Ghulaam 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Jageer Slaps Maldawali

Ghulaam 15th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jageer slaps Maldawali after Rangeela exposes her truth and drags her to room. Maldawali pleads that she did not do anything, Rangeela trapped her in his love. Jageer says whatever it is, he cannot show his face to anyone now, why did not she think once that Chaudhry Bheema Singh’s elder son Jageer Singh’s son could not control a woman and let her eat shit. Maldawali pleads not to kick her out of house, she does not have anyone. Jageer asks if she means she does not have anyone in this world. She nods no.

Veer angrily towards Rashmi’s father’s room. Gulguli asks where is he going. Veer says Rangeela trapped Maldawali and proved her wrong, he will attack Rashmi’s father’s room directly as he recorded Berahampur’s clips via painting frame hidden camera.

Maldawali tells Jageer that she had a happy family once. Her father was a businessman and mom taught her daughter, nobody could dance like her in whole Malda. He asks how did she come to Berahampur from Malda. She says she took money to dance in a program, but could not due to her father’s illness. Her father died. Program organizers blamed her for show failure and got her maa killed and got her arrested. A lady police inspector helped her, but sold her at Berahampur. Her parents kept her name as Konkana, but she became Maldawali after coming here. She loves seeing women in trouble and thought her husband would love her, she got an impotent husband. She says she told him truth of her life and will do whatever he says, but he should not kick her out of haveli. He sands silently. She asks to speak. He asks her to get tea, he will decide her fate sipping tea.

Veer enters Rashmi’s father’s room and searches hidden cameras. Mother asks what happened , what they are searching. Gulguli shouts to shut up for 2 minutes and gets camera. Veer checks camera and says nothing in it and asks where is Rashmi’s father. Mother says he has gone out for a walk.

Rashmi’s father shows CCTV fototage to Rangeela. Rangeela says good he brought footage here, Veer is doubting us now. Father asks how. Rangeela says they did a big mistake by fixing camera in painting board, not an issue, they will be 2 steps ahead of Veer. STF officer asks father to enjoy wedding, he will handle situation next as a decorator.

Rashmi while preparing food thinks she cannot believe Maldawali can betray her husband. Maldawali says she is innocent, Rangeela and Shivani trapped her. Rashmis says everyone saw who trapped whom. Maldawali shouts she will destroy Shivani. Rashmi asks her to move ahead in life and start afresh. Maldawali taunts her that she is staying with Manmeet without marriage and marrying in a family which killed her fiancé. Gulguli comes. Maldawali lies and complains against Rashmi. Gulguli slaps her and orders to run from there.

Veer angrily breaks things and tells Gulguli that Ragneela defeated them easily by proving Maldawali. Gulguli says they will keep their enemy 24 x 7 in front of them, they will handle Maldawali later, Rangeela came into sarkar’s good books easily and Shivani tricked Maldawali, they have to each them both a lesson.

Precap: Jageer gives gun to Maldawali and asks him to kill herself or Rangeela. Rashmi enters Rangeela’s room and points gun at him. Veer orders Shamsher to kill Shivani. Shamsher shoots Shivani.

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  1. In the precap it is not rashmi who points a gun at rangeela it is maldawali

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