Ghulaam 19th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ghulaam 19th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivani’s aunt sees Shivani falling on Rangeela and rushes for her help. Shivani wakes up shying. Aunt asks how did she fell. Shivani says there was a dog behind. Uncle says it happens. Aunt scolds she was afraid of train and roads, even dog?? She apologizes Rangeela. Rangeela says he will leave as he does not want her to scold Shivani in front of him and tells Shivangi her food was really tasty and suggests that dog don’t bite unless someone runs.

At Berahampur, panditji looks at kundalis while Veer’s mother silently watches him. Bheesma comes and throws kundalis and scolds him that his astrology did not work. Panditji says he suggested hat chote sarkar/Veer should marry to get him out of problem, but they got maried his elder brother. Veer and Bheesma yell at Panditji. Paditji says Veer has to marry within 101 days. Bheesma yells how can he find bride for Veer within 5 days. Veer’s mother says they will find bride within 5 days, Veer should not get problem. Panditji says okay and leaves.

Bheema calls Rangeela and orders him to bring bride for Veer who has eyes, but cannot see, who has legs but cannot walk, who does not have brain of her own. Rangeela reminisces Shivani and says he will bring. He goes to hospital and asks a lady where is shivani’s family. Lady says doc gave uncle’s surgery date after 3 months, so they left home. Rangeela heads towards Sambhar.

In Sambhar, Shivani washes clothes on lake bank reminiscing Rangeela and smiling. Her friends ask if she clashed with a dilwala in Delhi. She reminisces Rangeela and continues washing clothes. Friend says she got angry hearing dilwala. Shivani says why will she get angry, she will marry whoever uncle and aunt select, for her it is one life, one marriage. Friend asks what if her husband is different. She says so what, he may be different but his heart will not be different, he will come in front of her some day. Rangeela is seen emerging out of lake, swimming. Friend says here he is and friends praise that he is so handsome, god give me this handsome for 1 day and take her life in return. Another friend asks Shivani to marry, but to look at this guy. She sees Rangeela and says he is even here, he is following her from Delhi. She nervously runs and asks friend to bring her clothes home. Another friend says this is a filmy story, will this boy find out Shivani’s home. Another friend sayys it is good deed to reunite 2 people. Rangeela walks out of lake and asks girls why are they staring at him. They say they want to gather good deed and asks if he wants to go too Shivani’s house. He says yes. They ask to talke selfie with them first, they will take him to Shivani’s house then.

At home, Shivani’s aunt asks uncle to book train tickets in advance. Shivani runs in. Aunt asks why she is running even here and where are clothes. Shivani says her friends are bringing clothes. Rangeela walks with girls and why are they making him roam whole city, where is Shvani’s house. They take him to Shivani’s house. He gets Bheema’s call and tells Bheema that he has made all preparations and will kidnap girl tonight. Bheema asks to send kundali and only once kundali is matched, marriage will happen. Rangeela tells girls that he got a call from head office and has to stay in hotel today. Girls ask how will they find him. He dials his number on girl’s mobile. Shivani runs to her room and tells her puppet parrot that he has come here, she does not know his name, but he knows her name.

Bheema calls pandit and tells him that Rangeela has sent girl’s kundali within 2 hours and shows it on tab. Pandit says girl’s kundali is good, but she cannot marry chote sarkar/Veer. Bheema holds shaving blade on pandit’s neck and says he could tackle many wrestler, but not his kundali, now Veer will marry only this girl.

Shivani’s friend asks Rangeela if he loves someone else that he came till here and does not want to meet Shivani. He says nothing like that. Bheema calls him and orders to marry Shivani to animal or tree before bringing there. Rangeela asks how. Bheema says he can marry Shivani as he is ghulaam/servant and equal to animal and tree, he should marry her in Veer’s name.

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  1. Loved it and the precap waiting for their marriage seriously but i just dont understand guys that when rangeela and shivani will get married then how it is possible that shivani will marry with veer how can it happen because she will be married with rangeela anyone please tell me i just have this doubt and yeah i am new here so hello guys

    1. Hii dear…welcome..nd keep commenting?..

    2. Cause according to traditions in Behrampur…a ghulaam i.e. Rangeela is equal to a tree or animal…so if he gets married to her in Veer’s name, it’ll be like Shivani is getting married to a tree or animal…that is how I understand it I guess…


    Terrific promo .it’s every episode is above awesome .

