painful family members.

      Sairat, had strong presence, but in lieu to increase Pakhis screen presence, these characters are currently weakest.

      Dear Ayesha, love your acting. Aishwarya is also great actor ( always said so), which I saw when she did skit for Harinis bday but there is absolutely no screen play, dialogues, events. Just same dialogues. hope you get good screen ply in future serials.. hope to see you in serials like ” Mere Dad ki Dulhan

    5. Dear AM, viewers pay hard earn money for entertainment. See the way Ayesha has responded.
      Agree there is no need of abuse, but hope you see the viewer comments and teach some creativity to your writers. Instead of questioning someone’s upbringing , try telling writers not to show illicit intentions in BHABHI towards devar. There is so much of plot of past to cover, but they just show one actors screen presence to satisfy the egos and manipulation
      Get some life dear AM

    6. @darsh do you really believe that is ayesha singh lol

  2. as an audience virats expression and acting was not convincing. I felt like he need to improve his skill..its just an opinion.

    1. Completely agree, suddenly he has no acting at all.

  3. Virat’s acting has been so off for sometime. Instead of talking, he makes monkey faces as if a clown and expects us to decipher what he is saying. There is so much happening in the world today for viewers to start reading an actor’s expressions. It is time wasting and tiresome to say the least. He only speaks when he wants to insult, taunt or badmouth Sai or support Pakhi. Basically, his character has been so debased it is disgusting.

  4. Well, I think it’s high time now that the writers realise that Virat cannot be given any redemption arc now. For the past few days, Virat’s anger was to an extent justifiable. While it was still wrong, it is also true that Sai’s taunt on him having feelings for Pakhi pushed him to one extent. No matter what happened, Sai would bring up the cafe incident. If what she thought was actually correct, then it would not have been any issue, but she was completely wrong in her assumption. And Virat did not want to spill the beans of what actually happened, as it would completely damage Pakhi’s attempt to make amends with Samrat (an act on her part, but Virat did not know it). Any one would blast off listening to the same taunt every day.
    But now I think things have gone over board. While he still shows expressions of disgust and shock when someone badmouths Sai, at this point, it is not enough. He has to stand up for her when he knows what is being said is completely wrong. But again, at this point, I really don’t want him and Sai to get together. He does not deserve to be with anyone till he learns how to express himself properly. I know that the writers will make Virat take care of Sai, but even then he should not be paired with her. And also, she should not be paired with him until she gets over her immaturity of jumping to assumptions without knowing everything. Also she should stop doing things all by herself. Even though it is with good intent, her means of doing things is really bad. So I think both the characters have to improve, though Virat has to improve exponentially compared to Sai.

  5. Shows like stranger things and dark are making strides in this era while we are still stuck with the cheating, bigamy,internalized misogny and toxic relationships🙄…as someone had truly said humans are evolving backwards.😑

    I am not going to rant today but present a solution which nobody asked for cause reasons.😊
    Sai – get a divorce from virat.👽
    Pakhi- get a life or a job maa’m pr least stop poking your nose into other’s matters.🤧
    Virat- get yourself a counseling session booked and please never promise anyone.🙂
    Samrat- focus on your job and leave the house.🤔
    Karishma- focus on yourself miss for once.👍
    Omar,ninad,bhavani- lock yourselves in the house and yell at each other.🤔
    Aai- divorce your idiotic husband.🤨
    Mohit- Leave the house.🤐
    Sonali- please for god’s sake focus on your life.😒
    Rest of the characters should abandon the chavan household and swear to lord to not come back.👍

    P.S. – This show was not required and should have winded up before 150 ep. The narrative lattice and the pacing of the story is bad, not to mention the lack of creativity and awful writing. Granted, it’s a soap opera but wasting money and potential talent in the name of trps while calling yourself progressive is not done.😑

    1. yes and it is now 2nd most watched tv show…… thats possible

    2. Loved your comments and actions for each character Sarah, 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    3. @Darsh

    4. Very well said Sarah for each of the characters, Writers, directors producers should first get a life and start discussing how they should change the story line and stop showing these illicit affairs between Bhavani & Ninad and then the next generation of Pakhi & Virat. This is the 21st century and this is what you want to teach the next generation to learn that it is completely correct to have illicit affairs no morals. Haven’t we seen enough of heartache and uncertainty in the past 1 and half year. Grow up people and use the God given brain in the right way.

  6. finally got to see a interesting precap

  7. Pakhi has become v cheap unbearable she should be out of show for some elders are supporting this shameless lady..pakhis acting makeup horrible..virat is spineless hopeless guy..these two only e promoting their relationship as stars promote their films..makers r also with them..1thing is how a husband tolerate his ex to insult her’s duty of a sensible
    man not to allow anybody to
    interfere in their married
    life..but virat feels happy wn
    pakhi speak against Sai.. may be
    he is afraid of k pakhi shadi
    ko mna na kr de aur roke se back
    out kr jaye..the worst part of
    show is Kaku n her gang evil
    deeds are not exposed. Makers
    must focus on show not anybody s
    personal relations..there
    should be something new to
    watch..give more space to samrat he must know what all has happened in his absence..samrat is strong headed straight forward guy understands all pakhis evil deeds..he even didn’t bother abut pakhi bvkoof mother n asked her to take her daughter home..his attitude is totally of an army man pakhi spoiled his life too..virat is a hopeless guy far from an ips officer..police vale to 1 second me insan ko phchan lete hai..isko to ghar ki ladies ne bvkoof bnaya hooya hai..agar yhi hal rha police vale is k what k aage dhrna denge..

