Crazy love of thahaan (part-44)

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This part is starting from the next day morning vasu does aarthi.shraddha and dhruv standing there.suman and preethi looks on.thapki has baby in her hands.bihaan stands near to thapki.they looks at each other.bihaan and thapki smiles at each other.they sees baby was sleeping.vasu comes there.vasu smiles at baby.she says,I only keep tilak for my grandchild.she keeps kumkum in baby’s forehead.bihaan smiles.preethi and suman comes to thapki.
preethi:wow… thapki…baby was sleeping.!she is awesome like you.
suman:yes.thapki give your baby to me.I will take care of her.
preethi:no..I want this baby.I will take care of her.
they fights each other for baby.suddenly vasu stops them.
vasu:don’t fight…then baby will start cry about your sound. I know to take care of baby.I will take both go to kitchen and finish kitchen works.
suman and preethi becomes sad.they goes from there.thapki looks at them.vasu takes baby from thapki hands.
balwander:bihaan we are arranged party for baby today.this day is special for god me and your Maa thinking to keep name for baby.what do you think about this??
bihaan:papa… I don’t have any suggestion.whatever you want to do is right only.
vasu:I know beta you will tell this only.(to thapki) thapki…do you choose any name for baby?
thapki:n… n…no maa.still we didn’t choose any name for baby.
vasu:what??? but today is party.we should select name for baby.
bihaan:(holds vasu hands) maa you will keep name for baby.that’s only happy for me and thapki.
bihaan looks at thapki.thapki smiles at him.vasu gets emotional
balwander:vasu…do you informed about party to everyone?
vasu:yes I told to everyone including thapki parents.
thapki and bihaan smiles.
vasu:thapki…I will take care of baby.
thapki nodes at her.bihaan and thapki goes to their room.
vasu looks at baby.she gets happy.she keeps in her lap.she rubs baby head slowly.balwander and vasu admires baby sleeping.

bihaan and thapki enters to their room.suddenly bihaan locks the room.thapki gets shocked.she looks at him.bihaan smiles.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan why did you locked this room?
bihaan didn’t say anything.he takes the steps towards thapki.he looks at her romantically. thapki walks backward from him.
thapki:i… i… I am asking to you only.what are you doing??
bihaan:I didn’t do anything now.I am going to do something now.
thapki:wh…. wh… what???I didn’t understand.
bihaan:don’t worry I will make you understand.(he comes closes to her.she holds bihaan away from her.bihaan looks at her.she smiles. he looks at her romantically continuously. thapki looks at bihaan eyes.bihaan keeps his hands in her shoulders.thapki becomes like doll about seeing bihaan magical eyes.he goes closely to kiss thapki.suddenly she comes out from his magical eyes
she pushes bihaan.he falls down on bed.thapki laughs.bihaan smiles at her.he wakes up from bed.he runs behind of thapki.
bihaan:(smiles)thapki…..thapki…stop. but she runs around room.bihaan acts like hit in chair.he screams.suddenly thapki gets shocked and worries.she runs to bihaan.bihaan holds his legs.he screams.she holds bihaan.
thapki:(sadly)wh…wh… what happend to you bihaan???are you getting pain???
bihaan laughs suddenly.thapki gets confused.bihaan holds thapki bihaan:yes… I am getting pain.but not in my leg.In my heart I am getting pain about you.
thapki looks at him.bihaan and thapki stands from floor.thapki goes from him.suddenly bihaan pulls her on him.he hugs her.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan leave me.I want to go.
bihaan:OK you can go.(he hugs her tightly and smiles .
thapki:leave me..then only I can go thapki looks at bihaan.bihaan blinks his eyes to thapki.thapki and bihaan looks at each other.they have an eye lock(ranjhanaa plays.)
bihaan comes to downstairs.
vasu:beta I forgot to tell about party to kabir.
bihaan:its OK maa. I will tell to him.vasu smiles.bihaan thinks oh my God I forgot to tell this about baby.he doesn’t know about baby.I have to tell this to him. bihaan calls for kabir.kabir attends the call
kabir:hello bihaan how are you??
bihaan:I am fine kabir.I called you for invite to party.actually I got girl baby like we are arranged party for baby.
kabir:(gets more happy)wow… bihaan when baby is born?
bihaan:2 days before.I am sorry because I am telling to you this today only.
kabir:its OK bihaan.when is party?
bihaan:today evening is please come with your family.
kabir:(smiles) OK bihaan I will come.don’t worry.bihaan smiles.he attends the call.