    1. Yup…its awesome beyond promo….
      Btw whts ur age should I call u di??…

      1. KUSHAGRA

        i am just 16 so don’t call me di

  3. SidMin

    Intresting ?
    I am liking the way the story is moving forward …. a love triangle……
    Love you Param sir ………❤❤❤❤❤

  4. I love this show Ghulam
    Rangeela and Shivani

  5. Awesome! What a show i really like it. Its gonna be a danger mer other serials n hello gyz!

  6. Esther

    what a twist…………!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Omg!!!…wht an episode…..loved it…
    Nd param?????…
    Loving their chemistry sooo much.. ..
    Precap:-wht a twist man…direct marriage…uff…
    #GHULAM rocks#

  8. Episode is good.But i didn’t like param name as rangeela.

  9. Somebody plzz tell me the precap, i am so excited to know it,plzzzzz:(

    1. Precap is Shivani nd Rangeela gets married…

      1. Esther

        what !!! they got married… sooooon…..!!!

  10. Antara

    Rangeela rocks precap is just horrible wow shaadi so fast but how it become possible they r entering into the story poor shivani anyways waiting 4 nxt

  11. Guys wht should be the couple name for Shivani nd Rangeela…
    Plzz suggest something..!!

    1. Esther

      I’m not good in making couple names,but I would love to try……Shivani+Rangeela….could be…..

      1. Esther


      2. Angelk1

        I like Rashiv an Ravni

    2. Esther

      Gosh…..I commented without logging in and got someone else’s dp…..sorry I think I entered the wrong mail id…..sorry ma’am,whoever is in this dp,,,,,I’ll ask TU to remove the comment

    3. Nice try @esther dear….
      I will go with RaShi…
      Wht all think guys…plz do reply yaar…

  12. Marriage that to on 5th episode onlyyyy,Hmmm something is interesting.

  13. Himanshi shrivastava

    Hiii guys and welcome soha!
    I wish that punditji who is saying seeing shivani’s kundali that she has to first marry to a tree or animal should say that she is not good for veer and any how RANGEELA and SHIVANI’S marrige would be saved??plzzzzzzzz I just want them to be with each other. ?

  14. Himanshi shrivastava

    Sorry i meant marriage ??
    Pls plz anyhow save R&S marriage.
    But if RANGEELA was interested in shivani then why did he suggested her to chaudhri uncle? He only can save her from getting married to veer??

  15. Himanshi shrivastava

    Love story shuru hone se pehle khatm n.a. ho jaye!!!?

  16. Himanshi shrivastava

    Hey in the earlier comments I found my friend KARINA di. Where are u? Di did u remember me?
    We used to chat on sadda haq season 2.
    R u the same karina di who belonged to Romania? Big fan of sandhir?
    I’m soòooo happy to meet u?????

    1. Yessss sweety its me….so nice to meet u here as well…i ve miss you and all our friends from SH family….h r u dear ? and of course i remember u…i remember all our friends from SH page 🙂

  17. The epi was nice, but i think they are moving a little to fast with the wedding and all…its been only 5 epis or so…

  18. Hello everyone!!can I join ur group?

    1. Of course dear…welcome nd keep commenting…

  19. randhir singh shekhawst is awesome I was missing his attitude

  20. Mukti

    Hiii kushagra dear thnx for telling me
    .its awesome show..I watch it only for param..wht a superb acting by both leads.n the plot is very different
    .its litle bit weired to see som scenes but hope this serialwil show good content n a cute lvstry ahead..

  21. Himanshi shrivastava

    Good to see u karu di. I’m fine??

  22. Rangeela +shivani = ravani ??

  23. Angelk1

    Shivani doesnt know rangeela name. So he might say his name is veer an will marry her in veer name. Also register in veer name. An when veer takes a liking to her. Will probably say shes his property by law.

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