  8. Thanks for written update, saving 30 mins today as well. Writer producer and director have nothing but same sham non sense to show. what a waste of excellent talents. Except Pakhi, every other character is just side board now. prime time slot wasted. One actor already left for lack of creativity, but other cannot as they are in middle of no where. Get some creative lessons Writters… So much of plot is unused

    Harini’s birth, Pulkit abduction, Why Kaku is worried about property, why kaku said that husband just lands at other womens lap when wife puts some controls… so much to cover. why constantly trying to show the illicit intensions of a bhabhi towards devar… so non sense it is. Just coz both the engagement couple want more screen time. some time back there was a serial, Patiala babes… it lost whole track and interest to battle an actor’s ego.

    1. @ Darsh So true. to cater to one person’s demand or ego, the entire story goes for a toss and the serial looses its charm. Nothing against the personal lives of any actors, but virat and specially pakhi’s ranting in an interview that there is a trp for their serial so why bother about anything else. If this is the mindset of an actor, then we can just think about the writers, directors. Its quite obvious that in the interest of giving more screen space to pakhi, the title of the serial GHKPM stands illogical. Virat has absolutely lost his expressions, just making faces and looking lost. Same old story, same torture, same dialogues, same expressions.. Its time now for the makers to stop pampering egos of the starcast and look at bringing in good content. Better sense prevails soon

      @Sarah. Good analysis

  9. Today i wsnt to give compliment only to shivani and least in the whole family have they have samrat shivani aai and devyani who always took stand for sai.

    1. Pls useless n bias makers of this serial. Read all our comments n kick both this ferocious dog n snarling b*t*h out of this serial. If not both then at least 1 so that they wl stop promoting their lusty relationship via this serial. Thu hai dono pe

  10. these indian tv series get from bad to worse….which is just so sad.
    no happiness in their homes, always ugliness, bitterness, evilness, etc etc etc,,,,
    a very bad reflection on relationships… and marraiges
    no relationship goals for folks considering marraige in future…
    after much thought, i have stopped watching all indian soapies…
    its just a joke.

  11. The Way gandhi Paakhi and Virat looks at each other is disgusting\ please remeber youa re suppose to be actors playing a part not expressing your real life feelings. We get it you are in love but get off the show please. just please replace them or we wil never be able to watch the real GHKPM. I am so sick of the so call Chavans, they are all so ignorant. how can one orphan girls who has done so much for them even shows them loved can be seen as so bad in their eyes. Virat, is a spineless man. PPL keep saying that Sai is immature but how about Viraat who cannot let go of his brother wife? he constantly allow her to insult Sai and he stand there like a dumb fool. we get it- (THEY ARE IN LOVE) but this is a SHOW so please exit so we can really enjoy watching a show with real actors.
    AGAIN with Sai in an accident and then this fool will be crying and begging her to forgive him and come home. No Virat no you do not want Sai you want your brother’s wife. remember your vow, & that you swear no other woman can be in your heart? I hope he never get Sai again. How quickly he forgot her father took a bullet for him, and he gave him his word that he will take care of Sai. Virat and gandhi Paaki needs to be replaced. We don’t want to watch their relationship on the show. please get rid of them. there are so many better actress that gandhi Awswarya, please – I cannot watch one more episode with her in it. She is NOT the lead role so why do we have to see her all the time? Please find a permanent place in Virat’s bedroom for her. Goodbye gandhi Paakhi ( a Big Bhabhi in her Devar’s room every night) brings a new low to the show. I am sure Bhavani, Sonali, Karishma, Omkar and Ninad would prefer if she spends all her time in Devar’s room now that Sai has gone. I hope Samrat relalize soon that the gandhi Paaki is a wicked woman and go back to the orphanage. Show Over.

  12. @lola hv said correct. Thesec2 lusty real live lovers should be united n shoved in a bedroom together to quench their thirst for each other esp that cheapo n lusty b*t*h. Cant bear her lusty expressions 4 her BIL. Ofcourse spibeless dog wl bring Sai back so that everyone in that dirty house wl think that he atill loves Sai. Under that pretext he wl enjoy with his SIL so that nobody wl doubt n that woman wl all the tine in her nightgown wl enter spineless dogs room to enjoy with him. Makers pls change these 2 good or nothing actors. That boiled potato has forgotten acting n the less sai about the lusty creatures standard constipated expression n saying viraàaaaaaaat all the time is very very irritating. Makers r forcing us to see her ugly face n dirty voice.

  13. Think Aishwarya would have threatened the makers to give more screen space with her fiancé to be in show or she would quit, so makers budged and did not want to seperate the real love birds and gave her more space. Makers unite them in reel life too and have a bed room scene, after the show is over they can do whatever they want. Break or make the relationship,Just saw a YouTube video that Neil had a relationship with one of his co actor who played bhabi🤦‍♀️. Though it’s his personal life it’s sounds not good. Makers kindly finish off this show. All star plus shows one man and two girls. No point in wabtchig these kind of shit. What kind of message they are advertising to the society.

    1. no they are very professional with work so don’t say this and they are devar bhabhi onscreen…………don’t talk like old people

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