same day evening bihaan wears yellow shirt.thapki wears yellow saree.thapki looks at bihaan.he looks so handsome in yellow shirt.thapki looks at him continuously. bihaan looks at thapki.he thinks what she was looking at me.
bihaan:hello madam ..
thapki comes out from eye lock.
bihaan:what are you looking at me
thapki:n…n…nothing bihaan.actually I’m confused about which dress to wear for baby.
bihaan:what question this is? you makes wear yellow dress for baby. if our baby wears yellow dress she looks cute.
thapki nodes at him.she searches yellow dress for baby.
bihaan takes the yellow color dress for baby.thapki makes wear that dress for baby.bihaan looks at baby.they smiles at them.bihaan keeps kajal for baby. they admires baby cute smile.they looks at each other.they gets happy.

vasu comes to bihaan room.she says everyone’s comes for party.they are waiting for you.
bihaan nodes at her.vasu goes from there.kabir and Sankara comes out from car.kabir thinks about sankara I called you to this party for making you more pain.I called you here intentionally. kabir and Sankara enters to house.bauji greets them.kabir smiles.kabir and Sankara goes inside.thapki family members (krishnakant,poonam and aditi) enters to house.bauji greets them.
everyone’s waits for thapki and bihaan. bihaan and thapki comes from upstairs with baby.everyone’s looks at them.they gets happy.
poonam and krishnakant smiles.
kabir gets more happy to see thapki with baby.Sankara cries seeing thapki and bihaan with their baby.thapki has baby in her hands.bihaan holds thapki.vasu says to bauji,bihaan,thapki and their baby was looking so nice.they are good family.
preethi:suman look that bihaan devarji,thapki and baby.they are looking awesome in yellow color dress.
suman:yes..they are beautiful.
poonam hugs thapki.aditi hug thapki happily.she kisses baby.

vasu:thanks for everyone who comes here.
bihaan makes baby to lying in baby bed.thapki and bihaan looks at smiles at them.everyones gets happy to see baby.
balwander:bihaan me and your maa chooses name for baby.
bihaan:OK will keep name for baby.
thapki:yes ba… ba… bauji.
vasu:(looks at baby smiling)this happiness should be there always with…the baby name is “KUSHI”
thapki and bihaan gets happy to hearing this name.everyone’s gets happy.they smiles.they claps.
bihaan lifts baby.he calls,kushi… kushi… you are my beti na..he kisses baby.thapki and bihaan smiles.

kabir plays with childrens in party.Sankara looks at him.bihaan does workout.he sings song during exercise. baby cries .bihaan and thapki goes shopping for baby

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  1. It’s a happy,romantic,lovely epi… nice…
    Hello kushi… beautiful name 🙂
    Keep writing. Thank you and tc

  2. Nice part are a fabulous writer

  3. I want to see the little cute baby…. Omg it will be so cute as manish and jigs only…. update soon dear

    1. Manish ki deewani

      oh di i also want to see thier baby magr cvs kabhi aisa nahi karay gai

  4. I want to see the little cute baby… Omg it will be so cute as manish and jigs only… update soon dear

  5. Sulbi

    Lovely chapter dear… loved it…

  6. Manish ki deewani

    amazing dear ….thahaan baby khushi nice name ….

  7. Manish ki deewani

    they all wear yellow ……a happy family

  8. Colorful part…full of happiness.

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